The Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionised the world in lot of ways. This drift is responsible for offering so many innovations across various sectors. From the simplest fitness trackers to the fully automated systems for cars and homes, Internet of things has truly impacted the lives of people. It has a very complex network which is connected to the web server for the proper functioning.

What is IoT?

In a nutshell, IoT is the technology of connecting a device to the internet (which has an ON/OFF switch) and to the other connected device. It is an enormous network where users can share and collect the data around them. The devices have in-built sensors which are connected to the IoT platform which integrates all the information and applies analytics to meet user specific needs.

Its application ranges from microwaves which cook food automatically to the self-driving cars which have in-built sensors to detect the objects in the path. The information is taken up by the sensors and with the ability of advance analytic power, the devices can make smart decisions based on real-time information helping users to save money and time.

There has been a real upsurge of this technology. Huge volumes of access requests are handled by the hosting companies and their servers. This has opened new opportunities and challenges by significantly changing the web hosting world. All the entrepreneurs and businessmen understand the pros and benefits of Internet of Things. The two main factors that are responsible for the cloud growth are big data and IoT. By 2020, the total traffic using cloud technologies will reach around 14 zettabytes. This upsurge is basically due to the improved cloud infrastructure.

Why turn to cloud?

Traditional data centers cannot support multiple workload. But with the rise of cloud, start-ups and businesses are turning to cloud because it can support huge dataload. This is a golden opportunity for the businesses that are looking to invest and enhance their analytical power. The Big data and IoT have observed a sharp growth in the business sector because these technologies handle 1/3rd of the cloud workload. It is expected, its market will grow exponentially leaving behind market of laptops, tablets etc. Most of the revenue is generated through sale of hardware in the IoT sector. In 2019, it is expected that the government sector will become the leading sector for the IoT devices.

Many businesses are moving their business on the cloud. So it is high probability that the companies will be investing more on IOT. Cloud is a pathway to access and achieve IoT and Big Data analysis.

How IoT drive cloud growth?

IoT has a huge market and according to a research, the global market will continue to grow in future. It is believed that huge amount of revenue will be generated as the developing nations are adopting the cloud technology into their business.

The larger market of the cloud is owned by large companies like Google and Amazon. However, small start-ups will continue to implement IoT in the cloud which will result in the launch of new devices triggering more innovations and growth in IoT sector.

Target advertising is rising day by day. As the big companies are not investing much in the advertisement, IoT is opening a whole new way to targeted advertising.

The cloud computing and IoT are interlinked with each other. So growth in one sector will directly have an impact on the other. If IoT rises, then there will be a growth in the cloud market. IoT has a big future ahead which will drive the cloud growth in the business.  

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