Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer : What It Is ?

Mobile Application Industry

The mobile industry is growing every year. It is seen that mobile usage is on rise by 20% compared to the previous year. The total number of mobile applications downloaded have also increased than the previous year. The rise in the mobile industry has made investors to invest more on mobile applications and it will lead to rising demand for the IT industry, including QA engineers.

The Mobile app industry is strong, but where are the mobile QA Engineers?

Despite the fact that all signs in the sky point to the lesser fashionability of the mobile assiduity, it’s still delicate to find a tester who specialises in it. Specifying the reason for this isn’t delicate. Currently, there are several myths( you can read further about it then “ Data and Myths About the Quality Assurance Industry “) that are propagated by colourful courses and papers, misleading numerous testers, including both newcomers and advanced likewise.

So before you decide to spend a lot of money on colourful courses, please read this composition. I’m sure it’ll help you to plan your development and take the first way in getting a Mobile QA mastermind.

What does a Mobile QA mastermind job look like?

As well as icing product quality, working on processes and attestation, you’ll work on mobile bias, i.e. smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Familiarity with these is essential; you need to know how to use a given device, and frequently in a way you ’ve noway used it ahead. What exactly is involved? It includes, for illustration, the device’s inventor options, which frequently make our work lightly.

They allow us to remedy and install apps using Android Studio or Xcode, track movements, limit internet speed and numerous, numerous other settings to streamlinetesting.However, this is formerly a big plus at a reclamation interview, If you have knowledge on how to run similar options on your device.

Your office will be loaded with a fair number of biases running different systems.

As you presumably have heard, there are two main operating systems for mobile bias, Android and iOS. In addition to this, these systems have numerous different performances. You need to be apprehensive that, to cover as numerous test cases as possible, you need to test your app on both systems and on different performances of these systems. occasionally a small update to Android or iOS can break the app and your platoon will have to fix the bugs.

It’s rare for an app to be developed for only one interpretation of a system, for the simple reason that, in the device request, not everyone has the newest smartphone. Your platoon must make sure that the operation works duly on Android interpretation 9, 10 and 11, but it must also be ready for interpretation 12.

These are each important details that you agree with the customer, and you as a tester are one of the people who make sure that for druggies on system interpretation 9, the operation works the same way as the stoner with system interpretation 11.

Testing mobile apps isn’t just about sitting in front of an office

There’s a good chance that the expression “ mobile app ” will take on a nonfictional meaning and it’ll be demanded to get in the auto, on the bike, or on the machine, and check that the navigation in the app works properly. It’s quite a nice break from sitting at your office, unless the rainfall is bad or there’s a lot of business.

Non-functional testing when testing a mobile product is one of the crucial tests we perform

Checking how an app will bear when we admit an incoming call, get disconnected from the internet, accidentally lock the screen, minimise the app or run out of memory is abelian. Some of these events( of course this isn’t a complete list) are out of our control as drugs, so it’s always a good idea to check if the app does n’t crash when someone calls us.

Keeping up to date with technological developments related to new performances of systems and bias, allows you to be one step ahead of your operation. This gives you a useful store of knowledge and requests perceptivity.

Creating lists of bias for the customer

This is also one of your unborn tasks. Everything I wrote before will be veritably useful then. Of course nothing will cause you to know what biases are used in Japan, Canada or Finland, but it’s important to know how to check it and how to use the set up information.

Deals rankings for bias in a given region, rankings of system performances used and deals vaticinations for the ensuing months are all veritably useful in this matter. You’ll know that, for theU.S. request, it makes no sense to check Huawei bias, due to the ban, but bias under the totem of the stunk apple must be checked. This will allow you to produce an accurate list of biases that will coincide with a given request.

This information also indicates the main differences that live between mobile product testing and, for illustration, the veritably popular web product testing. It’s worth keeping this in mind, as it’ll clearly come in handy in the future.

