Looming Trends Of Mobile Applications Are The Future Of The World

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Remember the days, when connecting with people was not as easy as a cup of tea. It involved the complete process struggling from scratch to endpoint of reception. But with the advent of science, the things soon begin to fall in places making the easier way to connect with the world. Passing with the time the mobile development companies had cross many blocks from bulky mobile phones to handy and lighter ones. Mobile application development company was brought in light with the flourishing mechanization contingent upon making technology accessible to the individual. 

Technology From Confined Bags To Confined Space:

The manufactures of the mobile companies had provided an immense number of facilities, that can be run through the applications from across any point of the globe. With the endurance effort of the mobile application development company, the technology used in mobile is travelling from confined bags to confined spaces with the sky full of resources.

Previously, the bulky designs have lesser storage capabilities limiting to verbal communication. Whereas today technologies like Cloud, IoT have made easier to explore the world. With Cloud, one can easily store data over the internet rather than physical devices, preserving the data from malicious sources without the chance of losing it accidentally. Technology like, IoT have made possible to connect with the advanced interface of the world with the button of click-through ergonomically designed mobile phones.  

Trends Describing The Future Of The World:

Developer’s skills are the core requirement for any mobile application development company. These core competencies are giving a hike to advanced trends. These trends and usage activity modes are portraying the major roles in the evolving virtual world connecting it with advanced real world. Some famous trends that are subjugating the today and future of the world are:

  1. Wearable Devices:

Trends of wearable are shifting from basic analogue watches to smart digital watches, making one aware of his every move. These Wearable are electronic devices embedded with microcontrollers synchronizing it with your mobile phone through the application developed by the mobile application development company for the assigned brand. Apple watches, Fitbit, Mi bands are some famous names among the watch wearers.

Apart from smartwatches, the wearables are exceeding their foot in fashion and entertainment technology as well. Ranging from smart jewellery to smart bags, t-shirt, shoes, glasses are spurring to step confidently in the future world.

  1. Secure Banking:

With the state-of-the-art, following the queue for banking has been shifted to the screen of your mobile phones with the stretch of just a click. Enrolling the Mobile Banking in daily lives is the panacea for the business rulers with ease of technology at their private space.

Carried business transactions details are secured by the technology ‘blockchain’. Each bank target to encrypt their customer data following the Big Data analytics through cryptography designed by the contracted mobile application development company. Following their customer benefits in investment and interest, the M-Banking assures the user to loft full benefit of native banking method.

  1. Cloud:

The most recognized trend, enabling to preserve data with tonnes of information. The mobile application development company is providing the user with public and hybrid cloud on the application platform for the data to be shared and bookmarked.

  1. Connection through Social Media:

The vast use of applications like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn work with factor to foster one’s connection on the global platform. Ease to use, Ease to connect this technology is bringing relations closer on the virtual platform. Apart from making relations close through the direct resource of video calling or texting, it is also aiding in creating new professional relations for the creation of perfect job opportunities. 

  1. Advanced interface through IoT:

Internet of Things, a platform which is connecting the one to the advanced platform with just a click. Technologies like, sensors, thermostats, smart gadgets are worth understanding the concepts that curb human efforts and act brilliantly. With IoT, it is quite easy to understand the notion that be acknowledged before any sort of mishappening. 

It is to be believed that that in upcoming years, the IoT will acquire the sources of mobile application development company as well for creating advance futuristic causes.

  1. M-Commerce:

Growing technology often lead to exposure in business in affirmative context. The business is now moving from local shops to shopping website or apps. These applications are enhancing its market techinques with the input of social media optimization and marketing alluring its customer with great deals and off.

Apart from just shifting of business over the internet to usage of new technologies are employed involving augmented and virtual realties. Augmented tees are trendy all over the internet on clothing sites to better inventory in culture in hardware firms are best examples, how these trends are surging the business platforms.

The Bottom Line:

Experitest, Headspin, Appwatch,  are some tools commonly used by any mobile application development company with the involvement of technologies like JAVA, C++, SWIFT, PHP and many more for shaping the tomorrow with the trends of more such upcoming mobile applications.

The tech’s employeed in gaining niche space to individual are conceited with the fact endorsing the result and technology-driven era. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Food Delivery App Like Talabat

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Food Delivery App Like Talabat

The food ordering mobile application is already on demanding phase and users are continuously increasing from day to day around the world . Tabalat is one of among those food delivery application which has gained enough popularity in UAE audience .  People are getting lazy , and willing to have access of all things right to their doorstep and so is it application are well playing their role on . It offer easy food ordering with fastest shipping option .

Competitors are always there is the market , but the king always stand out in the crowd and so is the same with Talabat app . Talabat is known to be one of the prominent name in food delivery application in Dubai and Kuwait and stands above all other app . User can search for nearby restaurant , can avail discounted price on food items and get the food delivered right at their doorstep. You will have access to all the information about food , restaurants , customisation available even before adding the item to cart for final delivery . Once you add the item to cart , you can pay for the order online by cash on delivery , credit/debit cards and more .

Tabalat was founded late in 2004 by an entrepreneur from Kuwait City . Since then it has gained huge popularity and that is the reason every second entrepreneur want to know the cost of creating app like Talabat , no matter whether they are individual / restaurant owner or big companies . Tabalat works on charging commission model from restaurants and this is the main revenue model .

