Why You Should Update Your Old Blog Post Reguarly

why to update blog reguarly


If you have been continuously blogging for a while , then you might have hundreds of blog which has become a stale now for search engines , even if you worked hard to write the same . If you have worked hard to write the same , then your blog should also continuously work hard to to drive you more traffic .

Some believes that once the post has been published , it is destined to remain deep in depths of your blog all the time . One of the biggest example of blogging is even if it is old , it can drive uncounted traffic to your website . Google SERPS displays the date of the latest revision of the content , which ultimately guide you how fresh and relevant is the content for you .

If you really have no idea of how to give a life again to past written long-forgotten content , below are the few tips which can help you out with the issue :

Selecting a post to revive :

  • Metrics : Use google analytics to see which blog is driving the most traffic on your website . Also yo can see , which post had got the most hits on social media .
  • Keywords : Once you are done with your post , just review your keywords and see how they are align with your current keyword strategy . There may be the case , that trend of new keywords had come into the market and thus they could bring fresh traffic to your website , by adding the same in your existing blog
  • Is post still relevant : It is really an important question . If your post is not relevant due to duplicate and irrelevant content , and other things , just try to tweak the post so that search engines can just pick the post up and present it to your readers .

How affective are your images ?

The style and imaginary of your past blog may have changed and thus might be the case that you may refer to use vertical image , instead of horizontal one .Updating the blog with the latest and catchy images , can attract whole range of new customers on your website .

Related post and deep linking

As your blog grows , you should deeply link your fresh blog with your old one , so that user who is reading the fresh blog , can read your old blog post that might be relevant for them , thus driving traffic to your old blog also at the same time .

Refresh copy and duplicate content

Google loves cheesy and fresh , engaging content , so always try to avoid broken link on your blog .Make longer posts easier to digest by breaking them down into smaller paragraphs .Also don’t forget to delete any spam content , that could also bring down creditability of your blog .

Facebook Will Show Less Link To Slow Websites


Facebook is updating its News Feed algorithm in the upcoming months to favour cronies to websites that load sudden even though reducing the visibility of connections to slower-loading websites.

Facebook has avowed that factors such as the persons current network association and the general rapidity of the corresponding webpage will be considered. If signals indicate the webpage will load speedily, the connect to that webpage might appear well along in your feed.

The social media giant is offering obliging tips for developers going coarsely for site eagerness optimisation.

Facebook generates a considerable amount of traffic to websites suitably if your site isnt meting out in view of that fast, most likely it is period you locate a supplementary hosting provider.

Why You Should Care Whether Your App Was Built Using Google Firebase

app development with firebase by winklix

If you are willing to use tried and tested solution for encoding your app ,  then google firebase is one of the best option to choose from .

Building with firebase

When you are planning to hire an app development company in delhi  , there are plenty of techniques with their own prons and cons that can build your app .
Google firebase product is one of the famous things in trending app development environment , while encoding an app you should care about .

Its all about (the quality of) the app

Apps are beautiful from outside , like a sexy girl model standing on taxi stand waiting for taxi , but if we see the back part of it , it is just the combination of code waiting to run on customer’s smartphones , tablets and watches .
There are plenty of ways to build an successful applications , but the involvement of development for writing of quality code is must .
If your developer is working on something which has been developed before , then he may choose to prefer using third parties libraries of code for developmental process , thus giving him benefit of quicker implementation with tested technology , rather on building it on scratch .
For example , will you prefer to hire a gym trainer who is new in the filed of gym and body building and is just trying to test his skills !! Will you  ?? Obviously not !!

Build better apps with firebase

Firebase is google invented tool , that offers functionalities and solutions that address common app requirements .
This functionalities includes :
  1. Analytics of how user is using your application.
  2. Authentication of user log in .
  3. Real time database storage .
In short , google firebase allows you to build a better functionality application , to helping business in achieving success through applications .

Why you should care

Ummm…. its simple- Firebase is a tested platform . Firebase is tested tool for quality and will help you to get on market quicker .
Winklix.com is helping individuals and companies to develop application on the basis of best available platforms , thus giving our customer the best mobile app.
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