Winklix LLC’s CEO Harsh Sinha Explains How the Firm Is Ready to Lead in Tech-World: GoodFirms

Winklix LLC’s CEO Harsh Sinha Explains How the Firm Is Ready to Lead in Tech-World: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2014 and based in New Jersey, Winklix is a renowned software development company based in the United States that offers IT consulting, Salesforce consulting, custom software and mobile app development, ERP and CRM software development, and other services.

Winklix’s headquarters are in New Jersey, USA, and the company has branches in London, New York, India, Singapore, Dubai, and other locations.

With years of experience, Winklix has developed 800+ applications and is having 51% repeat business with 1200+ happy customers worldwide.

The organisation is made up of a team dedicated to empowering businesses with next-generation software development solutions that assist businesses in empowering their business technology. As an application development and maintenance company, we have over 90+ software engineers with market specific knowledge who help us deliver A-graded solutions to businesses.

The team enjoy working with entrepreneurs by welcoming their ideas, whether they are startups or large corporations. Winklix’s mission is to become a backend technology partner for the progression of desktop, mobile, and web-based apps by meeting their on-demand requirements.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Harsh Sinha, the CEO of Winklix to know more about the company and its work ethics. The CEO starts by saying that because of our experience working in over 20 industries, our software engineers are well-versed in the development of industry-specific software and app development services. Our developers are keen on first understanding the client’s requirements and then delivering an exceptional product to them.

Furthermore, he states that we work with customers as if we were developing software for our own use. Our primary goal in software development is to add value so that you can get a return on investment as soon as possible. We provide you with dedicated resources that can work alongside you in your ups and downs based on your concept.

The fully customised software solutions include an ownership licence and no additional licensing fees. The team signs an agreement under which customers will own the source code and any intellectual property associated with your proprietary software. Thus, with such an expert team providing robust services would soon endow Winklix to lead as one of the top software development companies in New Jersey at GoodFirms.

Talking about the business model, Harsh beams that it is purely an in-house team . No chance of outsourcing it to a third party vendor. Using our digital transformation skills, we can assist you in driving innovation and transformation at your workplace. When we say digital transformation, we mean providing you with innovative solutions to serve your end clients. We use proven mobile-enabled, DevOps, and micro services oriented architecture techniques in conjunction with agile development to meet all of your enterprise’s needs and achieve a higher return on investment as well as superior engagement.

In conclusion, Harsh mentions that customer satisfaction is our top most priority as if they are satisfied we will exist else not. We follow the highest standards to satisfy their needs. We provide them with SPOC PM to cater their needs by following agile methodology to cater their needs and keep on updating clients about their work in weekly calls. 

Thus, reading the above-mentioned excerpt from Harsh’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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Winklix LLC Takes Pride In Analyzing Clients’ Businesses & Delivering Extraordinary Services: GoodFirms

At Winklix LLC, we work with the latest technologies to deliver customized solutions that help businesses to outshine in the competitive landscape. As a professional team of experts, Winklix LLC fulfills clients’ business goals by offering mobile app development, software development, IT consulting, digital marketing, web development, and other services. 

Located in New Jersey, Winklix is a mobile app development firm with offices in New York, Uttar Pradesh, India, and Delhi. The firm has until now built 800+ applications by serving 1200+ customers with satisfactory services. The firm works exceptionally well in diverse areas to deliver outstanding services. Most of Winklix’s clients belong from Canada, Singapore, the USA, the UK, Australia, Dubai, and India. With the 90+ in-house team professionals, the firm takes pride in serving companies from different niches, which counts to 25+ industries. Due to the efforts applied by Winklix, they have 51% of clients who are repeated. 

GoodFirms is a Las Vegas-based research and evaluation platform that ranks and lists companies on the website under separate categories. This categorization helps service seekers choose and hire a reliable mobile app development company. The veteran team of GoodFirms researchers evaluates companies on Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters. After evaluating Winklix, the GoodFirms team ranked them on the website. It was thus inferred that Winklix has been delivering exceptional services to different niches. 

The mobile app services by Winklix are completely exceptional because the team promises to develop mobile apps right from scratch. By instilling the right features, alterations, and integration, the firm holds iOS and Android app development expertise. Winklix builds efficient industry solutions cost-effectively because the team is thorough with the latest technologies and trends. The award-winning solutions developed by Winklix have helped various companies to outshine the competitive landscape. 

Ishita Sinha, an employee at BIAT Legal rated Winklix with a 5-star rating for mobile app development services. 

The team members work staunchly to provide solutions that can empower clients to reach their goals. All the team members hold excellence in each service they provide, and they have built 1200+ apps with their professionalism and understanding. With endless opportunities and by working aligned with the client’s business objective Winklix delivers unprecedented services. The firm has catered services to various famous clients by allowing them to shine mobile apps. 

Thus for building and delivering responsive mobile apps, Winklix is ranked amongst the top mobile app development companies in New Jersey 2021at GoodFirms.

Moreover, Winklix is also known for delivering software development services and IT consulting services. The skilled team members are specialized in providing end-to-end solutions to fulfill the clients’ business needs. Winklix has offered services to startups, medium enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies as well. 

Winklix is known amongst the top companies delivering great services to multiple industries. With the most upgraded technology, the firm maintains transparent relationships with clients by offering them 24X7 support services. Plus, with specific domain knowledge, the team welcomes new and innovative ideas to ease clients’ business processes. Moreover, due to the best services, almost 51% of the clients come back to Winklix for other services. 

About the Author

Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role is to figure out company achievements and critical attributes and put them into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and leverages new approaches that work, including new concepts, that enhance the firm’s identity.

Winklix Has Again Been Recognised As Top Mobile App Development Company In USA

Winklix Have Been Recognised Top Mobile App Development Company

Winklix is rated amongst the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the industry on

Winning has become a habit for us at Winklix and the entire credit for this winning habit goes to our excellent team.

Our name was included in recent   press release about the Top Mobile App Development Companies by, a leading research and review platform of B2B IT service providers in the industry.

Winklix is a team of 130+ dedicated people who constantly strive to make a difference in the IT world by providing high quality products. We have delivered more than 1200 apps since our inception and have an impressive client retention rate. 

Our expert team of game developers has helped in establishing Winklix as one of the topmost game development companies in the UK.

Domain expertise knowledge, real-time communication and better support and scalability are the things that differentiate us from the rest. These are the reasons why we are considered amongst the leading mobile app developers in the market.

“Best App Developer In the town”, “Best Team for Mobile App Development” these are the comments which our satisfied clients gave about us. We always prioritize client satisfaction and that we are always noted as a client-friendly organization.  Our client servicing methods, focus areas, service specialties, costs and more interesting details about us can be found on Wilklix’s profile on

One of our interesting client stories

The owner of Radish fiction wanted to provide an app to the users, through which they could read a series of fiction stories on their mobile screens. The company wanted to provide a unique reading experience to its users. The client also wanted to have a backend that could handle a large number of users simultaneously. Another requirement was that the customer needed the app to be hosted on cloud with a CDN network so as to deliver the content faster to the mobile app.

Our team built the mobile app for Android, iOS as well as for web platforms. Using our expertise in Java and MongoDB, we built a robust database management system which allowed the client to get an app that was way ahead of the competition.

The result of our efforts was that the app got 1 million+ downloads in the home country of the client. The app was able to garner so much attention, that the client was able to raise more funds for further development.

More such game changing projects await your visit on our portfolio.

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