Quick Hacks To Have A Oh La LAAAAA Time While Blogging

Franky speaking nobody can be creative enough to bring down new content on the table every other day . Even expecting something like this is beyond imagination .

Have you even thought that even the greatest artist are using the same things over again and again and are just fooling us.  No body is going to find that until and unless they have sharp memories .

Once you enter into business of writing , you will get to know that it seriously takes so much of time and efforts to write even a single content . Writing old content in revolutionised way is what we have to really do .

But oh hoo , are you thinking you are making a difference ? Obviously not in a world where there are billions of starts and crores of people , and we are just leaving in 1/80000000th part of it , having our shoes size to almost 1/10th of the population . We can’t even thing of making a difference .

But this does not literally mean you can just give up . You have to write because its your passion , and that might be the reason can you can be at the first place of the search engines .

Some of the quick hacks for being on the top of the king are :

Analyse Your Top Performing Content

Google Analytics will act as your big brother in analysing which is top performing content along with the insight of how keywords are aligned and searched .
By above you can get the exact category in which you have to deal in and can help your remove irrelevant and unnecessary pages where user engagement is not involved . Implementing reader’s favourite food ( means keywords ) with blog will do a lot .

Social Survey

Real time engagement with user is made possible by social media platform . By social media we can get to know which post is getting the most attention by readers .At the same time you can broadcast some events , tell them to enquire about your brand by sending direct message and so on .
You might ran out of the ideas , but at the same time you can’t entire population will not be doing the same as it is simply not acceptable until and unless you are king of the kingdom .

Quora Love

Quora and other Q&A sites have million of active user who are curios of getting something new out of this world and that is the reason these kinds of sites seems to me very interesting now a days .
Sign up in case you want to gain endless knowledge and tan tannnna , feel free to share your links as well . By this you can easily be updated about the trending topics and can shape your content accordingly .

Read Industry News

Subscribing to some awesome content oriented site is just another method of knowing what people want to hear or listen .

You can get the great ideas by simply looking at the comments below the post to get to know what people is thinking for the blog and what changes are required by them .

Spy On Cameras That Your Competitors Are Using

Its beneficial to go where your heart tell you along with your hungry stomach . If you want to get ahead of your competitors .
Knowing the keywords which your competitors are using to target audience will give you complete idea of taste of consumer and you can create your blog accordingly , but make sure to cook it delicious that someone will love to read .

Blog Topic Generator

Numerous of blog topic generators are available which can help you out to find the topics , like HubSpot etc.
When you run out of ideas , get onto these site , and they will not charge a single paisa from you .

Search Engine Help

God might don’t know what you want in your life , but these days google does . Search engine predictive text can help you what people are looking off on internet now along with the latest trend . By this way you can get the answer of almost all the question even when they are not willing to  .

The Conclusion

With the above given tricks  , you can pick up an one on one fight with time using creativity .

All we can say is if opportunities does not know you , knock the above given tricks to get most out of it .

How To Make Your App Stand Out In A Crowd

how to make app stand out of crowd

Being unique among the app , you will never get out of the style , but app design trends might come and go .

” Lets build an app that get featured in app stores and makes million dollars ” . According to recent survey , an average of 1.5 k apps are daily being added to app stores , and most of these app get lost in flood of app stores . In present scenario , making an app will not guarantee its success as it was earlier before 5 years , until and unless you are among those top developers who are on the top 25 and whose app are getting featured in app stores .

So what is the best way for making your app ” The Slight Edge ” ?

App development is one thing and promotion of app is completely different thing . If you are thinking of investing all the money in mobile app development , and less on promotion – you are absolutely wrong .

It is necessary to keep a perfect balance between mobile app development & marketing to ensure sustainability of app .

But the question remains the same ? How can you make your app stand out of the crowd that will make it unique ? Below are some points which can help you to stand out of the crowd .

Name Of The Application

The name of the application should be trendy , short and sweet . Secondly it should be closely related to your app . For instance , Facebook is something that denoted a social app showing faces and status to all people . Adding ” Z ” at the end is the latest trend in name choosing .

Logo Of The Application

It is really really important to have the best logo for your app . So always focus to get it designed in most unique way with simplicity . Whatssapp , Facebook , Viber has logo that has been imprinted in our brains .

