Web App VS Hybrid App VS Native App – Which One To Choose From ?

web vs hybrid vs native


When it comes to mobile app development , its really been a difficult task to choose the best technology for developing your app.

Depending on your business objectives and goals , each technology has their own advantage and disadvantage . Variety of factors need to be taken into consideration while deciding to build your app on Native , Hybrid or Web version platform . I am writing this article not to choose the winner among the three platform , but I am here to guide you the advantage and disadvantage of each platform , from mobile app development company viewpoint .

Web Apps

Web apps are apps that run on your phone browser and does not get stored in your phone . Web apps are not website , rather they are made specifically for the phone browser to improve functionality , and is not similar to mobile sites .
Web apps can’t be downloaded from the respective app stores , rather they can be access from a phone browser . IT’s hard to find the difference between web apps , hybrid apps or responsive website design .
Sometime you might have seen that you have downloaded the app from app store , and the app is showing you non rather than the web view of the website , containing url of web app .

How A Web App Can Be Build ?

Web apps are built Javascript , CSS , HTML 5 and can be run only in a browser like safari , chrome etc . If you are searching for software development kit for developing web apps , then unfortunately its not available .
Progressive web apps is hybrid version of regular web pages and mobile apps , but lacks the functionality of native mobile apps . But due to technology advancement in this technology , progressive apps are now able to successfully deliver functionalities like sending push message , using test gestures and so on .


  • One app for all platform
  • Easy to build
  • Inexpensive option
  • Can be maintained easily


  • Slower performance than native app
  • Needs browser to run
  • No icons on desktop

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are the most famous and common type of app available in market. Both Android and iOS platform have their specific written languages  to build app . Apple has Objective C and swift and Android app has Java . Most company prefer to invest in the native app because of its advantage .


  • Really fast and responsive
  • Gives best performance output
  • Available to get downloaded from the app stores .


  • Expensive
  • Required a highly skilled technical person to build the apps
  • Not best option for simple mobile apps .
Native mobile app user must necessarily have to keep on updating the app in order to take advantage of improve accessibility , however it may not be the case in web app .
Inspite of the higher initial cost in developing a native app , it is proven worthwhile for business organisation due to its advantage and higher performance , thus giving user personalised experience .

Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid apps works across all platform and gives higher performance than web apps . It is built using HTML , CSS , Javascript and run in web view . It also contains the features of native app also .


  • Easy to built using technology like HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Less expensive to develop
  • One app for all platform using technology like Cordova
  • Requires less time to develop than native app


  • Slower performance in comparison with native app
  • More expensive than web apps .
  • Less user experience than native app .
Since the hybrid app are just the web view version , it required more time to load and hence it affect the user experience . The another main disadvantage being it can not be customised on the basis of platform .

Which Approach To Choose From ?

Well this decision solely depends on your business model like in how much time you want your app , what is the initial investment you are planning to invest in apps , how complex is your app and so on .
Irrespective of the approach you choose from , your app must be quick , responsive and reliable . As more and more users are moving towards mobile device , and to stay ahead with your competitors , you should provide your customer a richer experience .
Finally , its important to work with an app development company that can specialised in these things and can provide you consultation regarding the same .


how to create hybrid app with android studio

There has been an exponential rise in the purchase of android devices. With this growth of android devices, the demand for the apps is constantly increasing.

What are hybrid apps?

Just like websites on the Internet, Hybrid apps are designed and developed using the web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps are similar to any other app on the phone. You can install and download them from the app store. The key difference is that hybrid apps are hosted inside a native application that uses mobile platform’s web view. This helps it to access all the capabilities like camera, accelerometer, sensors, contacts etc.

Android Studio is an easy to use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is used to develop android and hybrid apps. One can develop hybrid apps by following these simple steps:-

Design your Application

The first baby step towards building hybrid apps is designing your project. Before you start the development process, it is advisable to make sure that you have all the pre-requisites of the development process.

It is essential to have access to the features available in the browser if you are creating a pure HTML5 application. Make sure that you have all the pre-requisites in place. For example make Cordova CLI and the android SDK tools ready before going into the development phase. You will have to install Node.js before installing Cordova CLI.

Now, to install Cordova CLI, run the following commands

sudo npm install -g cordova

The next step is to download the Android SDK tools which you can download by clicking the following link…



HTML5 Mobile Framework Application

HTML5 Framework is the building block for creating an HTML 5 application. Another major tool JavaScript enables you to add animations, show/hide things on a website. Now in the next step, you can edit the index page of your website

Testing Application through Browser

HTML5 comes with an advantage that you can test the application through your local server browser. You can easily access your application by going through the following URL replacing MyHybridApp with the name of your app


If you are a chrome user, then you have added advantages. For example you can use Chrome DevTools to debug your application. You can even check the responsiveness of the app by clicking of the mobile icon on the top left side of the debugging page.