Tools you should know

Jira – this design operation tool is the base for your work. You’ll be in contact with it every day, reporting every bug, enhancement, acceptance criteria, task description and further. For all this you will need Jira or another tool of this type.

Proxyman/ Charles – veritably useful tools for tracking operation network business. They allow us to check if the communication between the frontend and backend is correct. It also allows you to modify queries and responses to get the anticipated result.

Mailman – substantially used for testing the backend. An expansive tool that requires an understanding of how the backend of an operation works. It’s worth taking the time to learn Postman, knowing the basics is a big plus at interviews, especially for inferior positions.

Android Debug Bridge( adb) – a helpful tool used for remedying Android bias. Among other effects, it allows you to snappily install operations “ over the line ” and check the device ID using specific commands. It’s worth knowing these commands, as there aren’t numerous of them.

Android Studio/ Xcode – the most popular surroundings for developing mobile operations for both platforms. It’s worth knowing their basics.

GIT – the interpretation control system. It’s worth knowing the basics.

Github – colloquially, we can call this tool the home of our operation, it’s on Github that we store all of the law, and the law transport from the terrain to Github is enabled by GIT( interpretation control system). It’s worth getting acquainted with an introductory position.

Still interested in working as a Mobile QA mastermind? Then are some tips to help you achieve that.

  • Familiarise yourself with the tools from the former chapter.
  • Learn how to run inventor mode on your device. On Android bias, it’s trivial to get started, and you ’ll find plenty of tutorials online. still, to run inventor mode on iOS bias, you need to use Xcode. Unfortunately, this terrain can only be installed on systems with a stuck applesign.However, just flashback this information, If you don’t have this option.
  • Learn the basics of ISTQB, including test types, test ways and introductory generalities. Consider how all this can be used in practice, as understanding it’ll make your unborn work lightly. There’s an ISTQB prepared specifically for mobile operation testing, and there’s a lot of intriguing information there. I recommend taking advantage of this occasion and literacy from a document acclimatised for mobile.
  • Try to keep up to date with the rearmost technology news related to the mobile world. Learn about new performances of systems and see what changes come with new updates.
  • Encountering your English. There’s a veritably good chance that, in your first job, you’ll have to talk to guests, produce attestation and use tools – all in English.
  • Work on creating test attestation. Write test cases and report imaginary bugs, as all this will earn you an interview.
  • Learn what backend, requests, responses are, and learn introductory response canons.
  • Try to produce a list of biases grounded on the available data from a given region of the world.
  • Consider what the differences are between mobile app testing and web app testing.
  • Still, try to overcome this, If you ’re uncomfortable talking through colourful types of videotape calls. Unfortunately, these days it’s common for entire brigades to work ever, with diurnal meetings taking place online.

Once you find that you have all 10 points learned, turn them into a design

  • Download an app that is n’t veritably popular to your device. Choose one with many defences and features; avoid the veritably elaborate and popular bones at first.
  • Start with exploratory testing to get to know the operation.
  • Start creating attestation in English, report crimes in the document you produce( if there are no crimes, just make them up or download another app).
  • still, report it to the inventor, as there’s a chance that the bug will be fixed and you’ll be suitable to perform finals, If you find a bug. Flashback to include as important information as possible in your report.
  • Plan functional tests,non-functional tests and retrogression tests.
  • Document everything, you can use introductory tools like Word or Excel, but you can also look for more advanced bones , but these are generally not free.
  • Present this design at the interview. By doing so, you’ll make a veritably big donation to getting a positive result.


Before you spend a lot of money on different kinds of courses, follow the 10 ways I described above. Write down the most important information in your CV and try your hand at it yourself. I’m convinced that a lot of companies will appreciate a well- set design further than the many instruments that most campaigners have.

This composition was written to support people who want to start their adventure as a Junior Mobile QA mastermind. It’s a kind of summary of how to enter the world of mobile operation testing. Everything I’ve included then will be useful to you in your work. There are no spare tools, gratuitous delineations or other forms of congesting. proposition is veritably important, but only practice and experience will make you a real tester.

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