Possibilities For Healthcare App Development

healthcare app development

Advancement in the field of healthcare industry by way of mobile application can serve with many benefits . Monitoring of patients health , diagnostics of illness with greater accuracy and finding the right physician are just few benefits of healthcare mobile application .

As healthcare mobile applications design and development continues to grow even stronger , more and more patients and doctors likely to avail application development offers . As per the recent reports , approximately 71 % of the healthcare providers are influenced by these type of technology .

Even you can also take advantage of this technology by choosing the right healthcare mobile app development company  . Just have a good innovative idea about your product and your customer will automatically boost your product for their wellness . Health is one of the top most priority that need to be taken care of for any person and a healthcare application is the perfect solution that can help you realise your goals .

Now lets look at some of the interesting ways by which both customer and doctors can get benefitted.

Monitoring Patient Wellness

The best that a patient can be offered is best treatment along with monitoring patient condition constantly . Monitoring of patient health condition is ought to be impossible if they are not physically present in the hospital .

But soon due to advancement in wearable technology , it can easily monitor patient healths like heart rate monitoring , physical activity of patient and more . These information can then directly be communicate with the doctor to know about the exact patient condition even when they are not physically available .

Healthcare Application : Connecting Patients & Physicians

With advancement in the filed of healthcare application , patient are directly connected with physicians , which proves beneficial for patients in many situation .

With introduction of apps like Practo , a patient can directly communicated with the doctor by mobile app and can remotely discuss or chat about the problem . If the doctor finds that patient need to physically come to doctor as per the necessity , then only patient have to do to doctor . Also patient who requires constant care , but not to the mark that they require hospital facility can also directly connect with the doctors through app .

With the help of life science and healthcare app development company , your business can reach new heights thereby enhancing more features . For instance integration of augmented reality technology and virtual based technology – a healthcare app can actually transform the patient surrounding with virtual doctor’s office .

Staying Fit

We have always heard that ” Prevention is better than cure ” . And that is the reason many believe that fitness app overlaps healthcare application development .

With advancement in technology , a app can facilitate person to monitor their physical condition , can tell them about the fitness steps required on daily basis , can calculate distance , define weight goals and more . If the patient is not taking the steps required for physical fitness , a doctor can help you to recommend more personalised recommendation directly though healthcare mobile app .

The Benefits Of Hiring Healthcare App Development Company

The technology in the filed of healthcare application is continuously improving at lightning fast speed . And thus if you are a healthcare provider , then you must also ensure of using full potential of customers to go through healthcare application development .

It really does not matter what your goals are , hiring a good professional mobile app development company  will always act as a helping hand for your product and service which is to be offered by way of mobile application development . Doing so will boost your app performance and creditability .

How Much Does An App Like Practo Cost ?

practo app development cost

Practo is India’s first company to start an online doctor booking appointment system . This venture has facilitated people to easily book appointment schedules with doctors from the convince of their home . Due to its worldwide reach , people can right away book an appointment with Indian , USA , Malaysia , Philippine and Singapore doctors to . Apart from just booking an appointment with doctors , people can also take appointment of gym , spa and saloons .

Winklix is leading healthcare app development company in India and USA , that can help entrepreneurs to develop an app like practo with more innovative features , just because our team has years of experience in software development and app building solutions .

About Practo App :

Started by a young Indian entrepreneur in late 2008 , it has gained huge success due to its easy to use user interface and new technology of booking an appointment easily by a website or app . Later in 2012 is has got the funding from different investors which has facilitated the entrepreneurs to later on expand the app based service to other parts of the world . They primary focus is on custom satisfaction and that is the reason we are talking about them today in this article .

Features Of Practo App

  • Quick and easy registration process .
  • Easy to use option to choose from doctors , spas and diagnostic labs .
  • Custom dashboard to update profile , check history of booked appointment , cancel appointment , track history of payment made and so on .
  • Facility to chat with the doctors for health related issue and arrises question free of cost with doctor in case required .
  • Searching the doctor on the basis of their expertise knowledge in field with location , area and availability .
  • Option to see over the fees of the preferred doctor together with qualification and general feedback of the custom who have availed their services .
  • Option to have one to one chat consultation with the doctor .
  • Exclusive access to health articles and health tips by health experts .
  • Option to even order the medicine online by uploading the prescription in app , and getting the medicine delivered at your home with amazing discounts .

Development Cost Of Practo Like App :

Wireframe , UI / UX Design :

Designing services is the most crucial part which can either define its success or its failure . So it must be handled and designed with utmost care . Usually when we are talking about app like practo , it generally consist of 56-60 screens in which designer has to take at most care about the easy to use design for an app . Usually the designing of app together with wireframe can range between 90 hours to 250 hours depending on the requirement of the app .

Login In / Sign Up / Doctor Registration :

Login / signup of customer with email id and even login by Facebook , twitter and other social media platform together with registration of doctors , spas and gym category wise will be taking around 45 hours .

Doctor And Customer Dashboard :

Development of customer dashboard included updation of profile by customer , keeping a track record of the appointments made together with payment history , chatting history with doctor ,Wallet  and order history .
Development of doctor dashboard included updation of profile and category by doctor , can checked for the booked appointments by customer   , can track history and so on .
The development of the custom and doctor dashboard will take 90 hours to complete .

Custom Chat Module :

Custom chat module development in order to facilitate one to one chat with customers and doctors and chatting free of cost for any health related plays an important role in healthcare industry app development and it should necessarily present in every app dealing in this industry .
The chat module can be integrated in the app via two alternative , the first one being the easy one of integrating chat with third part api’s  , in which third party will charge some bucks from you on monthly basis . Integration of third party api’s in chat will take around 180 hour to integrate successfully in app .
The second one being development of one to one chat module . Its being a hard task and will take around 400 hours . By of course it will not going to cost you anything later on .

E-commerce App Development :

We all are aware about that practo also has the functionality in which custom can buy the medicine online from the app by uploading their prescription . The whole e-commerce functionality like add to cart , payment gateway , product listing and searching will be taking 270 hours .

Searching On The Basis Of Location :

Searching of doctors on the basis of location and area along with viewing doctor profile facilitates user to search for the best doctors in and around their vicinity . Imagine if an app shows a doctor which is 40 km far from his home . Will the customer will visit over their ? Obviously not . Hence to overcome with this problem location based searching of doctor has been introduced .
The search on the basis of location and area will take 90 hours .

Blog Section :

App like Practo also has the feature of exclusive health articles and health experts in which customer can read health tips by health experts and that to free of cost . The blogging section integration in app together with the backend for managing comments , sharing and writing will be taking 90 hours .

Payment Gateway And Wallet Integration :

Payment gateway integration is a time taking task . It required 45 hours to integrate . Wallet system facilities easy payment will will take additional 70 hours to integrate .
So in case you are looking for mobile app development company who can deliver you the app like practo , you can right away contact us . We will deliver you the best app and website at affordable cost .