Consideration To Keep In Mind While Writing Your Mobile App PRD

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A mobile app development requirement document (PRD) will help you guide the basis working of the mobile app even before starting the developmental process . The main purpose of this document is to describe you the purpose , objectives as well as goals of your would be mobile applications . As this document servers you with almost all the clear outline of your functionality in the application , it helps solving the communication gaps and any further delay which arrises later on during the developmental process , and thereby you can focus on the main goals of your mobile app .

For a mobile app development company , its really being a challenging task to include all the information in PRD , but once it is made with care it will avoid any further confusions during developmental process . Let’s look at few of the points below which aids you in writing effective mobile app requirement documents .

1. Keep It High Level

The main purpose of product requirement document is to make sure everything is in proper place . It should be made with highest level of care and it must include even a minor information which is likely to be preset in the product developmental cycle . You must include things like what it is , why you want to build it , who it is for , when do you need it by .

Make sure of using a layman language in product requirement document in order to minimise any confusion later on .

2. Allow Flexibility

It is important to not to include to much details in your document , while it may sounds contradictory statement , but this will aids you to gain flexibility . It is a human nature that if you include to many details at the initial stage it is more likely to be changed during project progress which will unfortunately leads to wasted time and resources . Allowing flexibility to change will benefit you in number of ways .

3.Be Specified

Avoiding minor details inclusion in PRD and specifying the important things which needs to be taken into consideration will help you cover all . Passing the PRD to development team to make sure nothing is overlooked is a good tip . So the requirement  need to be specific with as crystal clear as possible .

4. Include The Team

Drawing a PRD without taking any input from the development team does not make sense . Your team has a vast experience of undergoing with variety of projects and it’s better to take advantage of it . So taking out of idea from different prospective is also proven beneficial for an effective mobile app development documents .

So in case you are looking for mobile app development company to make a good PRD to get a brief overview of what your product will look like , contact us today .

Automated vs Manual App Testing : What Is Needed ?


In Quality Assurance (QA) , automated testing performs best at its speed . Be that as it may, with regards to appearing of usefulness and initial introduction , manual testing play out its best . Conveying quality application is constantly best performed by manual testing , inspite of the way that automated testing are getting refined step by step . Albeit both the testing have their own particular points of interest and drawbacks , however according to our proposal , on the off chance that you are mobile app development organization , manual testing conveys an additional conventional affair .

Mobile app testing assumes a critical part in any mobile app development , falling flat which every one of your endeavors for building up the app will go into veins .

This article will additionally manage you the upsides and downsides of automated and manual testing , and best time to utilize every one of them .

Automated Mobile App Testing

All around automated testing is demonstrated advantageous in the event that you are intending to have a vast application , as it can test fast with unwavering quality . Another advantage being automated experiments are reusable in nature , however in the event of deft condition , you have to revamp on automated testing . However, as we as a whole know amid development organize the item stream continues changing , therefore every change requires an adjustment in the content of automated testing . Uncommonly when you are dealing with the littler undertaking , automated testing is constantly ended up being inefficient and monotonous assignment . Without carrying on the automated testing on right way , honestly you may fall behind your timetables .

Masters Of Automated Mobile App Testing

  • Useful for vast mobile app
  • Have capacity to run various test on the double
  • Can perform repetitive test that requests a top of the line manual analyzers

Cons Of Automated Mobile App Testing

  • Tedious and of no utilization for little scale mobile app
  • No capacity to test client encounter
  • Have code limitation for every classification of mobile app
  • At the point when To Use Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated testing is valuable amid beginning times of development process due to visit code change . Automated testing encourages running of relapse testing rapidly .

When you have redundant arrangements of assignment , then automated testing is favored .

When you are attempting to check and guarantee your app perforce to thousand of clients on the double , automated testing is favored .

Inspite of a few advantages of automated testing , there is dependably an obligatory prerequisite of human touch in testing . Then again , automative testing is additionally exorbitant when managing especially with little size of undertaking . Notwithstanding for long haul ventures , in which programmed testing is favored , the cost of mechanization programming is dependably on the higher end .

Manual Mobile App Testing

You will never have the capacity to judge the reason of app crash with automated testing , rather a manual testing is required for the same keeping in mind the end goal to know the reason and even to get it comprehended . Likewise automated testing of not modified for finding a particular class of mistake , it won’t locate any such blunder , yet in functional circumstance it will make hinderance .

