Importance Of Mobile App For Construction Business

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What a new construction business needs is to have a strong foundation! But how construction business can have strong deep roots in the construction market? The Answer is through building mobile apps for the construction business.

Now-a- days many construction companies who are not using the technology like mobile apps are running into loss. The construction industry has a huge financial and time loss. Due to high cost of paper, construction industries are running into loss. So, what can they do to make profits? They have to build apps for the productivity of their construction business.

In the recent past, we have observed the revolutionized construction industry where the business entrepreneurs have started prioritising technology over everything else.  But there is still a set of people who are unaware of the new technology. The problems which are predominant are high competition, tight boundaries, skilled labour deficiency etc.

End of papers… Move to mobile apps

The problems mentioned above can only be solved by upsurge in yield. And how the productivity will increase? This can only be achieved by building mobile apps. We have seen that the traditional software has failed to solve the efficiency problem. One of the major issues along with the deficiency of mobile construction apps is less utilisation of these mobile apps. People are not using these construction apps which are leading to huge loss. So we have to bridge the gap between the mobile apps and their utilisation.

Construction Management Mobile Apps in Power 

These easy-to- use apps allow workers to access, share and document each and every project information while they are on job site. These construction mobile apps are considered to be the future of construction business. Just like building material producers are digitising their system, construction business are looking forward to digitise their construction, logistics and planning. Think of it… it is just amazing that you can keep update of day to day activities using a mobile app. Usually, a construction business uses more than one app for running their business. A mobile app can manage your developments, workforces, financials, resources, worker/client communications, and

timetables. You can also keep track of everything while on-the- go!  There are various construction firms which believe that with the integration of mobile apps into their businesses, their business productivity has increased to a huge margin. Every company believes that digitisation is going to impact every process in the construction company. As you have already read that using papers is increasing the cost of production but still a lot of construction companies still depend on paper. This has to change if they have to earn huge profits. Being able to use the mobile app allows all team members to access files download changes and view data on any device–even when they’re on a construction site.

Real Time Analytics

As all the data is available on the app, managers can use these apps for routine updates on the on-field problems, project costs and team problems. Big data and business intelligence has grown sharply and using the real time analysis to do their work.

Site safety and reporting

Use of papers makes it difficult for the firms to check whether a safety inspection happened or not!! With the use of papers, it takes a huge amount of time to process the details and sending the information to the managers but with the help of mobile apps, one can easily report to the managers about the progress of their work and can help in securing the site safety.

Looking for a Construction App Building Company?

If you own a construction business, facing some problems, and if you are looking for a company who can build solid constructions apps, then  is the company you are looking for. We develop Construction Apps who have lot of power, potential and have a very easy user interface. We have a very talented and enthusiastic team who is focussed on delivering the projects before the timeline. Simply contact us and we will help you out to sort all your problems and queries.

How To Use Motion Design Correctly ?

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Numerous of toolkits are available for UI designer . Toolkit involves colour , space , fonts , icons  . But on the other hand motion design can replace all toolkits if used correctly . A swipe transition used now a days by user , thus leaving the beautiful UI away , means user is progressing to new interface .

User’s find it more interesting to play with the motion forward and backward , while colour schemes and titles are certainly help them to navigate .

It’s time to dive into motion designing , as it is becoming one of the essential part of designing for mobile experience . An animation that has clear and logical purpose brings the user interface to life . All movements are eye catchy , so is the case with motion design . Due to it , lots of cool button animation are being seen between screens . Motion design is somewhat much more than anything , and if used effectively can give us lots of benefits.

Everything is app runs sequence wise , so we can take the benefit of motion design to guide about the process and gets view of user experience .

How To Create A Welcoming Gesture For New User

When motion used together with gesture , it can result in giving enhance experience .It is important to connect visual connection with motion -to provide context for user . There should be clear view point for user that what is app all about and what all can they do in app after downloading. According to study , 77 % of the user stop using app after 3 days from the download  ,  so always make sure and assure that first impression is the last impression . Making user journey obvious with clear understanding will make your app . Creating a smooth swipe -enable transitions will do . On the other hand inclusion of we’ll -considered animation to any illustration upon swipe can help guide , provide context and gives user an amazing experience .

Creating A Visual Feedback Loop

Similarly logging into an application can also be enhanced by use of a motion . Barrier to entry in app is necessary , in case your app is all about social life or messaging and you are willing user to adapt the app as part of their daily habit .For instance a simple shaky horizontal shake can be used to tell user about incorrect password . That gesture will be easily recognisable , as sometimes it is difficult for the user to find the error  , or read the error message in short span of time  ,  so a small gesture will do and make them understand that they are entering wrong password . So it not only create a better design , but gives a better user experience too .

