blockchain wallet

If you are a newbie to blockchain technology, then one of the first things you need to have is blockchain wallet. If you are want to carry a cryptocurrency, then you need a place to store the cryptocurrency. Blockchain wallets give you exactly that. They are a secure place just like a bank and wallet is like an account in the bank however without a bank. Blockchain technology is used by the bitcoin wallets to store the cryptocurrencies. Blockchain wallets are either run online or using a software. There are two types of blockchain wallets. These are as follows:

Web/Hosted Wallets: 

These wallets are hosted on web by the third party host. Money is a crucial thing. Nobody wants it get stolen. So while choosing these type of wallet host, keep an eye on the security provided by the third party host. Make sure that security of your cryptocurrency is very tight. These wallets are convenient to use and have a very user-friendly user interface.

Software Wallets:

Software wallets are the wallets which you can easily install on your mobile phones and laptops. These types of wallets are difficult to maintain but gives you total control of your cryptocurrency. This type of wallet has a much better security as compared to the hosted wallets.

Choosing the right bitcoin wallet

To get started, Blockchain wallet is preferred by most of the people. It provides high end security, very convenient to use and maintains privacy of the user. But as the user get some more experienced and have the knowledge how the blockchain system works, he/she should his hands on another bitcoin wallet known as coinbase. Coinbase has a much better security as it uses seed phrases and it is not a web based app. It is rather a desktop app.

To start with, you need a platform which is very simple to use, cross-platform and global. Blockchain has all the required necessities. This makes it perfect platform for the users. Bitcoin is quite different from the banks. Bitcoin wallet offering companies do not have the authority to view the balance and the transactions made by the users. These wallet companies are eager to solve any queries and questions regarding Bitcoin wallets with their dedicated FAQs on the cryptocurrencies. This is done to build the trust of the users helping them to use their bitcoin wallet.

The most popular wallet available in the market is coinbase with over 8 million users in the 32 countries. It offers buying and selling of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum. It helps in the protection of insurance, provides mobile wallet, instantaneous exchanges and recurring buys. 

Other wallets from blockchain technology

When you become more than more aware about the blockchain technology, you will find that there are numerous bitcoin wallets which you can choose from. One of the popular platforms is the Jaxx blockchain interface which supports many other platforms. The best feature of this wallet is that that it restricts the access to your funds and no verification is required for it.

To swap various digital cryptocurrencies that you hold, ShapeShift platform provides a great opportunity to do this. The whole code of the Jaxx is available for audit, making it one of the most secure platforms as it is present on most of the browsers and smartphones. As the developers and the users can view the code, users feel highly secure while using the platform. 

These are time where value of BTC and ETH is augmenting rapidly. That is why a hardware wallet can provide maximum security although it is kind of old school. Ledger Nano is a hardware wallet which is compatible with many cryptocurrencies and can be connected by a USB to a computer or laptop. It has a feature of double checking each transaction to ensure the security of your cryptocurrencies.

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Developing the future blockchain wallet

As this blockchain technology is a newbie, the developers are looking to quickly pounce on it. They are looking forward to take this technology to new height and are building more advanced blockchain wallets with new features.

Nimiq is a new cryptocurrency wallet built in the web browsers like Firefox, Chrome. You can even mine the cryptocurrencies in there. It gives you huge advantage as it offers an easy installation. Nimiq is looking forward to build a 3rd generation blockchain protocol which will allow you to sync, free installation and offer instantaneous installations. Bitcoin wallets have a great fortune as far as the future is concerned. Its significance will rise when more and more people start using this technology.

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css optimisation

CSS or Cascading style sheet is a process of adding style like fonts, colour etc. to the web documents. With the help of CSS, designers can create different styles to describe the way different elements like headers, links will appear. As the multiple style sheets can be applied to single web page, that is why cascading term is coined.

What is meant by cascading?

Now-a-days websites have become very complex. So it is extremely difficult to develop the website using the basic CSS. It will require thousands of line to write for creating effects on a single element. This will make the whole system very complex. It is highly important to keep the website organized. This does not mean that cascading has no importance. Cascading still has lot of power and potential to build the website but now the whole process becomes very difficult if you write each and every code.

It really does not matter what tools you use, for one page writing stylesheet will work, but for a website with lot of pages, it won’t work.

Use a CSS Pre-processor

The regular CSS applies the CSS from the different CSS files and folder. This makes the whole process very slow as the website has to load each and every CSS file. Have you ever thought if you have only one file for all the CSS files. Well! This is exactly what pre-processor does. Sass which is the most popular CSS pre-processor compile all the CSS files into one big stylesheet and then this stylesheet is loaded into the webpage. Due to this, the speed of the website increases. This way is much faster than using @import in the regular CSS.

