How Augmented Reality Can Benefit The Automobile Industry

Augmented reality creates the real life time experience by combining the real world with the virtual world . It extract the real world inputs such as audio , video , GPS and so on , to create a real life experience of the thing which is not physically present over their , with use of computer programming . This helps user to think off current perception of reality . Winklix developers are committed towards delivering the thrilling experience with use of AR on play store and app store .

Apart from AR in retail , entertainment and so on on across various industries , AR brings on various opportunities in Automobile industry to  like :

  • Voice control
  • In hand Gestures
  • Navigation and Geolocation for real time experience .
Our team is dedicated towards delivering an app that can be used in giving unique experience that user will love to use . So in case you are looking for the same , you can right away contact us . Some of the advantages of AR are :

Test Drive Through AR

With the help of AR , user don’t have to actually visit the showroom , nor physical presence of the user in the car is required to test drive . All they need is a smartphone with an app installed in it .

Car Accessories Visualisation Even Before Buying

The user can physically pre check the car accessories using the AR tool to virtually visualise the look and feel of the accessories . The customer will be more satisfied before buying the tool , thus giving the customer real time experience before buying anything .

Presenting Variants

Showroom can present the vide range of vehicle through use of this technology , that may not be seen due to lack of space in the showroom . At the same time customer will get the real time experience for different variant of car models , and an choose one from many .


Augmented reality is the new born wave in field of technology – by inventing vast number of technologies and opportunities . You can contact Winklix for more information on AR enabled mobile application .

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