Why iOS Developer Should Prefer Swift Over Objective-C

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An iOS application can be easily developed if you are having a good programming language command . The programming language used now a days are swift and objective-c for development of iOS applications . But in present scenario , swift is being chosen more often than objective-c . Swift is mainly used for development of apple softwares , which are fully compatible with IOT(Internet Of Things) substances like apple watch , TVOS and iOS . Swift language has been developed after many challenges , in such a way that we can improve the performance of the application , adding the features of objective-c in it .

Some of the features of swift are given below :

  • Innovativness : Since it included all features of all the existing language , it helps developers to make the app unique and innovative . It is a easy to use simple coding language which can be under stable by anyone who has keen interest in this , thereby giving an opportunity of developing the app by more and more people .
  • Easy to use and errors can be rectified easily : In objective-c , writing a wrong code will gives you no result , and it was almost impossible to find and rectify that error , thereby making it difficult to rectify bugs and errors , thus leading to unimaginable functionality of app and crashing of application at the same time .In swift the option and value types in it will make it clear and easier to find bugs and clear the logics behind it  .
  • It has high potential : Developers are moving on to swift rather than preferring objective-c now a days . The easy to use composition of languages  , and all features of objective-c , has given opportunity to developers for developing the app for all purposes and at the same time easily rectifying of the application errors , with minimal help and without facing any difficulties .
  • It uses simple grammar and syntax  :Objective-c was build on C and to differentiate the type and keywords, developers use @ symbol  in objective-c .Swift does not have this features . Swift can easily adopt different keywords rather than ending up with the symbols .Also method calls are no longer used in swift . The methods in swift are separated by comma list of parameters enclosed in parentheses .
  • It is fast : Swift is no doubt fast programming languages . All codes in swift are written in language that is compatible with latest hardware .
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Chatbots are spelling out future of messenger apps

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According to reports , global messaging app user is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2020 , due to some advancement in technologies like chatbots and AI which has bought a big change in the way to communicate with the people .

Chatbots simplify task for the user .

As soon as chatbots has been introduced in industry , is has open many closed doors for the smartphones industry . Chatbots are of two types  :

Firstly , it can help you to find information  , buy things by means of virtual assistance .

Secondly , messengers can can help brand and user of two way communication .

It is just the begginning of the new era of the industry where billions of user are expected to arrive in next few years , and that is the reason many top brands has already implemented chatbots in their system whether to chat with front customer or for their internal management .

Lesser knows facts about chatbots  :

1.5 billion people use messaging apps

According to studies , messaging apps are better than any social media apps , thus there is is projection of user increment by upto 25 percent in mobile app messaging field .

User are ready to engage with chat box

According to humanity , most people would prefer to talk to chatbot to communicate with business or brand .

People want to communicate retailer by chat

People try contacting retailer by chat , rather than surfing the products online . Online chatting gives them a one time solution of giving the full order at a glance rather than browsing the product online .

The Do’s And Don’t Of App UX Design

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The do’s and don’t of app UX design :

Even the worst made app is usable if user tires to use it , but sometimes features which seems to be awesome might give your app an worst experience leading your app to get struck somewhere .
It’s the job of the professional who is specialist in UX designing to make a user friendly application , so that it can meet the need of those who will be ultimate user of app .
UX design is something which can even make the app or destroy it . Some tips are given below to help you out for making a good UX design :

Do help the user understand what they need to do

This is what a UX designer should primary focus on . The main action of user and the next obvious step of the user should be designed in such a way that user can easily find what they are willing to  . The best way to figure it out is , pick some highly famous app , and make the step by step guide similar to it , as user gets habitual to using an app , say Facebook , and will find hectic if they don’t find handy the app you are allowing them to use .
If followed successfully , it can help your app  be be successful in achieving their position .

Do keep it simple

Try to make the app as simple as it can , so that user will be able to perform their task easily and quickly .
Try to make user paths full with grasses  and trees so that they can avoid the hot sun , thus making user journey as frictionless as it can .Sometimes the simplest approach is best -look the uber , Facebook , google maps to see the simplicity .

Do design for all the users

If you are planning to launch the app , always keep in mind to focus all the user to gain high number of customer .For instance , you have developed some funky app with keeping gin mind of just focusing on young generation , then you are loosing person above the age of 35 years , which means the majority of population .
If a user is new to app , you can provide them a one time guide of using  the app .

Do keep the experience consistence across all the platforms

If your app is available across all the platforms , from phone , tablet and desktop to smart TV’s and watches , try to make app consistence across all the platforms . I am not trying to say that platform  specific design is needed to be followed , but try to make your app similar by using same visual style , font and design .

Don’t have lots of things competing for attention

If you are trying to offer to many choice similar to one another , user usually find hard to pick one among them , and at the same time user will get frustrated .
Using clear visuals will add customer for your app .That way user can at the glance , can distinguish between what is really important and what isn’t ,without reading , understanding and consciously making the decision .


Strong UX / UI design can be the difference between app succeeding and user failing to connect to your design . Keeping your design simple and logical will add value to it for sure .Don’t forget to get feedback and user reviews after launching the app , and make necessary changes accordingly to be successful in app world. All we can say after whole article is ” App that looks fantastic but is not easy to use is a failure “
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