Get Advantage Of GeoFencing For Your Business

One of the best feature of GPS tracking system us geofencing . We can actually track user’s current location and see predefined area by use of geofencing . We can also predefine the geographical boundaries and can send push notification if anyone is trying to get out of that location .

This super technology made possible first by Google , can helps us in numerous of ways , like company can track their employees , parents can track their children and so on . In addition to it , we can also view when a person have entered or exited a geofence location .

How exactly does geofencing works ?

Curious to find how does it really works ? It works on concept of Global Positioning System ( GPS) , which can track accurate location of the user .
It can be better explained with help of an example . Suppose the customer who is using your app , and is nearby your business , you can get the notification for the same , and business owner can approach the user by messaging him . That’s how a geo location works and can give various benefits to us .

The various advantage of Geofencing

Productivity improvement and safety management

One of the biggest advantage is increasing productivity by monitoring field employees of the organisation . This ensures safety of the employee and at the same time tracking gives company exact location , where the employee is roaming around .As employees are the heart of the organisation , workers safety is prime importance .
Another advantage can be parents who want to monitor their children , and there are various other advantages by which we can be benefited with .

Reduce Cost

Optimise and traffic free shortest route will defiantly lead to saving of fuel and maintenance cost . As geolocation gives you possibility of tracking of vehicle movements , you can easily calculate fuel cost according to distance travelled .

Helps in monitoring workforce movement

Geofencing helps company to keep a track of workers movements and thereby closely monitoring their works ,even if you are at distance . It helps delivering quality products or service within time .

Geofencing helps business to prosper

You will be surprised to know a big companies like Starbucks and Toyota make use of geofencing to track their customer . According to research , almost 60% of the customer get founded by geofencing only.
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