Get Advantage Of GeoFencing For Your Business

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One of the best feature of GPS tracking system us geofencing . We can actually track user’s current location and see predefined area by use of geofencing . We can also predefine the geographical boundaries and can send push notification if anyone is trying to get out of that location .

This super technology made possible first by Google , can helps us in numerous of ways , like company can track their employees , parents can track their children and so on . In addition to it , we can also view when a person have entered or exited a geofence location .

How exactly does geofencing works ?

Curious to find how does it really works ? It works on concept of Global Positioning System ( GPS) , which can track accurate location of the user .
It can be better explained with help of an example . Suppose the customer who is using your app , and is nearby your business , you can get the notification for the same , and business owner can approach the user by messaging him . That’s how a geo location works and can give various benefits to us .

The various advantage of Geofencing

Productivity improvement and safety management

One of the biggest advantage is increasing productivity by monitoring field employees of the organisation . This ensures safety of the employee and at the same time tracking gives company exact location , where the employee is roaming around .As employees are the heart of the organisation , workers safety is prime importance .
Another advantage can be parents who want to monitor their children , and there are various other advantages by which we can be benefited with .

Reduce Cost

Optimise and traffic free shortest route will defiantly lead to saving of fuel and maintenance cost . As geolocation gives you possibility of tracking of vehicle movements , you can easily calculate fuel cost according to distance travelled .

Helps in monitoring workforce movement

Geofencing helps company to keep a track of workers movements and thereby closely monitoring their works ,even if you are at distance . It helps delivering quality products or service within time .

Geofencing helps business to prosper

You will be surprised to know a big companies like Starbucks and Toyota make use of geofencing to track their customer . According to research , almost 60% of the customer get founded by geofencing only.
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How Chatbots Help You Improve Customer Service

Chatbots are being used everywhere now – be it ordering foods online , or bargaining the products over e-commerce website . Instant messaging is becoming main form of communication now a days . In order to get better result , many of the companies are implementing chatbots in their system , for better information management and customer service .

Chatbots are computer programme that allows us real time conversation using chat interface , and has vide range of application for any type of business . It has the ability to understand human language .

Let’s see some benefits of chatbots into order to better serve your customer while dealing with company :

Immediate Customer Service & Support

Putting on hold the customers every time they call for viable solution required patience and most important customer valuable time . This all problem can be converted into solution with the help of chatbot . This means , its a miracle and business opportunity for your business , as customer will get to know instantly , say when will refund be processed , when will my order be delivered and so on , thus allowing your organisation to focus on more critical issue and leave positive impression on the customer .

Personal Service And Increase Sale

Chatbots helps customer to directly connect with company sales person , in order to get expert guidance regarding products catalog which proves helpful for customer and as well as increase profit for your business . Chatbots saves the customer entry who exits without making the purchase , and will remember the same , if customer revisiting , and you can make recommendation accordingly .

Access To Large Audience

Chatbots can be easily accessible on your mobile application , website , Facebook messenger , slack , Skype and many more .This flexibility allows business to get their hands shakes with vide range of customer worldwide . Facebook messenger has individually 1 billion active user who are using facebook .

Round The Clock Availability

Customer can chat anytime according to their convenience , wherever they have found chatbots implemented , thus allowing the customer to get their complain solved during non working hours .

Chatbots Can Predict

One of the most important benefit of chatbots are they remember previous held  conversation with a particular custom thus company sales person can easily recognise the customer and preparing strategy accordingly , without even knowing to the  customer.
Winklix understands the important of chatbots in present scenario . With an extensive experience in developing chatbots software by php sockets , we help our  clients to get busy in developing their business strategy to increase customer and employee engagement to make your business available 24*7 for your customers .

Rapid Prototyping – Better Way To Design Mobile Apps

mobile app development

Rapid prototyping is perfect way to develop a perfect app. Prototyping is always proven beneficial , as it saves development hours , and create an experience that client wants . Wasting tons of hours just for prototyping is waste , rather we can use rapid prototyping tool that can save upto tons of our hours , just allowing a development team to take feedback , discuss and re-rest the things .

At the time we talk about mobile app development , visualise design can be better represented by way of prototyping , in order to give you better functional and UI design ideas .

What ?

You may have heard ” Mockups , wireframes , proof of concept ” , they all are just the different dishes of the same vegetable , i.e. they all are prototype nothing else . It is build to give user a brief layout of what will app look like .

Why ?

Rapid prototyping saves time and cost , rather than wasting it on useless development which is of no use .This also saves the time of designer and developers to go through all the work , rapid mobile app prototyping helps them to know it all , and successfully deliver an app .
The truth is it is highly practical approach . Process of making highly effective , the process to be followed is written below :

Take down notes

Get your ideas noted , and get your ideas matched with mobile app’s functionality . Then place them in the manner in which they can be translated into wireframes .

Draw them into wireframes

Get stick to your points in step above .Wireframes is somewhat similar to sketching your concept and processing them into wired illustrations .

Import your screens

Once done with primary screens , we should move on to prototyping tool to crystallise our concept . It defines the screen more communicable and defines the perfect flow for the app .It is basically the pictorial representation of would be application .

Design the mockups

Mockups are somewhat similar to communicable interface . Designs when converted into more expressive and engaging one to get the feel and look of the app is somewhat mockups is .

Test them for quality

Before forwarding the final screens and design , check them for visible quality and for functional effectiveness . For this , you need to test it before you pass it for coding .

Final words

With rapid prototyping , mobile apps can be designed with more control and authority .
To discuss more about prototyping and mobile app development , you can contact us .