Augmented Reality In Retail

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Gone are those days when retailers was in personal touch of their customer , are also in known of their taste and preference on the basis of their previous purchasing . But when online marketplace has step into the market , personal relationship with customer has almost changed . The doors are now been open for online retailer , where customers are getting attracted and targeted by ad-targeting software in order to take retail to whole new level .

New technologies like Augmented Reality has started emerging in the market , with the success of online retail . Now lets look at some of the ways AR is transforming the retail and manufacturing industry :

AR in Stores :

AR filters will facilitate in store app experience by providing extraordinary level of engagement and service that is far beyond the scope of online retail .
In near future , customer will be able to see more augmented products while shopping through use of AR . But the question arises how are retailers using AR to improve the shopping experience ?

Give Customer Detailed Information About Product

In the present world where mobile application has been flooded in app stores , there are apps available that makes your shopping expeirence amazing and informative . Features like in app price comparison , in app features comparison helps customer to choose the best product in terms of quality and affordability . At the same time , with the help of application , customer can see the related product while browsing the desired product .

Allow Shoppers To Try Before They Buy

AR allows to experience product on them even before they buy it , and that to virtually via convenience of their home . With the use of technology along with mobile applications , user’s camera turns into smartphones , allowing them to see the product virtually at their home in case they are looking for furniture .
Also in case you want to buy an eye glasses , you just has to click the pic of your face , and frames can be applied virtually on your face , allowing you to choose from vide range of frames .
Other experiments with AR involve in-store mirrors that allow customer to get the virtual image of clothes in their body instead of going to fitting room .

Provide Personalise Offers

Using personalise analytics , retailers can get customer choices and requirements , thus helping retailers to customise personal offers based on individual shoppers need .
Retailers can also offer targeted ads based on customer pattern , instead of showing  unnecessary products .
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The World Of Instant Messaging

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Welcome to the world of instant messaging , where selfies boost our egos , emojis are worth thousand words , and memes are pick me ups . A push notification for messaging gives us satisfaction to feel interconnected . As we are getting more and more independent on smartphones , it acts as a security blanket . Instant messaging is playing a major role in getting connected with smartphones . Hungry of getting to know more about instant messaging , and its up coming future ?

Embracing Interconnectivity

We are now into the world , wherein we chat more into virtual world rather than in person . On an average we use our smartphone more than we think of using it .According to reports  , smartphone user see their phones almost 150 times in a day , spending the total of 5 hours daily to see their smartphones . Gone are those days when we get used to sign into chatrooms and talk with the available persons . Today we are always online able to reach our love ones within seconds .

Instant Messaging & Business Communication

By instant messaging apps , we can do almost everything , right from order a cab to shopping of a product , or even connecting with VR capabilities . Everyone is trying to get the most out of it  , as instant messaging is part of everyday communication . It has also benefited the business in many ways by changing the way of business interaction . Even the customer support options needs to be changed as almost 52 % of the customer are not satisfied by hanging up on the phone for long just to get their simple answer , rather they are now demanding instant real time texting with business .

Textual Healing

Surrendering ourself to digital world , is somewhere we are resisting facing our realities and living in virtual world and at the same time killing our battery life . Our online personality is getting derived of who we are on social media , what status we are we are putting up on Facebook , and what we are broadcasting in 24 hours story mode , or even live . With the ability to use hashtags , location tags and emojis , these is always an outlet for our emotions .

An Emotional Contagion

Instant messaging along with emojis add on to our expressions with using emojis and stickers .Graphical communication when we can’t say it by words improves our ability to communicate . Recent introduction of emojis such as Facebook ” reactions ” and iPhone X’s animojis are advancing our expressions and they are simply the future of expressing our thoughts .

Tomorrows Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has minimise the gap across borders and culture closer . Instant messaging act as central hub for handling our emotions as well as to keep isolation away . It keeps us in getting engaged and not getting bored and at the same time to connect with many people virtual rather than personally meeting them .According to recent trends , instant messaging trends with continue to grow progressively dependent on messaging app .There is lot more to be explored in near future in advancements of instant messaging .
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Tips For Wearable App Development

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Wearable devices has stepped into the market and has gained a dominant position in new buzz app market . Wearable devices has opened up a vide range of endless opportunities for app development companies . Whether it is smart watches or smart glasses , all are stepping into the market at fast scale .

One of the most loveable gadget for audience now a days are wearable devices which are portable and can be carried anywhere easily . And this is the reason why Apple, Google and Samsung are investing heavily on wearable devices .

Now as wearable devices are becoming famous day by day , its important to see how app is going to function on these wearable devices . So some of the important factors which needs to be consider while developing application for wearable devices are given below which need to be taken into consideration before making an application .

Size Is Key For Portable Devices

Wearable devices are much smaller than display screen , thus app developer can not apply the same process as they were applying on smartphones for development with app . So while developing an app , display screen with handling capability must be taken care of .


Wearable devices can handle application which are compatible with different smartphones , but at the same time they have a limited small screen size and it must be taken into consideration while building the application for the same .

User Experience

The end goal of every app is to satisfy the end user by providing them world class design , thus getting user engaged throughout design process . Wearable devices have multiple features like gesture control , biometrics and many other , but the only limitation is screen size , so user experience must be handled accordingly.


Due to size limitation of screen , functionality of wearable devices are limited . Automation of functionality is preferable while developing an app .

Limited Features

As it is new world, developers and designers are still finding the new ways for best user experience . Due to small in size , it can’t give accessibility as same as smartphones does , but offers a limited features . It is recommended that using of to many technology is not preferable , as technology is changing at fast scale in the market of wearable devices as it is new technology .


Wearable devices are successful mostly in field of healthcare and fitness industry . Smartwatches can track all your day progress including cholesterol , heart rate and numerous of other things .
However the wearable device market is still new , and lots of scope is still to be discovered soon . In order to grab the market trends and to be on top of technology , you can contact us , for wearable app development at world class level .