We all love games! Don’t we? Ever thought how you mobile app games get developed. Well! Here is everything that you need to know about the mobile app development. Unity game development has been reaching new height as far as the popularity is concerned. Whether it is 2D game or 3D game development, most of the mobile app developers are using unity platform to develop high quality games which is providing brilliant user experiences.

What is Unity Platform?

Unity is a cross-platform engine that has an in-build integrated development environment. It has been developed by the Unity Technologies and is used to develop 2D and 3D games, desktop platforms, web plugins, consoles etc. Unity is the combination of following three things:

  • It includes a game engine that helps the game to be played and tested on various environments.
  • It includes an IDE where different piece of the game is combined to produce a graphical view. You can even control the environment using functions.
  • The third one is the code editor which is used to write the code

So when you have all the designs of the game, you will use the tools to combine the graphics, animations and sounds to produce runnable games with addictive features in different environments. This is the best part of the unity as it is cross-platform; it can run on all the platforms like iPads, Windows or android.

Game app development is entirely different from the mobile app development. It requires lot of virtual environment with virtual objects and virtual backgrounds. Hence, it needs lots of tools, techniques and technologies to create a real-time real experience. Just providing the right tools are not enough for the success of the mobile game, you need to create a gaming environment which will create fun, engage, lure and attract the customers. Here are some tips to develop games using unity platform.

Begin with simplicity

To start with, let me start by saying that game development is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience, skill and time but it get very easier if you get the basic right. To have a strong foundation, it is necessary to take baby steps. If you pick a large project in the initial stages then it may happen that you keep working on the project for years and still your project remain uncompleted. So take a small project and then only move on to bigger projects.

Don’t get frustrated with the errors

It is vital to not get frustrated and irritated with the errors. This is because errors will always come; nobody is perfect; you just have deal with them using the documentation provided by Unity.

Manage the Garbage collection to improve the performance

When there are unused objects, these are dumped into the garbage collector. This reduces the overall performance of the game and this effect can be clearly seen on the mobile phones that does not have good hardware and resources. To prevent this, you must create objects that will be used only when required and will be removed when not required.

Profilers must be used

To find that whether there is any memory leak or problem in the garbage collector, profilers are used to detect the problems in advance. The free version of the unity does not include these features however there are several third party tools available for the developers. It runs the game on the actual devices instead of emulators and simulators.

Abstract classes and Interfaces

The game development has various issues like code duplication etc. To manage these types of issues, abstract classes and interface must be used. One must be aware about how to use them to prevent code duplicity.

Test driven approach

When a game is developed, testing of each and every script must be done to ensure that your game is bug free and it does not crash when used to various platforms. Unity has testing tools that make the entire testing process very convenient.

Use git, meta files and force text

GIT is a very good control system that has rich features used to preserve the code. Force text is used to fix the conflicts in assets and scenes. To check whether a file is linked or not, meta files must be used. It outputs the list of all assets.


Unity has been successfully used in the development of games and will continue to do so in the future.

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