The Odd Synergy Of Technology And New Age Wellness


The Menace of the new Technology
The Technologies are creating a menace on the health of the people’s life.
People are constantly addicted towards the technology just like the magnet
attracts the iron. We spend a very unhealthy time in using the technology by
constantly staring on the mobile or laptop screens, continuous scrolling the
social media apps on the mobile phones, emailing the clients, persistently
tweeting about daily life events on the social media, frequent chatting to
friends and relatives, sitting in a particular position for hours ,filtering and
screen grabbing. These all causes a very bad side consequence on the health of the people.
People are not socializing face to face and they don’t go out with the friends
and family. Due to this, people are constantly looking for options to increase
their health by doing meditation and yoga. You may come to a conclusion that
the technology is the enemy of health causing adverse side effects on the
health of people and our constant addiction is incompatible with the well-
being. But in the midst of this technology repercussion, an odd synergy has
emerged which proves that the technology can exist together with the new
technology which amplify and boosts our internal health.
One of the hot technology presents in today’s times is the NADI X yoga pants.
These pants are used in maintaining the right body posture while doing yoga. It contains five motion sensors that are woven into the hips, knees and ankles.
The sensors calculate the angles of the pose while doing yoga and gently
vibrate in the one of the sensors informing the person about the wrong
posture and to refocus. It buzzes in a particular direction stating that the body
should be moved in that particular direction for the correct posture.
Tech wearables are saviour…The degrading health issues have resulted in the emergence of the apps thataims in increasing the well-being of individuals by constantly checking the health parameters.

Wearable health devices have been a hot topic in health and wellness for a many years now, but what kind of effect have wearables really had on improving health outcomes? Wearable fitness devices can be used to track physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and even provide on-screen
trials. They are most often paired with a smartphone or website to track and
stock data.

There are some tech wearables that help the users in inspecting the weight
loss by simply following a low-calorie diet program on the app and engaging in
regular physical activity according to the time given in the apps. Self-
monitoring blood pressure and blood glucose meters have been around for a
while now and with the ability for the data to automatically upload to a
website or smartphone app, it certainly helps in driving the health outcomes.
These programs help in providing instant feedback, track patterns, show
progress, and can be easily shared with a health care provider.

Medical Purpose of tech wearables…

There are some institutes that have started a research program which uses
wearable activity devices to collect the real-time data of the patients. These
medical institutes keep track of the patient’s data on the smartphones. With
the addition and integration of wearable devices into wellness programs, these devices are constantly making their way into clinical settings and are being used to deliver more objective data.

This data can be used to repeatedly check and the monitor patient activities by collecting the patient’s medical data. The data collected will be used to research what practices are best for recovery and to improve decision-making and health outcomes.
There are certain devices built in the fabric which are placed under the infant
child’s mattress which indicates whether the child has rolled over or not. Some
devices vibrate to physiologically reduce the body pain relaxing the body
muscles. These tech wearables have truly changed the way we take care of our well-being and started a new beginning of era where these devices will be life saviour. There is a huge potential in these tech wearables as they relaxes our mind physiologically and psychologically in the times where people are
addicted to technology to such an extent that they have no time for taking care of their well-being.

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