Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ?

Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ? `

We all are currently living in world wherein mobile apps has become one of the important part of our daily life . They have become important in our life in a way that we can’t even imagine our life without smartphone . Right from early morning till the day it ends we keep on using mobile phones to fulfil different purposes .

Gone are days when desktop users are more than mobile users.  Now a days count of mobile users are greater than desktop users . Due to this statics business worldwide has realised the important of mobile app to attract mass customers . As a result business has already started working on mobile website as well as mobile apps to attract more number of customers and increase their sales and revenue .

But as we all know choosing both the solutions will cost more and as a result small business can afford to choose only one between mobile app and mobile website . Hence the selection process between the two platform by business depends on variety of factors like cost , features  , usability and audience .

In fact few studies  has also written that customers prefer to use mobile app rather than mobile websites as mobile apps are best to engage users as well as quickly reaching out large number of audience . In this blog we have specified the reason why to choose mobile app and not mobile website . Lets look at them one by one below .

Basic Difference Between Mobile App & Mobile Website 

Mobile website and mobile apps are both accessible by smartphone . But mobile website are web pages in HTML which has be access in browser based software . They are often termed as mobile responsive website which are tailored to various screen size and formats . This website has ability to display videos , pictures , info as well as click to call functions , mapping features and more .
On the other hand mobile apps has display the content by downloading in the app over internet or can also showcase downloaded material without the internet . Mobile app gives better user experience , and hence can also aids you in getting engaged with large number of customers with your business. 

How Mobile Apps Are Better ? 


Mobile apps are intended to give personalised experience to users on the basis of their search history , preference , location , behaviour etc .Users can quickly explore the business services by use of mobile app . Once you download the app for very firs time , it facilitates users to set up setting and configuration as per their specification . Apps also has ability to engage users and provide feedback and alerts . Apps which collects users location also facilitates discounts and offers on the basis of their locations .

Brand Experience Enhancement 

If your website is not able to provide customers with adequate value , then you can easily achieve it with mobile app . Customers get attracted with better UI/UX in mobile app and hence business can use mobile app as a device to test for their branding and design tactics . A app physically present in customer smartphone makes it easier for customers to tailor image according to their personalised taste .

Leveraging Device Capabilities 

Mobile app has ability to collect information from users smartphones like GPS location , searches they are doing etc . Getting easier access to these information is proven beneficial in case of retail applications wherein their focus is to enhance their customer service . This we can say mobile app is simply the best way for any business organisation to increase user experience , branding and more which can’t not be found somewhere else .
Some of the possibilities which are achievable by mobile apps with ease are Push Notifications , Camera , Tap to call , automatic update , which either can’t be achievable by mobile website or performs very slow even if some of the access is allowed .

Offline Access 

The best part about mobile app is it can even be accessible without internet . Although many apps requires internet connection to perform any kinds of actions , but apps can be designed in a way that the result can be shown even when there is no internet connection , which facilitates users to view information right from anywhere even without internet .

Customer Engagement

Another major advantage of mobile app is , it is compatible to work on users personal interface environment which facilities users to immerse themselves in mobile experience . It can easily be designed by mobile app development company in Delhi .
Mobile apps facilitates users to easily engaged with content in more organised way . Mobile app installation includes app which facilities users to communicate with components of apps , which aids business in increasing conversion rates .

Brand Presence 

Another major advantage of developing mobile app is to increase visibility of your brand name on customers apps .Even if they don’t user your app regularly , they will still be able to recall your app name and brand logo . Any mobile app development company always consider UI/UX of mobile app with care .

Fast Performance  

A property build mobile app can perform fattest than mobile website . Website in general use cloud servers , which takes some time to render data from . In comparison mobile apps stores data locally in mobile devices . Therefore data recovery in mobile device takes place very fast . Apps also saves users precious times to search for things of their interest .


The cost may be less for mobile website and may me more in case of mobile app , but undoubtedly mobile apps given better performance and user experience . Hire a mobile app development company to get your next big mobile app developed. 

How App Development Cost Be Reduced Without Compromising On Quality

How App Development Cost Be Reduced Without Compromising On Quality

If you want to build best apps , then obviously it will loose your pockets as it consumes more bucks to completely build the same . Experts in world believe that you must spend to get something worthwhile .
In this article , we can guide you on how you can overall costing on app development without even compromising on quality of mobile app .


Every next big thing required proper planning . Similarly app development requires different sets of planning to succeed in marketplace . The steps may involve comprehensive research on the desired audience , their likes etc . It is very well known that ” customer is king ” . So surely you should consider demand of your customer as your first priority as they will decide the success of your mobile app.
Similarly keeping eye on your competitors app can help you get overview of challenges they are facing right now . This will give you better picture of what features they have integrated in their mobile app and help you give a thought on what features you can integrate in your app to provide user with distinct feature . This is the fact that only if you built something different in your app , you will be able to succeed else you will incur cost with no ROI .
Once you are pretty much sure that your app offers unique features , you can start about how and what’s of development . Effective planning depends on how effectively you have documented your detailed requirement of mobile app .
If your document is well planned , you can save cost of trial and error , focus on only quality product and can minimise useless expenditure . This will also help you in estimating the time that is needed for app development .

Interactive Prototype 

App development companies helps in building interactive prototypes before starting of actual app development which can help you visualise the features , navigation and UI / UX design of mobile app .
Prototype act as a blueprint for both developer and client to test if they both are on same phase or not. This prototype can then be reviewed by client who can give their suggestion as per their taste . 
Although making an interactive prototype involves cost , it will helps in reducing of overall app development cost which is far more than prototype costing . Assume if client does not have prototype , then they will surely seek modification on the final version of mobile app , which means doing changes when you have actually wasted your lot of time and obviously money on man hours .