If you are searching for mobile app development company in Dubai , UAE who can develop food delivery app for you , you can hire Winklix – one of the best mobile app development company .

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How Food Ordering Food App Works 

Any food delivery app or even tabalat in general have working generally divided into three apps . They are :

  • Customer / User App : This app is specifically made for customers wherein they can login / signup into the application , search for the nearby restaurants , avail offers and can order the food online at their place .
  • Restaurant App : As soon as the user orders some item , restaurant app will help restaurant owners who has signed up in the portal to receive the order , confirm for the order to be prepared and finally hand it order to delivery staff for final delivery to customers . Restaurants owners have to pay certain amount of commission to food delivery app owner as they are getting business from this app which in turn increases their revenue .
  • Delivery Boy App : Delivery boy are one who who finally delivery the delicious foods to customers . This app is meant for them to pickup the order , deliver it to customer and can also track their earning . At the same time with the help of delivery boy app , customers are able to track the food on real time basis .

Apart from the features and working listed above , food delivery app also contains tons of set of features on which costing of these app depends which are not limited to these functionality : 

  • Push notification 
  • CRM integration with app 
  • Real time tracking using google maps 
  • Real time analytics and reporting 
  • Refer and earn programme
  • Discount and coupons 
  • Social sharing and registration 
  • Multiple payment option to choose from 
  • Review and feedback from user about services , restaurants and more 
  • Multi currency and language support 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Talabat 

Well the costing of these type of application totally depends on the sets of feature you are willing to implement in the app , on which platform you are first willing to launch your app and so on .
Considering you are willing to launch your mobile app on android and iOS platform along with the fully functional website , the costing ranges between $ 5000 – $ 50000 which totally depends on the amount of feature you want in that specific application . For developing app like talabat , all you need to do is to find a mobile app development company who can turn your expectation into reality . 
It is generally seen that this kind of application taken around 7 to 15 weeks of development time , which totally depends on type of features you are willing to have in your app .

Why Winklix ? 

Winklix has in house team of techies who is well known in mobile app development in Dubai who can ability of delivering highly polished mobile application . We have industry specialised experts who can delivery you quality website and applications at affordable price and on time delivery . Let quickly start with your next big project now .

How To Make Matrimonial App Like Shaadi.com ?

How To Make Matrimonial App Like Shaadi.com ?

Shaadi.com is one of the biggest matrimonial app for matchmaking service provider in India . With over more than 6 million success stories , this is know to be one of the most successful app . It’s aids in matching bride with groom or vice a versa . The app like this has revolutionised the way the matchmaking was earlier happening .

These types of apps usually have a simple interface with easy to control option . One can be easily connected with signup post , fills in basic information and can start browsing matches in minutes . If you are also the one who is planning to develop an app like this one , then you are at right place . Winklix team of in house mobile app experts can guide you throughout the whole process . The reason why shaadi.com is gaining popularity is it verifies the user with Aadhar identity which makes the whole system more secure . All these set of features together requires a skilled team of mobile developers to carry on your app design and development process .

Key Features Of Matrimonial App 

Shaadi.com is one of the biggest name in the world for matrimonial app which even operates in USA , UAE , Canada as well as UK . Being established in 1997 , it allows to bridge the difference between bride and groom .
The app is reachable at both web as well as on mobile application for both android and iOS . With the help of these kind of apps , its become very convenient to find brides and grooms on the basis of various kinds of filters like location , family type , job as well as other details . In addition to it , in order to complete match making it also offers user to chat , call , or send emails which is available as premium feature in the app .
Push notification is another great feature which app must have .

Stages Of Matrimonial App Development 

# Choosing Which Platform To Develop App On

If you are budget constraint , then you have the option to choose between Android and iOS platform or can even opt for Hybrid apps . It is always being seen that iOS app always cost cheaper than android apps due to limited number of devices to test on . Hybrid mobile apps are always considered as perfect choice for matrimonial brand .

# Designing Of Application 

The most important thing in order to make these kind of app a success it to make designing of app the most important thing to consider with . Your app needs to be awesome attractive and score on UX and UI . The mobile app designing team should take care of this point with utmost care .

# Deciding Size Of App 

The size of the app usually depends on the amount of features and functionality incorporated in it . It is usually been seen that if the app has basic features then the size will be less else will be on a higher side .

Basic Feature Your App Must Have 

  • Login / Signup using OTP or email id’s .
  • Profile verification with OTP and ID proof 
  • Searching of matches on the basis of desired partner profile .
  • Highlighting horoscope , personal interest and preferences , hobbies , personal details , home town details etc .
  • Adding profiles of interest 
  • Different membership packages to connect with different matches 
  • Integration capabilities in a way that your app should have cloud storage integration , CMS and CRM integration .
  • Notification in form of push notification , SMS as well as email notification .

The Cost Consideration 

# Functionalities And App Purpose 

The more complicated features you in build your app with , the more will be developmental price . With right value of money , Winklix team of experts develop quality matrimonial app in affordable price .

#2 Designing Of App 

Matrimonial app must have enriched UI and UX . Use of the latest design technology like material design and animation attracts customers . The right app design starts from prioritising customers needs .

# Various App Platforms And Integration 

Choosing the right platform to launch your apps may require some additional inputs at early stages , so take your decision precisely to save your time and money while choosing mobile app development company .


Choosing the top rated mobile app development company to get high rich feature enabled app is the only solution for having awesome app .