Experts Of Manual Mobile App Testing

  • Give more precise outcome
  • Better (UI) testing
  • Useful for littler undertakings
  • Simpler to manage basic circumstance like app crashes and confounded situations

Cons Of Manual Mobile App Testing

  • Does not give 100 % exactness
  • Required individual to play out each undertaking
  • Not favored if there should arise an occurrence of unwieldy assignment
  • At the point when To Use Manual Mobile App Testing

Manual testing required a person and thus his/her expert experience , learning and innovativeness is required for exploratory testing

We as a whole know how vital is UI/UX in app development process , and it is alongside difficult to decide easy to use approach without human mediation .

What client will see is the final result , and not the things that have been worked secondary passage to complete it . That is the reason mobile app testing is a dreary procedure with various kinds of varieties .

Winklix is driving mobile app development company that utilizations both automated and manual testing according to the necessity of the app , with the goal that we can convey you the best of the item . So get in touch with us for your next huge venture !!

Common Mistakes That Enterprises Make While Outsourcing Their Mobile App Development

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Mobile app development is transforming the way of your business doing in many effective solution to interact with customers . It has been clearly seen over time that many apps has provided us numerous of solutions and fulfils opportunity to accomplish even what is unimaginable . But the real challenge is when you have an exceptional idea , and you actually don’t have the perfect team to overcome on your idea . At that point there is no way out except to outsourcing the project to mobile app development company .

Inspite of various of advantages of choosing an enterprise for mobile app development , it is often seen that enterprise makes common mistake while choosing the app development company . Lets read some of the points below in order to ease for you for choosing the right firm .

Case Study For Development Outsourcing


The demand of mobile apps has increased to 5 time . If you are dealing with multiple project at the time , outsourcing may be the best option to get your project on time with less efforts irrespective of some extra investment .

Or another reason can be when you actually don’t have a capable resource for facing challenges or your internal bandwidth are exhausted , then outsourcing to best mobile app developer is the best solution available .

Talent Availability

Mobile is a new planner for everyone and has not been expanded yet to larger scale  , due to which finding a talent is easy inn this field , but great app exist because of finest talent and finding the finest talent is a real challenging task . The demand of top tech talent is high . This is the reason many of the enterprises is having trouble finding the right team for requisite skills .

Outsourcing can help you to deal in with this situation as it will offer mix of skills talent together with your own talent combining which you will be able to get good results .

Mitigate Risk

There is always some ratio of risk involved when you are dealing with the app development with your internal team . As you are limited to the skills of the developers ! What if they are not able to perform well ? That is obviously means waste of time and money .

The scalability of the project is another important factor . What if your project scope grows ? Will your team be able to adapt to the changes and works on the scaled project in such a way that they can deliver the same within stipulated time ?

If you preferably choose to outsource to app development partners , you are actually passing on the risk to them

Cost Of Development

Although you might have set the budget of your mobile app development project , but there are very few who can actually visualise the actual cost of the total project . You will be needing a solid infrastructure for mobile app development if your primary mode of business is not mobile app development.  So outsourcing to mobile app development company is always proven beneficial rather than wasting time and cost on recruitment , hiring and training new employees .

Poor Research Phase

Proper research is mandatory part in the process of searching for right mobile app development company for outsourcing purposes . If you do some mistake in it , then it will surely affect your delivery , quality and pricing .

Always try to find a team who are crazy to work on your vision , and who have talent to clearly understand your idea and can build a awesome product for your business goals .

For this purpose looking at the portfolio of the developer along with asking the company to provide the past customer contact number so that they can talk with them and find are they satisfied with the services plays a important part for choosing the best development firm .

The development firm should have a brand able website and creditable company , active blog and participation on social media platforms

Lack Of Proper Planning

The planning and development process involves proper planning and understanding , without which you will never be able to get an product desired by you . So for overcoming with this situation always select a partner who defined the planning stages open for discussion and perform work with complete transparency . Usually it has been seen that best way to overcome with the situation is open communication . Spend time with your partner to learn how they are undergoing a quality assurance test and any special mythologies they use in their process .

Failure To Prototype

In any kind of software development , it is necessary to have a strong prototype . Prototype clearly defines the whole functionality of the app in details thus actually helping developers as well as backend developers to structure the database and define the whole functionality in the very first stage rather than waiting for the development process to end . Defining the entire user base after all the coding has been done is worst possible scenario .

So prototype is the best and one of the important things mandatory in app development process .

So from the above points its clear that outsourcing mobile app development will mitigate risk and saves your cost  together with providing a expertise team to perform your desired app .Winklix is also leading mobile app development company having expertise knowledge in app development since last 5+ years .