App Description In App Stores

When user comes to app stores , they don’t know your app , so it will we your app description that will help them to get an idea that what is app all about . So the description of the app will lure him to download the app . We must have heard that ” Content is always the king ”  and the same strategy applies over here . Simply writhing app is very good and you should download it , does not really make sense nor user will be guided what all is app about .

Videos & Screen Shots

Sometimes the description does not describe what a video can . Video can give them the real time experience of app even before downloading it .Your video should contain the best features that your app is having as well as uniqueness . On the other hand app screenshot will attract more downloads to your app .


User feedback play a important role in making your app a success . The caliber of the app is judged by the stars it gets . None of the video , screenshot will tell about your app performance , but users feedback do .

Last Updated

Some application starts well , but consistency is not maintained later . They are not getting regular updated and thus user gets bored by using same functionality over months without any new addition to it . Also the errors and bug have their own right to get arises after app launch , and it can’t be ignored . So always keep an check on bugs and try to solve them on next version update , otherwise even if you are performing well , you could not do a lot .

Number Of Downloads

It is thumb rule that more the downloads are more your app more will be user engagement . Obviously 1 lakh download for a particular app can’t be fake download . They all will be genuine user who have used the app and can given their feedback accordingly . If your app has a good download , it is single enough to show your app is standing out of the crowd .

Size Of The Application

Size of the application matters a lot . Everyone has a limited space in their phone with a limited data pack . So if you are having a application of say 29 MB , user will hesitate to download it , and if you have 5 MB application , user will surely try it once .
For instance Teena fonds your application on app store , even if she does not have a data pack , she can tell her friend to open up the hotspot to download the same in phone if it is off smaller MB’s .

Other Factors

Developing neat and clear application with no ads will create no irritation for the user . The best UI ( User Interface ) should always be focused on , making it as easy to use as possible  . ” First impression is last impression “. So always tries to focus on home screen ease of usability . Make sure your app should run as smooth as butter .
So at any times , it is unicity that matters. So try to make it as unique as possible applying your own brain and try to get feedback before launching from your friends and family .
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Mobile App Features That Stand Out

mobile app development features

Strategy with planning together with innovative mind always gives great results . And result varies on  researches . So getting familiar with mobile app development features before getting involved in any such activity will add on to your business .

Extensive Research

Research is first and foremost thing that you need to do , even before you think of developing an app .  Will your app succeed ? Will customer love your app ? These are the question and the main motive behind your app development . Some of the research points are given below to elaborate you more :
  • Choosing firstly category of app you are going to deal in together with its purpose is first thing .
  • Even before starting the process , get familiar with your competitors and try to always be a step ahead from them with your strategies and planning .
  • Real time research with people will also be beneficial for customer needs.
  • Using latest technology in app with stay afloat in this business .

The Purpose

Your app launching will surely serve its purpose , if the purpose of your app is clear . You will have idea about your competitors , your target audience and much more , if your purpose is clear .
According to recent survey in 2017 , 97% teenagers and youngsters have smartphones , and you seriously can’t ignore such a huge audience for your app .

Picking Up Best Features For App

All facts need to be taken care of before final implementation on the app development project . Selection of best features for mobile app will add on to your decision .

Concept Of Successful App Features

There is a concept behind every app making idea , so being clear on your concept will increase success rate of your app and will help app developers in deciding the features of app .

Set The Features According To Priority

Proving multiple features at glance in one single app will only add confusion in your app . Choosing features that plays a crucial role in app success will need to be priories first . This can be selected on the basis of importance of features .
The best way is to launch the app with most important features and then slowly adding more features to keep audience engaged with your app .

Adding Social Sharing Button 

Now a days , everyone is being active on social media , so it can be one of the powerful tool to promote your app . Adding social sharing links within your app will directly connect with user over social media across various platform and that to free of cost .

Offering Best User Interface And Functionality

All apps are ultimately made for the user , and ultimate aim of all app owners is to impress user .
User interface and user designing playing important role in satisfying user . It all depends on simplicity of the apps together with design , combination of colours , font style , and other user friendly functionalities .
App should be developed in such a way that they can helps user in their day to day life , and at the same time user loves to user the app .

Developing App Features Based On Internet Speed

Its important to know not every user of your app will have access to 4G or high speed internet , so low speed internet must be taken into consideration . Being as a mobile app development company , we test your app on different platform and on different signal strength to give your user hassle free experience .

Some Other Features

Features like high quality graphics , selection of right front , readable content and easy scrolling option need to be taken care of . Requesting  feedback from user will improve your app over time .
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