How Much Does It Cost To Create A Shopping App ?

Since online e-commerce is the new trend in the market these days , everyone wants to build these own store to make their way that can help you make increasing returns . Amazons , Flipkart and eBay are acting as a parent in motivating others to build their online presence . Think of customer who can get all the desired things together from a single marketplace, they why would they prefer someone else ?

Now lets start with what is essential required for creating an online e-commerce mobile application :

Imagine a life without an e-commerce industry . You have to find different store for different products  , and at the same time have to spend unnecessary time to browse and purchase the product . At the same time , that retailer might now have a vide range of options available to choose from .

Because of the above deficiency , people love to shop online , where they can find the best product within their budget . Are you crazy of knowing how can how really set up your own online store ? Lets start with some of the points below :

Domain & Hosting

For being successful in this industry , you must purchase an eye catchy , easy to remember domain name . Shortlist few names and choose the best among them and then purchase it from some trustworthy domain registrar . After choosing a domain name , choose the best hosting provider as hosting is life of the website or the app , if it fails your app or website will stop running . Choosing the best hosting provider is preferable .

Get Best Website / App Developer

To run a successful e-commerce app , you need to find the best app developer in your vicinity who can deliver you the best product and can ease your way of doing business with innovative technology . Choosing a predefined e-commerce software by which you can easily trade in the market will not going to benefit you at all . Custom PHP scripts are seen to be most successful while dealing with the e-commerce industry .

Brand Logo

Logo creates a brand image for your website .This is what you need to focus on priority basis . If you have a limited budget , then hiring a freelancer within the budget of under $ 5 will do . But if you have a good budget , hiring a good logo developer like Winklix is preferable .

Attract Buyers & Sellers

Buyers are like diamond for business . For any business to survive on , they need a buyer . You actually have to keep patience in the beginning as you are a new comer and no one actually are known to your website . At this point ask your friends and family to buy from your website by offering them with some great discount from your side .
 All you need is few sales to start receiving revenue from your website .  Customer satisfaction is always known to be key to success for any business . If you are able to satisfy your customer , they will market your website on their on word mouth and you can actually start earning from your website with more and more add on customers.

Getting The App Ready

Once you are ready with the website, you can hire  good app developer who can easily create attractive app by using your website data and using the same in the app . The cost of the mobile app development depends on lot of factor , and major one being :
1) Technology/ Framework
2) Native / Hybrid

3) Customisation needed

4) Features & Social elements

Cost actually depends on lot of factors  such as how many features you want , how must customisation is needed in your app and so on .On an average the basic e-commerce app will cost you somewhere between $ 20000 – $ 40000 , and may increase depending on the requirement of numerous factors . Contact us today to get a free quote for mobile e-commerce app development for your business now .

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