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One of the toughest thing in software industry is testing our own software , which are made by us only , and it can be challenging in case we want to shift to agile technology .

The very first thing that we come across is how to deliver software frequently to clients as per clients requirement and that’s too bug free .

The most common problem and their solution faced by tester while following the agile technology are :

1)Quality analyst software developer are overburden with job works every now and then .With continuous change flow , some important testing might me missed.

How to overcome : Tester must be flexible enough to cope up with the changes and must understand change is necessary for growth of the organisation . The last minute changes must be informed by the development team , on which testing is still pending and do the necessary testing asap in order to give better end product.

2)Another big big reason can be change is the coding language which was not anticipated earlier .

How to overcome : Its important to test the codes with the available technology , get familiar with the code to cope up with the anticipated codes .

3) Defects must be detected from the very first movement . Thinking of that it can be rectified afterwords can be difficult one  , and can be proven difficult one , and thus will affect the future codes also .

How to overcome :  Reviewing the codes frequently can minimise defects , although we can’t completely eradicate it.

Summary of agile way of testing :

-It is important to ensure that sprints reach not convert into a mini waterfall.

-Do not wait for the sprint to decrease otherwise locate the time in along along in the company of.

-It is plus important to treaty as soon as the problems at an in front stage keeping in mind the setting.

-Make your team responsible for test automation.

-Most importantly save learning and association taking place value to the team.

Putting chemical analysis in point of view is important as no amount of investigation can guarantee to fix every one bugs. Thats why psychiatry often continuous furthermore again forgive. Testing is a vital share of the software touch ahead process and is the best habit to assure mood performance. This requires tall-atmosphere testers who can meet the complete its challenges.

Reason Of Being Ruined On Social Media For Modern Dating

Gone are those days where lovers keep on waiting for just one love letters , waiting for just one single calls on landline , and travelling miles and miles just to get one glimpse of their lover .

Now a days social media trend is trending .It might be great at the time you think off to hangout with your old buddies , or to get connect with your friends and relatives , but there is something serious about social media that we all is ignoring ,  and that is ROMANCE .We have turned into a animal of the digital world where we bloody keep focusing on showing off our life to others .

Let me give few reasons why social media has screwed the current dating life  :

-All Show No Game

How often you see the most cheesy pic on your news feed of social media walls , and even more chunky with hashtags like #mylove #bae #loveforever ? You find it everyday right ? Person who needs to show their love on social media’s and not showing love to each other in their personal life is just another example of something missing in your love life . And if it is so perfect , you would rather need not to  show it on social media .

-Easy Hookups

Those days are gone , when guys stare at the girls for long , then start few words with girls to increase their friendship , and finally gathers courage to propose a girl , and then a long awaited kiss . Do you work like this any more ? Nahhhhh….
Now we look for easy hookups , we prefer going to bar , find someone cutie pie , and then hang out for a night , and then the situation comes where they don’t know each other the next morning(Hum ape hai koun )

-No privacy now a days

There were times when relationship means some private relationship between two persons , and they use to get it private , thus limiting to themselves only.But in the present era , time has changes . Now if your boyfriend has not changes his relationship status on Facebook , then you might think he is just playing with you . For the present generation , if you are not uploading a pic with your would be fionse , then they both would think that you are still not serious about each other .

-Real conversation is almost ended

Real conversation is almost dead . Now a days we hardly find people in relationship roaming alone on the streets , instead we see couples busy on their own phones , seeing the life style of others , whatssapping other people and get indulge in various other kind of application .

-War of couples

Now even the war of the couples has gone public . Application like whatssapp and snapchat has given us the opportunity to show off our live in case we are in war situation with our partner . This all has created a culture of creating growing insecurities . All you want is , want to be better than other people on snapchat.

-Trust Factor Is No Where

Trusting your partner is one of the first thing you should do . But now its not possible  to just doubt them more in a age when lot of opportunities are waiting for you in case you are getting cheated . This might be the reason that people can’t sustain long term relationship .
So social media might have opened many doors for us , but our life circles around social media chain , but making your dating life unimaginable . It would have been easier and much better in absence of social media .

Digital Marketing Lessons For Rapid Growth Of Start Ups

Its not as easy as written here , I know…..but every startup business owner has a dream of  fly high and obviously to stand a bit higher than their competitors in marketplace  .

In this quick guide you will get to know why your startup is going to fail , and some information on now you can avoid such mistakes .

Keep watch on our articles and strategies and one day you will surely be spreading your success story to whole world for sure.

Well its a 100$ fact that most of the startups fails due to bad marketing strategy . Most of the startups are amateur and thus fails to run and fund their startups.Bad marketing strategies can kill your business and thus not leading to happy ending.

The very two things that make every business successful are :

1)Good product

2)Good marketing skills

Well this world has 7 billion mindsets with almost 700 billion ideas running inside their mind almost all the time , but that idea exist only for time being and afterwords they will change their mindset.

So its important to filter the ideas well in order to succeed business.It is a very common mindset of people that they stop believe in their ideas , and started following the other people ideas , and then at the end always ask the question why their ideas are more successful that others.

So let’s make the pirates of grills   without the snicking part ….. shall we ??

1) Think twice before choosing any marketing medium

The way one person thinks of marketing may be proven good for one person but may not be good for other person . Simpy sitting on the chairs and waiting for marketing strategies to work is also not at all going to work .

So the point is what is the best marketing medium ??

The best thing is to invest wisely in the invest wisely in marketing methods , as most of them don’t bring any expected results . 

Eg. Say you pay some mad guy to for some stupid SEO so that your likes on Facebook gets increased .

In that case the above stated lines holds true and will definitely not add on to your business .

For any start up venture , 2 things are most important , the very first thing is on time delivery , and the other one is word of mouth . If any new company follows these two things then success will follow you , instead of you following the success.

2)Choose your target audience only

What’s the problem with Facebook and twitter marketing strategies , are they not targeting the audience according to your need ??
They broadcast the add without basic filtering , and they even charge for that too .Not only that they charge for broadcasting and liking the add to . And who’s ever is liking or commenting on your post , may not even qualify for your lead. So the conclusion is better to use multicasting rather than broadcasting the advertisement .

3)Quality of the content

At the time we speak about quality content , we mean it . Quality means quality and not the rubbish 1000 words article just to push your ranking up on the google !!
Usually the user will surely spend more time on the website , it content is eye catchy enough .In case you are  not up-to with your content strategies , then your bounce rate will increase and will definately affect your ranking to .
4)Customer needs and their understandibility
Keep in mind ” Customers are God ” in every business you are doing . In case you try to fool your customer , you are indeed fooling your companies life and credibility . In order to convert your leads into potential customers , customer scope of work understandibility is the very first thing.
Always remember that  you’re the “payee” and he is the “payer” . so you should better start listening .

5)A story in making

Considering your company on superior side and other companies as an small ant is a big mistake .Don’t ever try to tell anyone that you are the best company available in the market and others are too small in front of you . Even before analyzing someone , you must keep a watch on your shortcomings.
Those chunky cheat stunts may bring you business for short time , but will put you in deep well afterwords , from where you can’t grow up again .

6)User experience and feedback

Getting user experience by providing them with good services will help you a lot  . As new lead generation is beneficial for short lime only , after that customers will be the one who is going to give you business .So getting the feedback and give timely response to the user is really good for your business health .
So don’t leave a customer hanging from the cliff while you go out hiking with your friends on his money, coz hey, that’s rude!
Make sure to make a healthy relationship with the customer rather than just using the one night stand strategy .
Build trust, not a brand!
 Don’t just learn things, start implementing them as well! 
And, Dream on. –