Object Recognition Software

Object Recognition Software

Do you know the difference between cat and cactus ? There are chances that you may or your team may , but this is not the most efficient way you utilise your time . That is where object recognition technology  are acting as a time saver for many business organisation . It can also facilitate add on functionality for your customer , specially when you are dealing in app which is concern about image categorisation and content management .\

What Is Object Recognition ? 

In simple words , we can define object recognition as technology which has capability to recognise objects in picture or videos with the help of AI software . If you have ever used Google Lens or have used Google Photos in your mobile phone , then tan tana… !! You are already familiar with object recognition .
Right from identification of cover of book to identification of plans in wild , object recognition technology has come a long way . 
As it is new technology , many business owners really did not know how this technology exactly works and hence had made an assumption that the access to this technology is only possible by heavily investing on this technology . However this is not the case with object recognition . In fact it has tools which can easily be incorporated by even small and mid sized business in their software .
These tools facilities identification of single or multiple objects in photoset or image . Although Facial recognition is also one type of object recognition technology , but is always treated separately due to its complexity in nature and legal concerns .

How Does Object Recognition Work ? 

Before proceeding with how object recognition works , let’s quickly look at the difference between object detection and object recognition . Object detection is concern about locating object in image , wherein object recognition is being used to identify object in given image .

Object recognition is being used to find out more specific categories of objects , such as dog or cat . In some cases , object recognition can even be performed without using AI technology . In those cases template matching or image segmentation is being used to recognise objects .

Even more advance object recognition can be done by following one of the two approaches : machine learning and deep learning , both of the technology have their own pros and cons .

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Machine Learning 

We can define machine learning is training of software to perform certain activity , as in this case recognition objects in photo . You have to provide software set of images and then list feature which can later be used in recognition of object .
Major advantage of machine learning is it necessarily does not require large datasets or computing power , and hence cost of software development is always low .
Disadvantage of this technology is it require more efforts of your team to set up completely . If you have inserted limited photos to include in your trading sets , then your software might not able to identify with accuracy as it has not access to broader set of images .

Deep Learning 

Deep learning has ability to adapt Manny different functions or activity , but at the same time it requires large data sets , substantial hardware as well as more computation power .  In this approach software has ability to train itself using artificial neural network .
In this images are simply to be labeled as ” Cat ” or ” No Cat ” , and then there will be no extra efforts to be put to train software to distinguish cat .
The downside of this approach is it requires massive datasets which may even contain millions of images which might not be easily accessible for smaller companies to access those information .

Why There Is A Need For Object Recognition Software ? 

Object recognition can actively be used in various industry to cater their needs for identification of objects and theory reducing human interaction and time . Human may or may not sort and analyse images at the speed that a well trained algorithm can .
Software also has capability of identifying objects that can’t be even be seen by humans . Object recognition software are also able to detect patterns . As a human being we can get tired of viewing same pattern again and again , while on the other hand software won’t . They have the ability to view more images in a year than human in their entire lifetime . 

Where To Find Vendor Solution ? 

As in case of any other software development , in object recognition also you necessarily need not to start finding solutions right from scratch . If you are not expertise in handling this technology or don’t have access to datasets , you can use TenserFlow Object Detection API from Google .
Apple also offers machine learning API which is called Core ML , which can actively be used to run object recognition model on iOS device or in cloud as well .

Hire Software Development Company For Your Object Recognition Software 

If your team does not have any previous experience with artificial intelligence , then it will be quite hard to crack machine learning  . That is why it is important to hire right software development team who have deep experience in handing variety of object recognition tools . Whether you are looking to create solution right from scratch or want pre-trained mobile app to fit for your purpose , Winklix can help you to find perfect solution for your need .

Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ?

Why Mobile Apps Are Better Option Than Mobile Websites ? `

We all are currently living in world wherein mobile apps has become one of the important part of our daily life . They have become important in our life in a way that we can’t even imagine our life without smartphone . Right from early morning till the day it ends we keep on using mobile phones to fulfil different purposes .

Gone are days when desktop users are more than mobile users.  Now a days count of mobile users are greater than desktop users . Due to this statics business worldwide has realised the important of mobile app to attract mass customers . As a result business has already started working on mobile website as well as mobile apps to attract more number of customers and increase their sales and revenue .

But as we all know choosing both the solutions will cost more and as a result small business can afford to choose only one between mobile app and mobile website . Hence the selection process between the two platform by business depends on variety of factors like cost , features  , usability and audience .

In fact few studies  has also written that customers prefer to use mobile app rather than mobile websites as mobile apps are best to engage users as well as quickly reaching out large number of audience . In this blog we have specified the reason why to choose mobile app and not mobile website . Lets look at them one by one below .

Basic Difference Between Mobile App & Mobile Website 

Mobile website and mobile apps are both accessible by smartphone . But mobile website are web pages in HTML which has be access in browser based software . They are often termed as mobile responsive website which are tailored to various screen size and formats . This website has ability to display videos , pictures , info as well as click to call functions , mapping features and more .
On the other hand mobile apps has display the content by downloading in the app over internet or can also showcase downloaded material without the internet . Mobile app gives better user experience , and hence can also aids you in getting engaged with large number of customers with your business. 