You can debug your application by inspecting the elements and using features like console, Network, source, application etc.

Packaging the application

To package the application, you will have to use third party applications like Xamarin and PhoneGap. Now, what these third party applications do is – they package the application in a native wrapper which acts as a bridge between the native API and your app. The application is loaded into the web view by the third party applications like PhoneGap. And this web view displays the application to the users.

Now, after the packaging of the application is done, we can generate a release version of the APK

Cordova build –release

When we have generated a release version, you can find your apk in the following location platforms/android/ant-build/MyHybridApp-release-unsigned.apk

To submit the apk in the app store, simply sign in and submit it.

The Testing Process

We know that we can test and debug our application using the chrome DevTools like console, Network, sources, application etc. But do you know that you can debug the application without using chrome development tools? We will have to run the application on actual device to test the hybrid app using native API.

One of the options on phone to debug app is GapDebug. By using this Gap Debug you can install .ipa files for IOS or .apk for android. It provides a debugging interface in which any kind of change in the interface will reflect the change in the application.

Distribution Process

Before you can launch the application on the play store, you will need to sign your application on app store. The pre-requisite for signing your application on the play store is to generate a keystore.

To create a keystore, one can use Java Keytool utility. This utility already comes with the standard JDK distribution and can be located at %JAVA_HOME%\bin. In windows, this can be found at C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin.

Final Process

After creating a keystore, you can easily sign in and users can install the uploaded app on the play store.


The Odd Synergy Of Technology And New Age Wellness

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The Menace of the new Technology
The Technologies are creating a menace on the health of the people’s life.
People are constantly addicted towards the technology just like the magnet
attracts the iron. We spend a very unhealthy time in using the technology by
constantly staring on the mobile or laptop screens, continuous scrolling the
social media apps on the mobile phones, emailing the clients, persistently
tweeting about daily life events on the social media, frequent chatting to
friends and relatives, sitting in a particular position for hours ,filtering and
screen grabbing. These all causes a very bad side consequence on the health of the people.
People are not socializing face to face and they don’t go out with the friends
and family. Due to this, people are constantly looking for options to increase
their health by doing meditation and yoga. You may come to a conclusion that
the technology is the enemy of health causing adverse side effects on the
health of people and our constant addiction is incompatible with the well-
being. But in the midst of this technology repercussion, an odd synergy has
emerged which proves that the technology can exist together with the new
technology which amplify and boosts our internal health.
One of the hot technology presents in today’s times is the NADI X yoga pants.
These pants are used in maintaining the right body posture while doing yoga. It contains five motion sensors that are woven into the hips, knees and ankles.
The sensors calculate the angles of the pose while doing yoga and gently
vibrate in the one of the sensors informing the person about the wrong
posture and to refocus. It buzzes in a particular direction stating that the body
should be moved in that particular direction for the correct posture.
Tech wearables are saviour…The degrading health issues have resulted in the emergence of the apps thataims in increasing the well-being of individuals by constantly checking the health parameters.

Wearable health devices have been a hot topic in health and wellness for a many years now, but what kind of effect have wearables really had on improving health outcomes? Wearable fitness devices can be used to track physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and even provide on-screen
trials. They are most often paired with a smartphone or website to track and
stock data.

There are some tech wearables that help the users in inspecting the weight
loss by simply following a low-calorie diet program on the app and engaging in
regular physical activity according to the time given in the apps. Self-
monitoring blood pressure and blood glucose meters have been around for a
while now and with the ability for the data to automatically upload to a
website or smartphone app, it certainly helps in driving the health outcomes.
These programs help in providing instant feedback, track patterns, show
progress, and can be easily shared with a health care provider.

Medical Purpose of tech wearables…

There are some institutes that have started a research program which uses
wearable activity devices to collect the real-time data of the patients. These
medical institutes keep track of the patient’s data on the smartphones. With
the addition and integration of wearable devices into wellness programs, these devices are constantly making their way into clinical settings and are being used to deliver more objective data.

This data can be used to repeatedly check and the monitor patient activities by collecting the patient’s medical data. The data collected will be used to research what practices are best for recovery and to improve decision-making and health outcomes.
There are certain devices built in the fabric which are placed under the infant
child’s mattress which indicates whether the child has rolled over or not. Some
devices vibrate to physiologically reduce the body pain relaxing the body
muscles. These tech wearables have truly changed the way we take care of our well-being and started a new beginning of era where these devices will be life saviour. There is a huge potential in these tech wearables as they relaxes our mind physiologically and psychologically in the times where people are
addicted to technology to such an extent that they have no time for taking care of their well-being.