Top Innovative Mobile App Build Using Flutter Framework

Top Innovative Mobile App Build Using Flutter Framework

We all are already aware that app stores are already flooded with tons of mobile apps. At present Android play store hold, more than 2.9 million of the app and the Apple App store has 2.57 million apps present in their store. The reason for this overloaded marketplace is people who love to spend more than 90 % of their mobile time using apps. If you are planning to develop a mobile app, then it is very much important to choose mobile app development company who have in house team of experts to build a catchy mobile app, which is at the same time easy to use and does not make much investment to remain competitive in this digital world. One of the hottest cross-platform app development toolkit available in the marketplace is Flutter

Flutter was although launched in May 2017, but more than 3000 flutter app was already present on play store before its launch with over 200+ million users who are using apps made on flutter. 

Flutter: Native Like Apps For Mobile, Web, and Desktop 

Cross-platform app development is gaining lot of attraction as building and launching of mobile apps on multiple operating systems is feasible using a single code base, which is impossible in a native platform.
Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework originated by Google – the leading industry leader in providing digital transformation services. FLutter facilitates designing, developing and publishing app which gives native feel for not only mobile but for desktop as well as web applications.

Unlocking Good Things About Flutter

Fast Development 

Flutter platform facilitates developer to develop app faster and more dynamic at developer can actually see the changes made in code straight away in mobile apps using Hot Reload which actually takes just fractions of seconds to view the changes and adding new features, in comparison with the native wherein developer have to completely recompile mobile app to see the changes which take minutes.

Easy Programming Language 

Flutter uses Dart, which is the latest object-oriented language that facilitates AOT and JIT compilation types. This, in turn, means XML files are not required and results can be improvised using the Javascript bridge.

Customizable Kit Of Widgets

Any object is Flutter is considered as widgets. These widgets are then later on combined to create awesome layouts which are also customizable as per your need. All the widgets in flutter are organized in trees and hence can be rendered easily.

Expressive UI

Flutter facilitates new apps to look the same on every platform irrespective of their platform. At the same time, it cost nothing to run on older version of devices.

Cons About Flutter

Limited Libraries  

As Flutter is developed by Google, developers usually do not find is best compatible with Apple apps. It facilitates very fast processing with Android but is not fully compatible with Apple devices. It also has limited libraries which can only work best with Android.

Lack Of Third-Party Service

In providing automated software development services and removing the workout for writing the code from scratch, third-party libraries facilities pre-tested openings.

Dart Language Has To Be Learned 

Although Dart is a very easy programing language, but its paradigm is known to a lesser number of programmers which is impossible to be addressed. And hence this is the reason why developers are still not comfortable in working with Flutter in comparison with other languages.

Some Of The Mobile Apps Built Using Flutter 

1) Dream 11 ( Fantasy Sports ) 

It is a fantasy sports platform originated from India which facilitates users to play fantasy sports for cricket, hockey, football, basketball and more. Users are allowed to create their own virtual team of real-life players and thereon earn points on the basis of their real matches performances.

     Link ( Web | iOS ) 

2) Google Ads ( Business ) 

It is famous online advertising platform offered by Google which is being used by advertisers to display their advertisement related to their offerings of services or product that helps them is the generation of business leads for their industry. The whole process made possible with the Google ads network.

       Link ( Web  |  Android |  iOS  )

3) Alibaba ( eCommerce ) 

Alibaba is headquartered in China offering e-commerce, retail, Internet and technology thereby facilitating business across the globe in numerous sectors.

     Link ( Web |  iOS | Android ) 


If you are among those who are planning to develop a mobile app based on Flutter, all its pros and cons need to be taken care of before undergoing with the developmental process. Its better to hire a mobile app development consultant who has expertise in developing apps and can suggest you best possible way to proceed with.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Ride Sharing App Like Lyft

How Much Does It Cost To Make Ride Sharing App Like Lyft

Lyft is popular for car sharing or car pooling by multiple people . It facilitates people with lesser cost of travelling as well as releasing of stress of driving . People are finding it very convenient as it ease on their life . The ride sharing global market was reported worth 61.3 billion USD in 2018 and is predicted to have worth 218 billion USD by 2025 .

Lyft : Become Driver Or Get Ride Now 

Lyft is headquartered in San Francisco , California . Is facilitates ride in USA and some parts of Canada as well . It is known to be second largest ride sharing company in USA acquiring market share of more than 29 % , founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer in 2012 . As per the records of 2018 , it is able to generate more than 2.157 billion USD .

Essential Features Of Lyft Like App 

Digitalisation has changed the way we communicate from one place to another . Technology main aim is to facilitate ease of convenience for customers . As a result there are numerous options available for user in marketplace which is fast , economical , efficient and comfortable . One among them is Lyft . Some of the essential features of app like Lyft are : 

Customer App Features 

  • Search and schedule a ride : In this rider is able to update the pick up and drop off location . The main aim of this feature is to provide real time results along with user friendly experience .
  • Estimated time and fare details : Once the pick up and drop off location has been set by user , the app shows the estimated time of arrival along with the fare details as per the distance which add on extra layer of transparency to system .
  • Receiving real time notification : The rider and the driver both must get notification about how far the distance has been travelled , when will driver reach pick up point etc. 
  • GPS and Location Determination : Real time tracking of locations should be there which ends any scope of confusion in rider’s mind .
  • SOS buttons : Life is unpredictable . You can never presume the future . As a fact SOS button should be there which can be utilised in case of emergency .
  • Promo code and coupons : User always gets attracted when they are provided with additional discounts and promo codes for booking a ride . It is a way to promote your app and increase your revenue .
  • Reviews and rating : Reviews and rating for both rider and driver is necessary to authenticate their originality  as well as induce them to provide good services and continue their goodwill in app .
  • Cancellation polices : Cancellation policies should be well defined so that no user can play with the app unnecessary .
  • Scheduling ride in advance : In order to avoid any delay in layover time , scheduling ride in advance is best option to choose from .

