Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

Roles that makes a great website : Design as well as development

When it comes to designing your next website , it is important you understand the difference between the designer in person and developer in developer , and different task performed by them .

Talented website developers are very hard to find , many ” website designing companies ” outsource their projects to big ones .This practise can hamper your website project because it lacks communication and team word between designer and developer .At Winklix , we have our own in-house team of designer and developer in Delhi,India which can prove a huge benefit for your clients .

Website Designer :

Website designers are art and graphic designer who can be considered as master mind behind website designs .They put their knowledge and experience to enhance your website look and feel . They are expert in choosing layout , colour and images to design websites that are loveable by everyone .
In oder to make something awesome , a designer in person must have a clear wireframe of what client need and then how the website will be developed or programmed accordingly. This can be achieved by focusing on what clients need and what visuals they are looking in their would be website .
A designer in person creates website in visual environment , usually relying on website design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator . Once the static website is prepared by them , they hand over the website to developer in person to make it dynamic and for some other functionality.
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Website Developer :

Website developers are technical person having expertise knowledge in coding languages .They transform the photos and content into long tables that help browser display perfect design of website layout made by website designer . Web developer has to do the work with caution , as a very small mistake can cause numerous problems throughout a website , and it will be very hard to find if not checked step by step .
Website developers spend a major part of their job life in learning different programming languages which help them translate and transform softy website design . Languages used by developer for developing a website are PHP ,  .NET and various other languages .
Now  a days developer also started using some more commonly highly useful framework like codeingenitor and laravel . Developers while testing a website , they also have to cross check the the compatibility of the website with multiple browser compatibility .
In addition, internet developers play a very important role keep websites in tip-top formthey will analyze the wants of web site users and the way they meet the goals of web site homeowners to make sure that sites square measure in operation in best fashion. activity technology updates and enhancements square measure simply a number of of the opposite tasks that internet developers manage
The Website Team 
 In order to make any website a huge success , web designer and web developer need to work closely together form starting to end point . Good communication between both of them right from design a website to development will give a good result , and thus saves money on a long run basis .
Thus in oder to get the best website , you need to focus on best website designer and developer.

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