ERP Software : Build vs Buy

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The  very first question which arises while choosing the ERP system is whether to build custom ERP for your. company or buy the ERP from the vendors .In a race of choosing ERP solution for your business to improve your performance and automate your task choosing the most suitable solution will definitely help you in growth of your business . As a custom ERP software developer , we ensure our clients that we will deliver customised solutions as per the custom needs of our customer . The question which needs to be solved is will custom ERP solution will add on additional value ? In order to choose the most viable option by companies , its important to analyse both the options . While custom solution may be proven beneficial for most of the companies , but somethings going on with mass vendor route may make sense for others . In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of every solution in order to facilitate decision making process .

When To Choose Custom ERP Development Company ?

You Want A Unique Fit

The main benefit of choosing custom ERP development is you will have total control on developmental process . You can discuss in details all your requirements and business peculiarities to developers . In mass vendor software you may find that lot of things which might not be no use for you and may be proven incapable of addressing most of the issues of your organisation . In this case without any question asked , custom software is the only way to go . It is known fact that company with best technology will tend to grow more .

You Want Fluidity

One of the biggest advantage of custom building the software is they are build with keeping in mind future modification and enhancement in mind . You will have a complete fluidity if your business grows and you want additional things . Moreover custom software can take place of your existing software , which is next to impossible in case of mass vendor software .

You Want Reliable Support

The software development company will offer you a full time reliable support as soon as you hire them on the job . In addition to above you will have access to round the clock technical support team at your convince in order to effectively solve your problem that you may face during the use of custom web based ERP solutions .

When To Buy ERP Solutions ?

You have budget constraints

The main reason when most of business step back from building a custom ERP solution is cost of developing Erp software  . Mass vendor products tends to be cheaper than customised software .

You have time constraints

When you want ready to use solution and really don’t have time to build the complete software , then there is no other alternative available . Off the shell software are ready to be installed as soon as you buy it . But always keep in mind that mass vendor software will need additional time to train your employees and will cause you additional cost . Moreover that will not be able to do the same things as in customised software .

You see no additional value in it

The best solution is get the demo of the mass vendor ERP . In case they have all the things as required by your company and you are actually not in requirement of canned software that can satisfy all yours needs , then obviously there is no point of investing in custom solution .


Each system has their own advantage and drawbacks . It totally depends on your requirement that which one to choose keeping in mind the above points . In case you are looking for some custom ERP Software development company who can be upto your expectation and provide you 24×7 support then you can choose winklix .