Why Does Your Business Need Mobile Application ?

A tremendous growth in mobile app development industry has resulted in a lot of mobile apps rolling in the app stores . Soon PCs will be replaced by smart trending devices . Business are finding ways out of how they can be get benefited by implementing mobile app for their internal and external business process . As the trend has now changes from laptop or PCs only to mobile only now , people are using mobile devices and tablets for their daily needs , and that is the main reason for any business organisation to grow successfully they will be in need of a mobile application development that focuses on on their needs .

Mobile application are in great demands due to its usability and huge demand in business cycle . Business entities are using mobile application to automate their internal management in more efficient manner . But as we all know , mobile application is just like another software  , and hence it is known to be a complicated process as it required proper planning and execution to get the best outcome .

When questioning , two third of the mobile app users just can not stay for long without accessing their mobile devices . They use mobile devices for almost everything , like chatting , listening to music , checking weather , finding route and more . According to recent reports , people are reaching apps for almost all shorts of computing requirement . Almost 80 % of the business has been revealed with mobile app development requirement .

People within these data uses their smartphones for variety of purposes and computing requirement . Regardless of the domain they are playing in , they are discovering numerous benefits of using smartphone . Opting in to mobile app development not only opens the doors to explore more customer , but is boosting up sales and business to . There are hundreds of device manufactures all over the world , but the most famous being is Android and iOS OS . If in case you want your business to keep a step in mobile app development , you can hire an expect app development company like Winklix .

Who is top mobile app development company in USA and India ?

Mobile app development services have been seen with continuous change in the technology overt the last few years due to its trending demand .The most of the growth has been seen in android app development , iOS app development , cross platform development and more . The country that most been affected is America and Asia region .

How To Use Motion Design Correctly ?

motion designing winklix

Numerous of toolkits are available for UI designer . Toolkit involves colour , space , fonts , icons  . But on the other hand motion design can replace all toolkits if used correctly . A swipe transition used now a days by user , thus leaving the beautiful UI away , means user is progressing to new interface .

User’s find it more interesting to play with the motion forward and backward , while colour schemes and titles are certainly help them to navigate .

It’s time to dive into motion designing , as it is becoming one of the essential part of designing for mobile experience . An animation that has clear and logical purpose brings the user interface to life . All movements are eye catchy , so is the case with motion design . Due to it , lots of cool button animation are being seen between screens . Motion design is somewhat much more than anything , and if used effectively can give us lots of benefits.

Everything is app runs sequence wise , so we can take the benefit of motion design to guide about the process and gets view of user experience .

How To Create A Welcoming Gesture For New User

When motion used together with gesture , it can result in giving enhance experience .It is important to connect visual connection with motion -to provide context for user . There should be clear view point for user that what is app all about and what all can they do in app after downloading. According to study , 77 % of the user stop using app after 3 days from the download  ,  so always make sure and assure that first impression is the last impression . Making user journey obvious with clear understanding will make your app . Creating a smooth swipe -enable transitions will do . On the other hand inclusion of we’ll -considered animation to any illustration upon swipe can help guide , provide context and gives user an amazing experience .

Creating A Visual Feedback Loop

Similarly logging into an application can also be enhanced by use of a motion . Barrier to entry in app is necessary , in case your app is all about social life or messaging and you are willing user to adapt the app as part of their daily habit .For instance a simple shaky horizontal shake can be used to tell user about incorrect password . That gesture will be easily recognisable , as sometimes it is difficult for the user to find the error  , or read the error message in short span of time  ,  so a small gesture will do and make them understand that they are entering wrong password . So it not only create a better design , but gives a better user experience too .

We should make as clear as it is  , to make user journey apparent .The user should also know why there were in app , what all they can explore from the application . Failure to do so , will result in poor UX , which can cause irritation to user, as they are looking for amazing experience and obviously not getting it , thus ultimately leading to user quitting the app, and most likely deleting the application .

Confirm Actions : You Are Doing Great

When your user searches for the new item in your app , using search button , a motion should appear for loading page and them the searches should appear on the top of the page , thus giving clear overview of the search item . You should only focus on better understanding of the architect , without giving explanation to the user . The best use of motion is to satisfy the UX , while as the same time not hampering the user’s progress .Subtlety is the key .
Similarly deleting item is iOS trash has done excellent job for confirmation of deletion of files . Also try to create an action is funny way that user loves to use . That motions must be created as an story that follows respond accordingly . Deleting an item is mostly irreversible actions , so you must use motion just to reassure from user that are you seriously want to delete it . This can be represented by making the item blur , and then showing the time frame , by when it will be permanently deleted.

In A Nutshell

It’s important to design with transitions in mind , through out the designing process .Right from the initial wire framing , motion should not be an after thought . Creating initial wireframe is always proven beneficial for everyone while making the application , and that is the time in which you can just make the motion design as well to its best possible way keeping in mind the needs of the user  .It makes it easier to interpret and visualise. A solid prototype gives us a better estimation of how our apps with look like , plus will save our development time .Plus clients loves to see them !
A good use of motion can tell the story much faster than any piece of text can  . We all are humans , So we are more emotional than being as a logical person . So we want to enjoy interaction with our app , and getting pleasured with the application we are using . As living in the world , which is getting more and more digital now a days , its our job to design something that, for someone who has never used an smartphones before , is easy to understand . Using motion is great way to do that , and we really have to go a long way to achieve it .


How Chatbots Help You Improve Customer Service

Chatbots are being used everywhere now – be it ordering foods online , or bargaining the products over e-commerce website . Instant messaging is becoming main form of communication now a days . In order to get better result , many of the companies are implementing chatbots in their system , for better information management and customer service .

Chatbots are computer programme that allows us real time conversation using chat interface , and has vide range of application for any type of business . It has the ability to understand human language .

Let’s see some benefits of chatbots into order to better serve your customer while dealing with company :

Immediate Customer Service & Support

Putting on hold the customers every time they call for viable solution required patience and most important customer valuable time . This all problem can be converted into solution with the help of chatbot . This means , its a miracle and business opportunity for your business , as customer will get to know instantly , say when will refund be processed , when will my order be delivered and so on , thus allowing your organisation to focus on more critical issue and leave positive impression on the customer .

Personal Service And Increase Sale

Chatbots helps customer to directly connect with company sales person , in order to get expert guidance regarding products catalog which proves helpful for customer and as well as increase profit for your business . Chatbots saves the customer entry who exits without making the purchase , and will remember the same , if customer revisiting , and you can make recommendation accordingly .

Access To Large Audience

Chatbots can be easily accessible on your mobile application , website , Facebook messenger , slack , Skype and many more .This flexibility allows business to get their hands shakes with vide range of customer worldwide . Facebook messenger has individually 1 billion active user who are using facebook .

Round The Clock Availability

Customer can chat anytime according to their convenience , wherever they have found chatbots implemented , thus allowing the customer to get their complain solved during non working hours .

Chatbots Can Predict

One of the most important benefit of chatbots are they remember previous held  conversation with a particular custom thus company sales person can easily recognise the customer and preparing strategy accordingly , without even knowing to the  customer.
Winklix understands the important of chatbots in present scenario . With an extensive experience in developing chatbots software by php sockets , we help our  clients to get busy in developing their business strategy to increase customer and employee engagement to make your business available 24*7 for your customers .