Winklix Has Again Been Recognised As Top Mobile App Development Company In USA

Winklix is rated amongst the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the industry on

Winning has become a habit for us at Winklix and the entire credit for this winning habit goes to our excellent team.

Our name was included in recent   press release about the Top Mobile App Development Companies by, a leading research and review platform of B2B IT service providers in the industry.

Winklix is a team of 130+ dedicated people who constantly strive to make a difference in the IT world by providing high quality products. We have delivered more than 1200 apps since our inception and have an impressive client retention rate. 

Our expert team of game developers has helped in establishing Winklix as one of the topmost game development companies in the UK.

Domain expertise knowledge, real-time communication and better support and scalability are the things that differentiate us from the rest. These are the reasons why we are considered amongst the leading mobile app developers in the market.

“Best App Developer In the town”, “Best Team for Mobile App Development” these are the comments which our satisfied clients gave about us. We always prioritize client satisfaction and that we are always noted as a client-friendly organization.  Our client servicing methods, focus areas, service specialties, costs and more interesting details about us can be found on Wilklix’s profile on

One of our interesting client stories

The owner of Radish fiction wanted to provide an app to the users, through which they could read a series of fiction stories on their mobile screens. The company wanted to provide a unique reading experience to its users. The client also wanted to have a backend that could handle a large number of users simultaneously. Another requirement was that the customer needed the app to be hosted on cloud with a CDN network so as to deliver the content faster to the mobile app.

Our team built the mobile app for Android, iOS as well as for web platforms. Using our expertise in Java and MongoDB, we built a robust database management system which allowed the client to get an app that was way ahead of the competition.

The result of our efforts was that the app got 1 million+ downloads in the home country of the client. The app was able to garner so much attention, that the client was able to raise more funds for further development.

More such game changing projects await your visit on our portfolio.

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