The Need Of CRM In Hotel Industry

Customer satisfaction is a pillar to success for any business organisation . It’s important to manage a good customer relationship along with the quality of work you were providing. This is specially true which it comes to the case of hotel , tourism and transport industries . None of the business can survive without customer .

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) in hotel industry not only facilitates in pertaining the customer data but also helps in maintaining a strong tie up with the customer by way of offering them timely discount , regular updates and more .

CRM is multi dimensional approach which supports sales , marketing , and service process within the organisation , at the same time cutting down of time and saving of money .

Customer Service In Hotel Industry

When it comes to hotel industry , the core customer service like pricing , quality and delivery is not all that matters , it is also ease of usability , flexibility in option and a problem solving approach that makes a huge difference . By offering the service you can actually be at the edge over other thereby increasing customer trust and value towards its services .

No matter whether your Hotel is bog or small , a CRM software is necessity for any hotel industry dealing in with customer to excel in field of customer expectation as well as service .

Advantages Of CRM For Hotel Industry

Database At Single Place

A CRM database is stored in single place , and if there is any update it will be automatically updated in the same database . These centralised database approach helps quick identification of data of customer and helps them in serving with all the needs as required thus acting as a problem solver .

Enhancement of Sales Productivity Of Department 

You should be thankful to CRM for performing the automated task like sending automated email for discounts and offers thus attracting customer together with generating of reports on the basis of past history . Now with technological advancement a CRM system access in mobile industry allows sales team to ready access to customer preferences right from their mobile devices .

Customer Retention 

While competition and product dissatisfaction account for only 9 % and 14 % of customer loose , 69 % of the customer don’t prefer to come back due to lack of personal bond in the hotel .


The most valuable advantage of CRM software is it is customisable according to the needs . For instance a CRM software for hotel industry can be customise according to custom needs of the targeted audience . Some of the audience may prefer the pricing issue , while the other some may prefer luxury features . What matters to the overall experience of the consumer .

Increase Referrals 

While the sole aim of CRM is customer satisfaction , it increase customer based oil referrals as you will be able to gather a genuine rating and reviews which in turn helps you to build solid company reputation and trust .

Better Customer Support

CRM system is build to manage fast and reliable software system which can be easily accessed by clients over phone , chat , e-mail and more . But always keep in mind a CRM system will not work if it has customised according to the needs of your hotel organisation .

Helps To Manage HouseKeeping Department

A CRM software facilitates managing the housekeeping department to assign task across all department of the hotel . By a CRM software along with the mobile app for CRM a attendant and supervisor will be able to get automatic notification regarding the job that needs to be completed and once done can be reported directly to the admin . Hotel management can keep the track records of maintenance and services performance , daily task allotment , performance report and more .

Helps Manage Complain And Glitch

A CRM system also helps to manage complain raised by any customer in case of any mis happening happen . Glitch solving will be notified to higher management and the staff also hotel management can put their best efforts in solving the same . Customer can easily raise the concern via a mobile app within their room to raise any complain . Once solved , hotel can keep a track record of the customer for their future reference .

Hotel Maintenance

A CRM software helps manage across all department . Management can view the process going on along with the track records of all department .

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