Why User Mute Push Notification

Notification – and specially push notification makes s curious to make open the app , as soon as we see the beacon of red signal pending notification in our phones . But companies like twitter is approaching different kind of approach wherein they are promoting direct engagement of people with other people thus making more personalise environment , and thus users are pushing back from push notification . Trend of muting activity updates , notification , tweets about important topics are pushing back web movement .

From Inbox Zero To Today

I still remember , gone are those old days when we use to visit internet cafe to check my hotmail account , outside of cafes we don’t have any idea about whether we got any new emails or not . Even after logging into our account , the only way of indicating new mails arrival is bolded subject line in email box . But in todays world , when we download gmail app , along with default iOS app , we receive double push notification on phone . Now the count of unread emails are almost none , even if they are junk or spam , i click on them to get than number off on my screen .

Show Me Less Of This

Many of us has left our email id’s to departmental stores and social networking sites , to spam out inboxes. Even after google giving sorted mail boxes  ( Primary , Social , Promotion ) , we left ourself desensitised to mess .
The idea of introduction behind social media is is to give you more curated experience , where you can only see the post or can be contacted by person who are friends in your dashboard . But social media got noisier and noisier , and the problem has increased . The only way to silence someone was to unfollow them , but that was something like antisocial .

Pivoting To Videos , Muting Said Videos

2017 was all about video . Many new media companies and editorial staff started offering video with sounds and motion everywhere onto their sites .But video was creating frustration for user , as they are getting autoplayed with sound . But after than , when complete evolution of video was taking place , Facebook was the first to introduce autoplay of videos with mute button , and the rest other companies follows . In August , Google Chrome added its own mute button for video ads .
This surely depicts many of the muting features has rolled out in the market , with the feature to mute or disable feature .

What Really Do User Wants ?

Day to day , apps are offering me ability to see more . I can now see , when other person has seen my message , and can even customise the setting accordingly . On Twitter , Instagram and Facebook , we can even see what is trending topic and other are liking on social media , even though we don’t have anything to do with that .Facebook has added a green symbol for the persons who are online .
So what user want is customise experience which will not create irritation in their daily working condition , and thus they want to mute the unusual notification . So in case you are planning to upgrade your app , considering these features and upgrading accordingly will definitely add on to your business .

How Can You Make Experience Less Intrusive For User

  • Consider the timings of popups and notification . We recommend that if you want user to give feedback for your app as soon as they download the app , that obviously don’t do it , until and unless they experience it . Its better to monitor the actual usage of your app for how your app performs .
  • Flodding your app with lots of features won’t work .Some of the most popular products are being loved by user they have limited but great pathways and thus provides simple experience .

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