Cross Platforms Apps 

When it comes to app development  it comes in two category namely , Native and Hybrid app development .  In case you are looking for more detailed discussion on this topics , please read our article here .
It is quite obvious that development app on two different platform will going to cost you more . But at the same time it must be taken care that users are split in both the platforms, this means choosing some specific platform for app development means loosing the customers who are present on other platform .
In order to overcome with this issue and reduce the overall costing of mobile app development , if you have a small app , always prefer to launch your app on both iOS and android platform by using cross platform technology .
There are various kinds of tools available now in marketplace to successfully built app on cross platform technology . Some of the most common tools available are Xamarin , PhoneGap , Unity3D or Appcelerator  .

Minimum Viable Product 

You can image the losses you may need to bear if your app fails in market to succeed even after spending so much time and resources .
The concept fo minimum viable product (MVP) comes into place which gives you opportunity to determine how will your app will perform in real market without spending huge amount on mobile app development . Always note in mind , you can add on features to your MVP even after launching of your MVP app in marketplace .
Facebook has grown over time , and so can be the case with your mobile app !
MVP can give you real insight and improved your app required as real users are going to test and use it in real environment . Always insist them to give their feedback and improve your app accordingly . So we can define MVP as quality control technique which can aid you in saving costs as well as adding quality to your product after each stage of live testing .


The right app development company can help you with overall reduction of cost of mobile app development . So it’s always suggestible to outsource development work of app to some capable companies . 
Outsourcing of app can give you numerous of benefits . It is quite obvious that it is not viable to hire new developers for every new idea you have in your mind . This approach will obviously going to cost you more and will be time consuming process as well . 
Outsourcing is best way to get through difficulties as well as diversifying your resources to focus on core competencies areas .
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In simple words , cost of quality is expense you are going to put on things which are wrong . So by choosing right path to do things in right way can help you with reduction of overall app development cost as well as compromising on quality .
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So if you are planning for hiring an app development partner who can give you cost effective apps , contact us now !

Build Mobile Apps For Foldable , Multi Display Devices

Build Mobile Apps For Foldable , Multi Display Devices

If you are using smartphones since last decades , you may have seen how it has been changed in last few years from flip phones to QWERTY business phone and then later on to touch screens . The latest trending phone is foldable smartphones in marketplace . The reason why it is getting lot and lot of attraction is it is foldable in nature with a screen that can blend . These screen can get bigger in size when opened and can be folded back to smaller size when it has no use . Read the Gartner report which states foldable phones will reach 30 million units by 2023 here .

How Foldable Phones Will Impact Developmental Process 

It is quite obvious that with increase in trend of foldable smartphones , mobile app development process will also get impacted . The reason being developers needs to take care of both small and large screen in a single device foldable smartphones .
The process gets changed when it comes to both design aspect as well as technical know how . If you are developers and is pretty sure that only UX will solve these problems , then its not , instead the impact is much larger . In order to start with , these follows will give opportunity to  developers to create awesome experience for users as it facilitates multiple window . One of the biggest advantage of foldable smartphones is it facilitates user to video stream apps in larger screen . In the same way user can lookout at full moth calendar , news app and email reading will become simpler and so on .

How Can Mobile Apps Be Ready With Foldable Phones  ? 

Foldable smartphones are ought to give amazing experience that regular smartphones as it facilitates user to increase their size of screen as per their usage , thereby facilitating better streaming experience . In addition to it these smartphones gives better multi tasking by multiple screen display , which in turn means simply watching video , chat with friends and booking of tickets all at a time .

App Continuity 

In case of foldable smartphones , app needs to be able to transition from one screen to another in smooth and automatic way . In order to give best in class user experience the task need not be be interrupted and continues rather seamlessly after transition . It should be carried out in a way that the app should be able to resume in same position and location irrespective of the way phone is folded ( in or out ) 

PC : Android

Make Your App Resizable 

It is very important to develop your app in a way that it should work in multi frame mode with vigorous resizing . This will surely ensure maximum compatibility of your app irrespective of the device they will be functioning in , ie Foldable mobile device , normal mobile device etc .

New Screen Ration 

In order to ensure mobile app maximum compatibility , it should be tested on as many screen ratios as possible . Thanks to Android 10 which supports larger and wider screen ratios as well . However with foldable smartphones , form factor may differ from super long to thin screens , to 1:1 .

Multi Window 

We all are used to situation of using two apps in a single screen . In case of foldable phones , there might be a situation in which multiple apps can be running side by side specially when phones is expandable to larger screen size . This necessarily means there might be 3 apps running at a time instead of only two .

Multi Resume 

It is advisable for mobile app developers to focus on apps that has capability of multi resume in case of foldable devices . Android 10 and later version supports this feature in which all the apps and activities are in resume state when device is on multi-window mode . This feature is really helpful for running running with content and will get paused when app was not in focus .

Foldable Testing 

In order to make app ready for release , it is important to test it in foldable devices . As a developers you should focus on following things :

  • Configuration changes 
  • Multi window and multi resume 
  • Resizing and new screen ratios 

Winklix Is Helping Business To Make Their App Ready For Foldable Devices

In continuation with above discussion we had with you , you may have come up with different development challenges in case of foldable phones . Winklix is recognised as leading mobile app development company which can help your business to make app ready for foldable devices . We have in house team of  experts which aids in provision of end to end solution for design , development , launch and maintenance .