How To Use Motion Design Correctly ?

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Numerous of toolkits are available for UI designer . Toolkit involves colour , space , fonts , icons  . But on the other hand motion design can replace all toolkits if used correctly . A swipe transition used now a days by user , thus leaving the beautiful UI away , means user is progressing to new interface .

User’s find it more interesting to play with the motion forward and backward , while colour schemes and titles are certainly help them to navigate .

It’s time to dive into motion designing , as it is becoming one of the essential part of designing for mobile experience . An animation that has clear and logical purpose brings the user interface to life . All movements are eye catchy , so is the case with motion design . Due to it , lots of cool button animation are being seen between screens . Motion design is somewhat much more than anything , and if used effectively can give us lots of benefits.

Everything is app runs sequence wise , so we can take the benefit of motion design to guide about the process and gets view of user experience .

How To Create A Welcoming Gesture For New User

When motion used together with gesture , it can result in giving enhance experience .It is important to connect visual connection with motion -to provide context for user . There should be clear view point for user that what is app all about and what all can they do in app after downloading. According to study , 77 % of the user stop using app after 3 days from the download  ,  so always make sure and assure that first impression is the last impression . Making user journey obvious with clear understanding will make your app . Creating a smooth swipe -enable transitions will do . On the other hand inclusion of we’ll -considered animation to any illustration upon swipe can help guide , provide context and gives user an amazing experience .

Creating A Visual Feedback Loop

Similarly logging into an application can also be enhanced by use of a motion . Barrier to entry in app is necessary , in case your app is all about social life or messaging and you are willing user to adapt the app as part of their daily habit .For instance a simple shaky horizontal shake can be used to tell user about incorrect password . That gesture will be easily recognisable , as sometimes it is difficult for the user to find the error  , or read the error message in short span of time  ,  so a small gesture will do and make them understand that they are entering wrong password . So it not only create a better design , but gives a better user experience too .

We should make as clear as it is  , to make user journey apparent .The user should also know why there were in app , what all they can explore from the application . Failure to do so , will result in poor UX , which can cause irritation to user, as they are looking for amazing experience and obviously not getting it , thus ultimately leading to user quitting the app, and most likely deleting the application .

Confirm Actions : You Are Doing Great

When your user searches for the new item in your app , using search button , a motion should appear for loading page and them the searches should appear on the top of the page , thus giving clear overview of the search item . You should only focus on better understanding of the architect , without giving explanation to the user . The best use of motion is to satisfy the UX , while as the same time not hampering the user’s progress .Subtlety is the key .
Similarly deleting item is iOS trash has done excellent job for confirmation of deletion of files . Also try to create an action is funny way that user loves to use . That motions must be created as an story that follows respond accordingly . Deleting an item is mostly irreversible actions , so you must use motion just to reassure from user that are you seriously want to delete it . This can be represented by making the item blur , and then showing the time frame , by when it will be permanently deleted.

In A Nutshell

It’s important to design with transitions in mind , through out the designing process .Right from the initial wire framing , motion should not be an after thought . Creating initial wireframe is always proven beneficial for everyone while making the application , and that is the time in which you can just make the motion design as well to its best possible way keeping in mind the needs of the user  .It makes it easier to interpret and visualise. A solid prototype gives us a better estimation of how our apps with look like , plus will save our development time .Plus clients loves to see them !
A good use of motion can tell the story much faster than any piece of text can  . We all are humans , So we are more emotional than being as a logical person . So we want to enjoy interaction with our app , and getting pleasured with the application we are using . As living in the world , which is getting more and more digital now a days , its our job to design something that, for someone who has never used an smartphones before , is easy to understand . Using motion is great way to do that , and we really have to go a long way to achieve it .


Artificial Intelligence – Benefit For Retailer

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Inspite of the fact that some of the largest advancement is taking place in AI , in all industry across , but retail industry is leading the way . Some of the biggest implementors of AI are Amazon Eco , Google Home , and Apple Siri . Every now an then , we see application coming online using AI, but there is a lot that can impact retail industry .

