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Developing an app  ? One of the biggest decision before making it is , on which platform : Android and iOS ? Both these platform are contributing 99.6% of the total market share . These two platforms are competing into market like ” two-horses “.

Each of the respective market have their own pros and cons , we can compare both on the basis of monetary value based on user’s app purchases .Every business owner’s aim is to earn revenue from the app in which they have invested in . According to reports , iPhone apps makes 75% more money than Android marketplace , despite of the fact that google play share being four times larger than iOS.

So the next question arises why do iPhone users spend on apps than Android users ?

Device Engagement & Demographics

Let’s discuss about the engagement first .According to research , iPhone user spends 30 more minutes than an android user . They also find spending time on mobile commerce on their iPhones .

Android phones has variety of devices ranging from budgeted phones to high-end users . This makes them prices conscious . Price is the very first factor while choosing Android phones in the first place .

It is based on the fact that  , lower the price of the software , the lesser user will spend on apps and software . The logical assumption , we can say behind that is a budgeted android phone user will not spend money on app , as high value user of Android and iPhones will do , as if they can , they why will they buy a budget phone , rather than iPhone . More of the people who buy budgeted phones are living in developing nations , wherein use of credit card is still lower .

Brand Loyalty Means App Loyalty

Another reason why iPhones user spend more on apps are , when asked with any of the iPhone user , they would likely to return to apple for their next iPhone , while the same question being asked with android user , more than 77% are not likely to return to Android .

Change Is In the Air

In present scenario almost 78% of the 2.2 billion apps on the Apple App store are free to download . Meanwhile , in play store this trends of paid apps seem to raise to about 31 % .

It’s Gonna Be A Close One

Although iPhone has historical spent more of apps than Android customer , recent studies shows that gap is narrowing , When it comes to satisfaction , both the platforms are on equal level . We even don’t know what is going to happen with us in a near future , and same is the case with app stores, anyways lets hope for the best and see who will be on the win win situation . At the app marketplace matures , we are early waiting to see future buying habits of user on iOS and Android .

Key Difference Between Android & iOS App

  • 41% Apple user’s have income more than $ 100000 .
  • The percentage of free apps in app store is 78%.
  • 92% will return back as iPhone user , which buying a new phone .
  • 69 % of the only apps are free on play store .
  • Apple user download more apps
  • Android apps require lots of bug fixing check , as there are so many phone .
  • Satisfaction for both android and iOS are at 81 % each .

How Chatbots Help You Improve Customer Service

Chatbots are being used everywhere now – be it ordering foods online , or bargaining the products over e-commerce website . Instant messaging is becoming main form of communication now a days . In order to get better result , many of the companies are implementing chatbots in their system , for better information management and customer service .

Chatbots are computer programme that allows us real time conversation using chat interface , and has vide range of application for any type of business . It has the ability to understand human language .

Let’s see some benefits of chatbots into order to better serve your customer while dealing with company :

Immediate Customer Service & Support

Putting on hold the customers every time they call for viable solution required patience and most important customer valuable time . This all problem can be converted into solution with the help of chatbot . This means , its a miracle and business opportunity for your business , as customer will get to know instantly , say when will refund be processed , when will my order be delivered and so on , thus allowing your organisation to focus on more critical issue and leave positive impression on the customer .

Personal Service And Increase Sale

Chatbots helps customer to directly connect with company sales person , in order to get expert guidance regarding products catalog which proves helpful for customer and as well as increase profit for your business . Chatbots saves the customer entry who exits without making the purchase , and will remember the same , if customer revisiting , and you can make recommendation accordingly .

Access To Large Audience

Chatbots can be easily accessible on your mobile application , website , Facebook messenger , slack , Skype and many more .This flexibility allows business to get their hands shakes with vide range of customer worldwide . Facebook messenger has individually 1 billion active user who are using facebook .

Round The Clock Availability

Customer can chat anytime according to their convenience , wherever they have found chatbots implemented , thus allowing the customer to get their complain solved during non working hours .

Chatbots Can Predict

One of the most important benefit of chatbots are they remember previous held  conversation with a particular custom thus company sales person can easily recognise the customer and preparing strategy accordingly , without even knowing to the  customer.
Winklix understands the important of chatbots in present scenario . With an extensive experience in developing chatbots software by php sockets , we help our  clients to get busy in developing their business strategy to increase customer and employee engagement to make your business available 24*7 for your customers .

Rapid Prototyping – Better Way To Design Mobile Apps

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Rapid prototyping is perfect way to develop a perfect app. Prototyping is always proven beneficial , as it saves development hours , and create an experience that client wants . Wasting tons of hours just for prototyping is waste , rather we can use rapid prototyping tool that can save upto tons of our hours , just allowing a development team to take feedback , discuss and re-rest the things .

At the time we talk about mobile app development , visualise design can be better represented by way of prototyping , in order to give you better functional and UI design ideas .

What ?

You may have heard ” Mockups , wireframes , proof of concept ” , they all are just the different dishes of the same vegetable , i.e. they all are prototype nothing else . It is build to give user a brief layout of what will app look like .

Why ?

Rapid prototyping saves time and cost , rather than wasting it on useless development which is of no use .This also saves the time of designer and developers to go through all the work , rapid mobile app prototyping helps them to know it all , and successfully deliver an app .
The truth is it is highly practical approach . Process of making highly effective , the process to be followed is written below :

Take down notes

Get your ideas noted , and get your ideas matched with mobile app’s functionality . Then place them in the manner in which they can be translated into wireframes .

Draw them into wireframes

Get stick to your points in step above .Wireframes is somewhat similar to sketching your concept and processing them into wired illustrations .

Import your screens

Once done with primary screens , we should move on to prototyping tool to crystallise our concept . It defines the screen more communicable and defines the perfect flow for the app .It is basically the pictorial representation of would be application .

Design the mockups

Mockups are somewhat similar to communicable interface . Designs when converted into more expressive and engaging one to get the feel and look of the app is somewhat mockups is .

Test them for quality

Before forwarding the final screens and design , check them for visible quality and for functional effectiveness . For this , you need to test it before you pass it for coding .

Final words

With rapid prototyping , mobile apps can be designed with more control and authority .
To discuss more about prototyping and mobile app development , you can contact us .