Winklix LLC’s CEO Harsh Sinha Explains How the Firm Is Ready to Lead in Tech-World: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2014 and based in New Jersey, Winklix is a renowned software development company based in the United States that offers IT consulting, Salesforce consulting, custom software and mobile app development, ERP and CRM software development, and other services.

Winklix’s headquarters are in New Jersey, USA, and the company has branches in London, New York, India, Singapore, Dubai, and other locations.

With years of experience, Winklix has developed 800+ applications and is having 51% repeat business with 1200+ happy customers worldwide.

The organisation is made up of a team dedicated to empowering businesses with next-generation software development solutions that assist businesses in empowering their business technology. As an application development and maintenance company, we have over 90+ software engineers with market specific knowledge who help us deliver A-graded solutions to businesses.

The team enjoy working with entrepreneurs by welcoming their ideas, whether they are startups or large corporations. Winklix’s mission is to become a backend technology partner for the progression of desktop, mobile, and web-based apps by meeting their on-demand requirements.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Harsh Sinha, the CEO of Winklix to know more about the company and its work ethics. The CEO starts by saying that because of our experience working in over 20 industries, our software engineers are well-versed in the development of industry-specific software and app development services. Our developers are keen on first understanding the client’s requirements and then delivering an exceptional product to them.

Furthermore, he states that we work with customers as if we were developing software for our own use. Our primary goal in software development is to add value so that you can get a return on investment as soon as possible. We provide you with dedicated resources that can work alongside you in your ups and downs based on your concept.

The fully customised software solutions include an ownership licence and no additional licensing fees. The team signs an agreement under which customers will own the source code and any intellectual property associated with your proprietary software. Thus, with such an expert team providing robust services would soon endow Winklix to lead as one of the top software development companies in New Jersey at GoodFirms.

Talking about the business model, Harsh beams that it is purely an in-house team . No chance of outsourcing it to a third party vendor. Using our digital transformation skills, we can assist you in driving innovation and transformation at your workplace. When we say digital transformation, we mean providing you with innovative solutions to serve your end clients. We use proven mobile-enabled, DevOps, and micro services oriented architecture techniques in conjunction with agile development to meet all of your enterprise’s needs and achieve a higher return on investment as well as superior engagement.

In conclusion, Harsh mentions that customer satisfaction is our top most priority as if they are satisfied we will exist else not. We follow the highest standards to satisfy their needs. We provide them with SPOC PM to cater their needs by following agile methodology to cater their needs and keep on updating clients about their work in weekly calls. 

Thus, reading the above-mentioned excerpt from Harsh’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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