How Mobile Apps Are Better ? 


Mobile apps are intended to give personalised experience to users on the basis of their search history , preference , location , behaviour etc .Users can quickly explore the business services by use of mobile app . Once you download the app for very firs time , it facilitates users to set up setting and configuration as per their specification . Apps also has ability to engage users and provide feedback and alerts . Apps which collects users location also facilitates discounts and offers on the basis of their locations .

Brand Experience Enhancement 

If your website is not able to provide customers with adequate value , then you can easily achieve it with mobile app . Customers get attracted with better UI/UX in mobile app and hence business can use mobile app as a device to test for their branding and design tactics . A app physically present in customer smartphone makes it easier for customers to tailor image according to their personalised taste .

Leveraging Device Capabilities 

Mobile app has ability to collect information from users smartphones like GPS location , searches they are doing etc . Getting easier access to these information is proven beneficial in case of retail applications wherein their focus is to enhance their customer service . This we can say mobile app is simply the best way for any business organisation to increase user experience , branding and more which can’t not be found somewhere else .
Some of the possibilities which are achievable by mobile apps with ease are Push Notifications , Camera , Tap to call , automatic update , which either can’t be achievable by mobile website or performs very slow even if some of the access is allowed .

Offline Access 

The best part about mobile app is it can even be accessible without internet . Although many apps requires internet connection to perform any kinds of actions , but apps can be designed in a way that the result can be shown even when there is no internet connection , which facilitates users to view information right from anywhere even without internet .

Customer Engagement

Another major advantage of mobile app is , it is compatible to work on users personal interface environment which facilities users to immerse themselves in mobile experience . It can easily be designed by mobile app development company in Delhi .
Mobile apps facilitates users to easily engaged with content in more organised way . Mobile app installation includes app which facilities users to communicate with components of apps , which aids business in increasing conversion rates .

Brand Presence 

Another major advantage of developing mobile app is to increase visibility of your brand name on customers apps .Even if they don’t user your app regularly , they will still be able to recall your app name and brand logo . Any mobile app development company always consider UI/UX of mobile app with care .

Fast Performance  

A property build mobile app can perform fattest than mobile website . Website in general use cloud servers , which takes some time to render data from . In comparison mobile apps stores data locally in mobile devices . Therefore data recovery in mobile device takes place very fast . Apps also saves users precious times to search for things of their interest .


The cost may be less for mobile website and may me more in case of mobile app , but undoubtedly mobile apps given better performance and user experience . Hire a mobile app development company to get your next big mobile app developed. 

What Mobile Architecture Suits Your Application Needs ?

What Mobile Architecture Suits Your Application Needs ?

Still finding the best architecture for your mobile app development needs ? Have desire to know how mobile app architecture can act as a lifeline for efficient mobile app development !

As per the recent reports of 2019, Google play store has more than 2.8 millions apps hosted on its platform , whereas Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps . That is the reason why you need to choose adequately which one is best for you , ie mobile web , native or hybrid app . Although the marketplace is flooded with mobile apps , simply downloading the application does not urge user to necessarily use it in their daily life . 

This means becoming part of someones daily life and at the same time gaining popularity in marketplace is challenging task . We can say a well structured mobile app architecture can help you in standing out of the crowd and making your position on the Top charts of app stores .

Major Elements Of Mobile App Architecture 

We can define mobile app architecture as set of patterns , unique strategies and techniques which is being used by mobile app developers to great a robust mobile application which will be fully structured . These elements of architecture are being chosen on the basis of requirement and features of application . In general it consist of 3 main layers :

1. Presentation or View Layer 

This layer is mainly concern of UI and UX layer components . It is in general compromise of interface between app and user which consists of themes , fonts , colours and background etc .

2. Navigation Layer / Business Layer 

This layer act as a bridge between UI and UX process components . It is interface between app and user which mainly compromise of colours , themes , background etc .

3. Service Layer / Data Layer 

Service layer is concern more about data access components , establishing a communication between server , defining storage and logics . In addition to it , it also comprise data utilities , data access components , service agents and more and it can also be used for redesigning purposes of the app .

Main Elements To Be Considered While Constructing Mobile App Architecture 

In order to enable smooth functioning of work , defining the right architecture for mobile app is must. But just developing the app does not finish its job . It is equally important to perform app maintenance and performance . Please consider the points defined below which choosing mobile app architecture :

  • Bandwidth Consistency : The mobile app should be developed keeping in mind all network scenario , which needs it also needs to work smoothly even if there is low connectivity of internet .
  • Notification & Updates In Real Time : Updating app on regular intervals about upcoming updates and notification .
  • Navigation : Navigation is important to facilitate user to play around the app . Facilitating easy navigation requires front end and back end development . Navigation consist of multiple things like single view , scroll view , stacked navigation bar , gesture based , tab controller , search drove , stacked navigation bar , tag driver , modular controller , single view , scroll view and so on .
  • User Interface  : An interactive , feature rich yet simple user interface .

End Note    

A bad mobile app architecture can create myriad problems in mobile app development which may derive you path of unsuccessful mobile app . Good architecture mobile app is one in which good coding architecture has been defined using multiple responsibility layer thereby leading to accelerating development .