Driver App Features   

  • Accepting and denying rides : Driver should be facilitated with either accepting rides or denying the same if driver feels uncomfortable or may have some other genuine reasons . 
  • Details of trip : The details of the trip should be shared with driver to facilitate transparency in a way that driver can get real summarised picture of the total kilometres travels along with commercials .
  • Navigation System : Navigation is must which shows best possible shortest route along with ETA to reach over their .
  • Ability to communicate with customer : Through a phone call or in app messaging services driver should be able to read rider in order to track exact location of rider in case of wrong locations cached by mobile app .
  • Integrated system of receiving payment : To facilitate both driver and rider , online payment method should be integrated to escape any hassle .

How Much Does App Like Lyft Ride-Sharing App Development Cost ? 

Hope you had gone through all the features of the app as listed above which is mandatory to develop an app like Lyft , now let’s try to estimate its cost :

  • The backend and front end development : Mobile app developers will aid in building app using Javascript , Python , Swift and other Java languages . They will also use some good database in order to store data . Every set of features will consume its own time .
  • App specific requirements : Cost totally depends on the the set of requirements you have . If you have large set of requirements with more set of features , then obviously it will consume more time  and money . 
  • Choice of platform : iOS or Android , now its completely upto you in which market you want to target your consumer . Cost may increase in case you choose to have app in both the platform .
  • Location of app development company : The location of mobile app development company defines the cost of mobile app development as well . It may range between $ 20 – $ 50 in central Asia , $ 40-80 in Europe and $ 100-150 in USA per hour .


The cost of ride sharing app like Lyft depends on the features , platforms and more as discussed over . The cost totally depends on the time taken by X number of developers to develop that projects multiplied by their hourly rate. In case you are looking for mobile app development company to develop you next big ride sharing app , you may contact us .

Mobile App Development Tips To Consider In 2020

Mobile App Development Tips To Consider In 2020

Choosing a career in mobile app development is not a child’s play. It is about learning every trend, concept, new technology, and being aware of the industry. According to experts in top mobile app development companies, it is not easier to stay ahead of the competition without knowing tricks and tips in this genre. Here are some of the tips and tricks of mobile app development, which will help you shine in this field.

Have a relevant education

You might be an expert in the coding but, without the necessary software-based education background, your potential client might not take you seriously. There are thousands of freelancers and small or medium coding companies. It would help if you looked unique and reliable in the eyes of your potential clients. Get hands-on training on programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and others. You need not choose a high-end college degree. Even an online certification course will suffice.


You might have a holistic knowledge about coding, but you would need a long term win-win relationship with people in your field if you wish to sustain in this field. The network would help in numerous ways starting from assisting you with a code to finding new clients. The key to better networking is finding ways to be useful to your network so that when the time comes, you can find reliable help from your team.

Keep on learning

The world is changing beyond limits. Something that was on top trend in 2019 would be one of the outdated nonsense in 2020. Read newsletters, learn from experts, and keep in touch with your community. What makes the top mobile app developers unique? They can learn, unlearn, and relearn to be up-to-date.


Experts talk about the KISS strategy. The term KISS stands for ‘Keep It Simple and Stupid.’ The idea here is to make every code as simple as possible. Today is the era of customer-centric application creation. When you are building a mobile app, people look for simplicity, ease to use, and minimum loading time. If you try harder to make it look cool or trendy, you might end up creating a complex solution.

Colors matter too

In most cases, colors can break or make a design. The choice of color and font should be easy on the eyes of the user. If possible, it should tweak the emotion of the user. Using red color in a food ordering app induces hunger. Using blue in a medical app indicates sincerity, and so on. Good contrast between background and text helps customers to read the content with ease. If you choose a purple-themed design for a masculine weight loss assisting app, the response might be less.

Learn your market

There was a time when responsive web design was an added-advantage. Today, every website should have a responsive design. The need of the customers’ changes every minute. Your client will come up with an idea and nothing more, in most cases. It is up to you to learn what your customers look for in an app. Now, you can create an app for that idea in a way it would please the customers. The best way to learn ground reality is by keeping in touch with the reviews of customers.

Baby steps

You cannot become a world-famous coder by learning five languages at the same time or working on complex projects while multitasking with other projects. Start small, increase your work scope gradually, and get a brand reputation. Consistency is the key to reputation. When people look for hiring an app developer, they choose a developer with tens of good projects and not the one with one great project and nine average output.

Learn design pattern

A design pattern is the atom of any application development. A good pattern should allow you to add any feature, change any element, or fix bug with ease. The pattern should make the application as simple as possible. There are many common template patterns available for each type of application. Learn how to use them for your project.

App for everyone

If you build an app that will suit only a niche, you will end up having a minimal customer base. Your app should be applicable for all types of users, for all kinds of devices, and so on. For instance, your application should run on all platforms, especially Apple and Android. It should also support the current OS, previous OS versions, and future ones too.

Security is always important

Creating the best app is not the end of the idea. Your app should also be secure and safe. While using your application, your client might provide any user-sensitive information. In such a case, the data received is a critical resource. A good developer aims at creating a safe and secure app from stage one.

The work of a good application developer does not end with launching the application. Every top developer will find hundreds of bugs in his app. You ought to stay connected with your customers, help them with queries, fix bugs, and provide a good experience. Just because you started working on the next project, you cannot forget your app. If your app receives negative feedback from many users, the chances of finding the next client might be questionable.


Author Bio: Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple . She has experience in mobile app development, digital marketing, social media, content strategy and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & boston sports.