How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tinder

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TinderTinder is a social platform , in which user can sign up using their Facebook profile and can search for opposite gender individual on the basis of their location . If the user like the request made by the user , the other person will be notified and they can start chatting with each other which is incorporated in the application itself . The Tinder app is available on both Android and iOS platform for the convenience of the user .

How Does Tinder Shows Attractive Match ?

How Matches Are Made ?

This is a billion dollar question . Have you used tinder for at least once in a while ? Then the question might have come in your mind how the matches are being made in Tinder . As a Tinder user , if you send request to someone some of them get’s liked and some might not.  As per our personal analysis below are the few points based on the Tinder algorithm of showing matches to the user :


It is defined according to the number of matches and likes that particular profile is getting . The more the like of that profile , more user will be filtered similar to the attractiveness of the user  .

Spam Quotient

Tinder usually keep the track record of the user logging in to their app by their account . They saves the tracking id of the phone of that particular id , and if the user keeps on changing the tracking id then the tinder software will get to know about whether the user is a bot or a real user .

Activeness Score

If the user is newly sign up user , new suggestion of profile will be shown to user and his profile will be shown to user just to get the attraction of user so that user can get attracted to the Tinder .

Factors Based Upon Facebook Profile

Tinder also shows suggestion on the basis of your Facebook profile friends and interests as fetched from Facebook login .

Approximate Time For Development Of Tinder Like Application

Well this can’t be predefined in most of the cases . Usually we suggest our client to go on with any develop on per hour basis , rather than going on with fixed charges in which they may skip some functionality just to complete the project on time . Well the time for development totally depends on your requirement , the features required and so on . Find below the time frame according to some major functionalities as required in the application like Tinder :
  • The UI design together with animation and UX  will take  180 hours .
  • XMPP / Pusher / Pubnub Chat will take 100 hours .
  • Facebook login together with fetching friends and interest from Facebook will take 20 hours .
  • Like / Dislike and undo like/dislike feature together with imitating chat will take 40 hours .
  • Location fetching on real time basis together with suggesting profile on the basis of pinned geo location and displaying profiles thereon will take 250 hours .
  • CMS and backend development will take 180 hours .
  • In app purchases will take another 30 hours .
  • Creating and associating web services with app will take 270 hours.
Above functionalities are basis mandatory functionalities required for developing an app like Tinder . Actual time may depends on the functionalities as required by individual user .

Approximate Price For App Development

Different app development company may charge different price for developing an app on the basis of expertise knowledge and team they are having . We would suggest you to go with a company how has expertise knowledge on the same , rather than a company who will apply trial and error method on your app , thereby giving you a app which will take more time to load , and will probably have bugs in it .
Total price for developing an app like Tinder for android platform will comes out to be $ 35600 and iOS will cost somewhere around $ 35000.
The backend CMS part will cost $ 7200 . Hence the total cost of development of android and iOS app together with backend comes out to be $ 77000 , which may vary according to your requirement with the minimum turnaround time to develop an app with be 4-5 months .( Note : Price has been calculated according to $ 40 per hour )
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