Have a separate file for small websites

If you are developing a small scale website then it is better to have a separate CSS file for every single page. This option is better if you have different layouts of each page and you don’t want to scroll the CSS of other web pages. All you have to do is to open the file of the specific webpage and you will find the code. However, this technique is not recommended if you have same layout of all the pages and lots of webpages there, then it is better to use pre-processor.

Use separate CSS for repeating elements

There are scenarios when there are repeating elements and component. SO in that case it is better to have a separate file for the CSS. This gives you an advantage to use the same CSS file again and again. For example there are header, navigation bar, footer etc. which are common on every page, so make a separate CSS file which will organize your code and will make it very convenient to use and understand.

Reduce the complexity by breaking it down

Working on large and complex CSS files is not an easy task. If there is team involving many members, then this task becomes more complex if you are thinking about building a separate file. To resolve this, you have to completely change your thinking. This complexity can be resolved by using an atomic design which includes five characters namely atom, molecule, organisms, template and pages.

Atoms are basically the small elements like button, fields etc. Molecules can be a form involving fields and button, organisms can be complete header etc. This is how you can organize the CSS. Some people will be involved in each module. These modules will be imported into molecule CSS files and these molecule files will be imported into organism CSS files and this is how complexity of a website can be reduced and managed.

Avoid inline styling

It is never a good option to choose. Website Developers must avoid using the inline style; they must use either external or internal styling methods. External styling is the best way to arrange and organize the CSS. Don’t ever use class=”attribute” and style=”attribute”. It may occur to you that the inline styling is not causing any troubles but when the website become complex and large, then these inline styling will cause lot of problems.

Reduce the depth

Try to avoid too many classes as it will make your code difficult to read. Make sure that you are suing simplified CSS which will make you code readable and easier to understand. There has to establish a balance between too many classes and no classes at all.

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We all love games! Don’t we? Ever thought how you mobile app games get developed. Well! Here is everything that you need to know about the mobile app development. Unity game development has been reaching new height as far as the popularity is concerned. Whether it is 2D game or 3D game development, most of the mobile app developers are using unity platform to develop high quality games which is providing brilliant user experiences.

What is Unity Platform?

Unity is a cross-platform engine that has an in-build integrated development environment. It has been developed by the Unity Technologies and is used to develop 2D and 3D games, desktop platforms, web plugins, consoles etc. Unity is the combination of following three things:

  • It includes a game engine that helps the game to be played and tested on various environments.
  • It includes an IDE where different piece of the game is combined to produce a graphical view. You can even control the environment using functions.
  • The third one is the code editor which is used to write the code

So when you have all the designs of the game, you will use the tools to combine the graphics, animations and sounds to produce runnable games with addictive features in different environments. This is the best part of the unity as it is cross-platform; it can run on all the platforms like iPads, Windows or android.

Game app development is entirely different from the mobile app development. It requires lot of virtual environment with virtual objects and virtual backgrounds. Hence, it needs lots of tools, techniques and technologies to create a real-time real experience. Just providing the right tools are not enough for the success of the mobile game, you need to create a gaming environment which will create fun, engage, lure and attract the customers. Here are some tips to develop games using unity platform.

Begin with simplicity

To start with, let me start by saying that game development is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience, skill and time but it get very easier if you get the basic right. To have a strong foundation, it is necessary to take baby steps. If you pick a large project in the initial stages then it may happen that you keep working on the project for years and still your project remain uncompleted. So take a small project and then only move on to bigger projects.

Don’t get frustrated with the errors

It is vital to not get frustrated and irritated with the errors. This is because errors will always come; nobody is perfect; you just have deal with them using the documentation provided by Unity.

Manage the Garbage collection to improve the performance

When there are unused objects, these are dumped into the garbage collector. This reduces the overall performance of the game and this effect can be clearly seen on the mobile phones that does not have good hardware and resources. To prevent this, you must create objects that will be used only when required and will be removed when not required.

Profilers must be used

To find that whether there is any memory leak or problem in the garbage collector, profilers are used to detect the problems in advance. The free version of the unity does not include these features however there are several third party tools available for the developers. It runs the game on the actual devices instead of emulators and simulators.

Abstract classes and Interfaces

The game development has various issues like code duplication etc. To manage these types of issues, abstract classes and interface must be used. One must be aware about how to use them to prevent code duplicity.

Test driven approach

When a game is developed, testing of each and every script must be done to ensure that your game is bug free and it does not crash when used to various platforms. Unity has testing tools that make the entire testing process very convenient.

Use git, meta files and force text

GIT is a very good control system that has rich features used to preserve the code. Force text is used to fix the conflicts in assets and scenes. To check whether a file is linked or not, meta files must be used. It outputs the list of all assets.


Unity has been successfully used in the development of games and will continue to do so in the future.

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