We should make as clear as it is  , to make user journey apparent .The user should also know why there were in app , what all they can explore from the application . Failure to do so , will result in poor UX , which can cause irritation to user, as they are looking for amazing experience and obviously not getting it , thus ultimately leading to user quitting the app, and most likely deleting the application .

Confirm Actions : You Are Doing Great

When your user searches for the new item in your app , using search button , a motion should appear for loading page and them the searches should appear on the top of the page , thus giving clear overview of the search item . You should only focus on better understanding of the architect , without giving explanation to the user . The best use of motion is to satisfy the UX , while as the same time not hampering the user’s progress .Subtlety is the key .
Similarly deleting item is iOS trash has done excellent job for confirmation of deletion of files . Also try to create an action is funny way that user loves to use . That motions must be created as an story that follows respond accordingly . Deleting an item is mostly irreversible actions , so you must use motion just to reassure from user that are you seriously want to delete it . This can be represented by making the item blur , and then showing the time frame , by when it will be permanently deleted.

In A Nutshell

It’s important to design with transitions in mind , through out the designing process .Right from the initial wire framing , motion should not be an after thought . Creating initial wireframe is always proven beneficial for everyone while making the application , and that is the time in which you can just make the motion design as well to its best possible way keeping in mind the needs of the user  .It makes it easier to interpret and visualise. A solid prototype gives us a better estimation of how our apps with look like , plus will save our development time .Plus clients loves to see them !
A good use of motion can tell the story much faster than any piece of text can  . We all are humans , So we are more emotional than being as a logical person . So we want to enjoy interaction with our app , and getting pleasured with the application we are using . As living in the world , which is getting more and more digital now a days , its our job to design something that, for someone who has never used an smartphones before , is easy to understand . Using motion is great way to do that , and we really have to go a long way to achieve it .


Ecommerce Mobile App Development

ecommerce app development

The expected app economy will be near about $ 6.3 trillion in next five years .Yes you heard it right , its trillion !! This tremendous growth is because of fast culture adaptation by user of ” m -commerce ”  . The expected consumption by user on mobile e-commerce will be $946 on an average each year . So in keeping in mind with the above factors , its essential to make an amazing user experience mobile application , in such a way that your apps get differentiated  from your competitors with far and way the best app experience .

Market condition has changes a lot , after mobile e-commerce has taken step in the market , which is a revolution for boosting the sales for retailer . A refreshing new app will breed loyal customer for you , meet the desired of user , and thus open up your services to boomers . All you need to choose is right team , and that can turn your capitalisation into right app .

Ready for the taste of what is to come ?

You Can Really Earn Through Mobile Commerce

The idea that by offering a paid app in app stores , you can earn is totally a myth . In app purchases are seems to be more profitable – you can purchase anything , you can book a ticket , taxi and so on . These are called m-commerce apps . Uber , Flipkart  they all are m-commerce .

Winklix can help you build the best features that suits for business and brand goals .

Since transaction are getting digitalised , somewhere away from a shop at fixed location thorough m commerce , you can somewhere take the benefit of the same , if applied in efficient way . It can be found in various forms , from Taxi e-hail apps to travelling to shopping apps . Mobile commerce allows user to purchase from vide range of available products .

Mobile E-Commerce Features

There are endless features when it comes to mobile e-commerce , for startups we can suggest the one listed below :

  • Product picture
  • Product Description
  • Review and rating
  • Wishlist
  • Social Login
  • Push Notification
  • Community Messaging
  • User profile

So still confused what are these features .This is the point where our roles comes in .Winklix has professionals who will deeply analyse what is your approach of your business , and what solve’s your user basic needs . Rather than focusing on all the things , we keep focus on a smart strategy to build awesome app by using which user will deeply fall in love with . Mobile commerce does only allow your customers to shop , rather it also shows larger experience through online exploration .

What Set’s Winklix Apart ?

Winklix is global leader in designing and development of mobile application , particularly e-commerce apps . Our main business aim is to help companies by using the best tools and languages to develop the mobile applications . We take it as a challenge to make every app unique based on your concept . Starting from wireframe to design and then development , we do it all . Our offices spread over New York , Chicago , London , Mumbai and Delhi , our global presence helps us to deliver successful apps and rising trends .

Make Money Now , Not Later

The mobile app trend is increasing day by day , and it is expected to be increased to $ 40 billion by 2019 . So its the time to invest in m-commerce app for your business .
We don’t only focus on putting your application on app store only , rather we want your app to be featured . We often see business create strategy to develop it , rather than creating an strategy for monetisation .

What is Next For Mobile App’s ?

In case you are willing to attract more customers , M-commerce is best way now a days . The main benefit of it is , products and services will be instantly available to customer .
We are passionate about taking a new challenge , as being working in app industry we have to every day is a new challenge to us . Winklix can deliver you the amazing experience . Say hello today .