How Chatbots Help You Improve Customer Service

Chatbots are being used everywhere now – be it ordering foods online , or bargaining the products over e-commerce website . Instant messaging is becoming main form of communication now a days . In order to get better result , many of the companies are implementing chatbots in their system , for better information management and customer service .

Chatbots are computer programme that allows us real time conversation using chat interface , and has vide range of application for any type of business . It has the ability to understand human language .

Let’s see some benefits of chatbots into order to better serve your customer while dealing with company :

Immediate Customer Service & Support

Putting on hold the customers every time they call for viable solution required patience and most important customer valuable time . This all problem can be converted into solution with the help of chatbot . This means , its a miracle and business opportunity for your business , as customer will get to know instantly , say when will refund be processed , when will my order be delivered and so on , thus allowing your organisation to focus on more critical issue and leave positive impression on the customer .

Personal Service And Increase Sale

Chatbots helps customer to directly connect with company sales person , in order to get expert guidance regarding products catalog which proves helpful for customer and as well as increase profit for your business . Chatbots saves the customer entry who exits without making the purchase , and will remember the same , if customer revisiting , and you can make recommendation accordingly .

Access To Large Audience

Chatbots can be easily accessible on your mobile application , website , Facebook messenger , slack , Skype and many more .This flexibility allows business to get their hands shakes with vide range of customer worldwide . Facebook messenger has individually 1 billion active user who are using facebook .

Round The Clock Availability

Customer can chat anytime according to their convenience , wherever they have found chatbots implemented , thus allowing the customer to get their complain solved during non working hours .

Chatbots Can Predict

One of the most important benefit of chatbots are they remember previous held  conversation with a particular custom thus company sales person can easily recognise the customer and preparing strategy accordingly , without even knowing to the  customer.
Winklix understands the important of chatbots in present scenario . With an extensive experience in developing chatbots software by php sockets , we help our  clients to get busy in developing their business strategy to increase customer and employee engagement to make your business available 24*7 for your customers .

Rapid Prototyping – Better Way To Design Mobile Apps

mobile app development

Rapid prototyping is perfect way to develop a perfect app. Prototyping is always proven beneficial , as it saves development hours , and create an experience that client wants . Wasting tons of hours just for prototyping is waste , rather we can use rapid prototyping tool that can save upto tons of our hours , just allowing a development team to take feedback , discuss and re-rest the things .

At the time we talk about mobile app development , visualise design can be better represented by way of prototyping , in order to give you better functional and UI design ideas .

What ?

You may have heard ” Mockups , wireframes , proof of concept ” , they all are just the different dishes of the same vegetable , i.e. they all are prototype nothing else . It is build to give user a brief layout of what will app look like .

Why ?

Rapid prototyping saves time and cost , rather than wasting it on useless development which is of no use .This also saves the time of designer and developers to go through all the work , rapid mobile app prototyping helps them to know it all , and successfully deliver an app .
The truth is it is highly practical approach . Process of making highly effective , the process to be followed is written below :

Take down notes

Get your ideas noted , and get your ideas matched with mobile app’s functionality . Then place them in the manner in which they can be translated into wireframes .

Draw them into wireframes

Get stick to your points in step above .Wireframes is somewhat similar to sketching your concept and processing them into wired illustrations .

Import your screens

Once done with primary screens , we should move on to prototyping tool to crystallise our concept . It defines the screen more communicable and defines the perfect flow for the app .It is basically the pictorial representation of would be application .

Design the mockups

Mockups are somewhat similar to communicable interface . Designs when converted into more expressive and engaging one to get the feel and look of the app is somewhat mockups is .

Test them for quality

Before forwarding the final screens and design , check them for visible quality and for functional effectiveness . For this , you need to test it before you pass it for coding .

Final words

With rapid prototyping , mobile apps can be designed with more control and authority .
To discuss more about prototyping and mobile app development , you can contact us .

How To Make Successful Mobile App

steps for successful mobile app development

Making an app is a easy part now a days , so can easily approach mobile app development company , who can easily deliver you the good looking app that work’s perfectly . But unfortunately , even a awesome looking app sometimes does not get the attention as desired .

So if you don’t want to loose the opportunity of getting notices in app stores , make sure to follow few suggestions which are given below to make your new app notices and featured in app stores .


Many apps requires sign up/sign in as mandatory process , like the one in e-commerce app , which user do have to sign up , even before getting the first glimpse of the app  . Although signing in the application is a very simple process , some pitfalls need to be avoided for having a happy customer experience .
“Never test the patience of the mobile device user ” should be the first and foremost aim of yours .If users finds any difficulty in using your app , or is not able to access it , they will surely delete it and forget forever .It can be avoided by giving them an opportunity to sign up by a social media platform , so that they can easily sign up and you will get the information as required by you of a user .


It may sound obvious but marketing is the most important and mandatory step .In an excitement that you are ready to launch the app  , always remember other need to learn about it .

Marketing of the app should start even before the launch of the product , by creating advertisement on social media , tech blogs and more . It may create excitement among user for eagerly waiting for your app , thus increasing the number of downloads once your app has been launched .

Always keep in mind , to target the targeted user as it is obvious that all the people in the vicinity may not be interested in your app .So target marketing is all you have to do , and should put your efforts accordingly .

There are many other ways for marketing your app , for which you can hire some agency to do a work for you ( obviously if you have budget for it )  .

The most important thing is ” spread words to right people ”


The key platform to generate users for your application is sending invites . In the age of social networking  , if people find  it interesting and useful they will send invites to their friends and family , they will post about it on social platform . Even the biggest players in the market say Google , is also sending invites to begin promotion of their new apps/features  .

Giving user a reason to send invites is a great way to fast scale your invites .Provide them with some kind of incentive  , unlock some features in app or moving them to next level in app are some of the measures which can be followed .


The app should be as user friendly and easy to use as it can . Your user interface should be organised and easy to use . If user can’t figure out how to access features or feel inconvenienced while using the app , your app may be in danger . Making easy and guidable videos and gestures in the app itself , would work to tackle up the situation .
You have to work with designer and developer , to get the best user interface . Highlighting the most important feature of your app on the very first move is the best option to highlight your features . Organizing the different features in different category helps user to browse every features , rather than putting all the feature at single place .
Always keep in mind , their are certain places on device’s screen that are more accessible than other due to the way people hold them . Certain location on phones may be hard to reach and certain gestures are hard to perform .Keeping this in mind , try to optimize your app .
Finally keeps your ear open to listen to designer and developer , as they are the experts who are use to in app industry and is making the app every now and then . So they can provide you good insight of what works and what does not . Even if you are disagreed with them  , think twice before disregarding them .


Try to keep your app updated on regular basis adding some spices to it .A good app can breed well , and will enjoy the pizza party after its success .Follow the advice by winklix , and your app might win a fight in the over flooded app market . is leading app developer in Mumbai and Delhi , contact us now .