Snapchat is also using AI in neural networks way . Now let’s move on to how AI help retail store owners ?

Artificial Intelligence technologies are set of big datas , which combining with technology , creates a model that can provide answer like real human . The answer depends on what AI has learned through data set .The more the AI faces customer interaction , the more it will get chance to improve the question and answer ability .

Since AI runs on machine oriented algorithms , it can discover actionable information about business , customer and inventory which are even not known by business owners . It can benefit the retail in numerous of ways .For instance , AI can get to know about the taste and preference of customer together with what they want and what they need .

And AI knows even before you know it . AI produces a great result , it can give multiple benefits to business owner . Secondly , without the help of AI , if customer gets discount coupon , even before going to shops of business owners , both customer and owner will be benefited .Another benefit we can say is , if AI gets to know what is the exact need of the customer , and can offer them at best prices , you can start building personal selling relationship with your customer .

Let’s take another example of product images , the biggest problem faced by online retailers and marketplace where large number of catalogs are to be dealt in . It is a time consuming job of tagging each product one by one , and high chances of getting wrong tagging . Product tagging and thereafter searching for the right product is one of the crucial task that can seriously impact search result and sales . Currently manual process of tagging online retailer is time consuming and error prone job .Inaccurate tagging can frustrate the customer and result in loss of revenues .

This problem can be solved by AI . Instead of manual tagging , retailer can upload all the images to AI engine , and can tag them by colour , pattern , style , and other parameters all at once .

AI are also used by business owners to transform the way customers are looking for the product . Image searching , replacing the text search to find products online by shoppers , is an opportunity for retailer to help them tackle the problem of discovery while building new experience .

App Store VS Play Store

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Developing an app  ? One of the biggest decision before making it is , on which platform : Android and iOS ? Both these platform are contributing 99.6% of the total market share . These two platforms are competing into market like ” two-horses “.

Each of the respective market have their own pros and cons , we can compare both on the basis of monetary value based on user’s app purchases .Every business owner’s aim is to earn revenue from the app in which they have invested in . According to reports , iPhone apps makes 75% more money than Android marketplace , despite of the fact that google play share being four times larger than iOS.

So the next question arises why do iPhone users spend on apps than Android users ?

Device Engagement & Demographics

Let’s discuss about the engagement first .According to research , iPhone user spends 30 more minutes than an android user . They also find spending time on mobile commerce on their iPhones .

Android phones has variety of devices ranging from budgeted phones to high-end users . This makes them prices conscious . Price is the very first factor while choosing Android phones in the first place .

It is based on the fact that  , lower the price of the software , the lesser user will spend on apps and software . The logical assumption , we can say behind that is a budgeted android phone user will not spend money on app , as high value user of Android and iPhones will do , as if they can , they why will they buy a budget phone , rather than iPhone . More of the people who buy budgeted phones are living in developing nations , wherein use of credit card is still lower .

Brand Loyalty Means App Loyalty

Another reason why iPhones user spend more on apps are , when asked with any of the iPhone user , they would likely to return to apple for their next iPhone , while the same question being asked with android user , more than 77% are not likely to return to Android .

Change Is In the Air

In present scenario almost 78% of the 2.2 billion apps on the Apple App store are free to download . Meanwhile , in play store this trends of paid apps seem to raise to about 31 % .

It’s Gonna Be A Close One

Although iPhone has historical spent more of apps than Android customer , recent studies shows that gap is narrowing , When it comes to satisfaction , both the platforms are on equal level . We even don’t know what is going to happen with us in a near future , and same is the case with app stores, anyways lets hope for the best and see who will be on the win win situation . At the app marketplace matures , we are early waiting to see future buying habits of user on iOS and Android .

Key Difference Between Android & iOS App

  • 41% Apple user’s have income more than $ 100000 .
  • The percentage of free apps in app store is 78%.
  • 92% will return back as iPhone user , which buying a new phone .
  • 69 % of the only apps are free on play store .
  • Apple user download more apps
  • Android apps require lots of bug fixing check , as there are so many phone .
  • Satisfaction for both android and iOS are at 81 % each .