Wireless charging provides a convenient, reliable and safe way to power and charge millions of mobile phones in the world. With the IPhone X and IPhone 8 supporting wireless charging, it has been creating a widespread sensation in the world. Wireless charging is known to be the future of the charging technology. But, with the breakthrough of wireless charging, there has been a slight glitch in wireless charging. The charging pads of the charger are a bit inferior when compared to modern standards. While charging, they often radiate bright light which is very irritating.

What if you can create something very stunning to wirelessly charge your phone? We have developed an astute hack which will completely make the wireless charging more elegant. This will transform your old book into an awesome wireless charger. Just put your android or IPhone on the top of book and it will initialise charging. We will guide you through a number of steps which you need to follow to create this stunning wireless charging pad.


First of all, let’s talk about the things which you will need before start making these cool wireless book pads. You’ll need:

A Hardcover Book


Wireless Charging Pads


Let’s Begin!!

Step 1: Firstly, open the first page of you hardcover book. Place the charging pad upside down and use the pen or pencil to draw the outline of the charging pad. Remove the pad and you will find an outline on the book page.The important thing here is that the book cover must be hard. It should not be soft because it will not work properly.

STEP 2: This is a very important step. Take a pen and draw a small rectangle on the side of book for the data cable which will be connected to the charging pad. Make sure that the rectangle is of appropriate size.

STEP 3: Now, the next step is to cut the book page along the outlines drawn in the previous two steps. Measure the height of the charging pads and note it down. Make sure that the depth of the cut in the page is according to the height of charging pad otherwise the charging pad will not fit properly.

STEP 4: Place the charging pad into the deep depression made by cutting the outlines. The depth of the trench must be such that the book must be able to close properly. Connect the data cable to the charging pad.

STEP 5: Here comes the last step! Plug the charging pad to the power point in the wall using the cable it comes with and close the book. Now, Put your Android or IPhone on top of the book and the magic begins! Your phone will start charging without emitting any flashy lights!

This little hack is very useful if you get really annoyed with the emitting of lights. As far as the future of charging is considered, wireless charging is going be a game changer in days to come.

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