Top Mobile Marketing Trends That Are Emerging In 2018

top mobile app development trends 2018

Using of mobile as one of the marketing space has changed the way of doing mobile marketing business , and thus being one of the smartest decision in technology market . Most of the small vendors now a days are relying more on mobile apps and less on websites . Since mobile app marketing is new kind of digital marketing it has become one of the most preferred way for promoting business , and so is the rise in demand of mobile app development companies .

2017 was the year of digital technology . Together with the digital technology , mobile app development , artificial intelligence and IoT are also emerging players in the market .Some of the hottest emerging mobile marketing trends which are predicted in 2018 are given below :

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP by Google are mainly comprise of three major components : AMP HTML , AMP Javascript , and Content Delivery Network .
AMP mainly stand out of the crowd due to its faster load time . A mobile website with AMP compatibility can be accessed by user at very fast load times , thus reducing the bounce rate which is one of the hardest challenge for small business .


Chatbots together with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used for an automated response while interacting with the customers . At present , we can see chatbots playing a major role in  customer support , but in 2018 they may get a new space in mobile marketing by offering shopping assistance to customer . By this customer can directly interact through chatbots , can get the preferred product in the chatbots itself and can buy from their directly .

Live & Interactive Video

Many of the social media platform has already featuring this live video features as seen in Facebook , twitter etc , and hence the marketing person has also joined the trend of live videos . Live interaction build credibility and trust , and if used in a well manner , will be one of the best way of promoting a product . It really does not matter whether it is a big or a small brand , live video marketing is the trending technology . In addition to live video streaming , live comment section is also live which can help customer to solve their queries during live video .
Another form of video marketing is clickable video , in which business shoot video and then plays across different platform via video marketing or PPC system and if user finds it interesting then click on it and then straight away redirected to the main site from where they can directly buy the product .

Native Advertisement

Native advertisement means show casing the product as per the interest of the customer . For instance say you are watching a sports video , native advertisement will show you products like sports shoes , track pants etc on the basis of your interest . By this a interest of the customer can be targeted , thus helping brand to get more loyal customers and higher conversion rate .
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App Store optimisation

It is very essential to have a good ranking of your mobile app for the business. It not only increases the number of downloads but also increases the revenue generated from the app. It is highly recommended to promote your app for the successful launch of the app. In today’s world, both emerging and well-established organizations are constantly looking forward to improve the mobile app ranking. A good rank in the app store helps you to connect more users and retain existing customers. It is essential that your app has good reviews which will highlight your app amongst the other apps.

Here are some ways through which you can improve your mobile app rating:

Do a proper research work on app store

Before you launch your app, do a proper research on Google play store and iTunes. Both are completely different from each other, both follow different rules and regulation. Google play store focuses more on the description of the app while iTunes app store emphasise on the keywords to categories and display of your app.

So, it is better to have a proper strategy before launching an app. Have a full insight about how the app store optimization works and then only go for the next step.

Choose a reliable plug-in

One of the best factors that are responsible for improving the app ranking is the quality of reviews. If your app has good reviews, it will automatically rank on the top of the app stores . One should consider choosing a reliable plugin that integrates well with iOS and android and ask the users for reviews. There are some plug-in that ask for the review when the user explores the app for a while. Some plugins encourages the user to give review as soon as the user gives review about the app.

Provide incentives for reviews

It is not a simple task to make users to write reviews. Opening review popups are not enough to encourage them. One should provide incentives to encourage users to write reviews. These incentives can be providing free in-game rewards, giving away virtual gifts, providing bonus points or giving away free coupons. These incentives can be given away by making promises to the users. People like free stuff and are easily attracted towards it. Wait for the users to complete some actions and then gently ask them to give reviews about the app.

Use SEO optimization

When you launch your app, you need to draw traffic to your app for more downloads. To draw more traffic, it is very necessary to use search engine optimization tools like email campaigns, PPC and social media. Social media is one of the biggest tool that can result in the success of your app. You can use app promotions like advertising your app in other apps etc. It boosts the optimization process and draws the traffic. Use keywords as it makes the app to list higher in the app store.

Expressive screenshots

To attract the users to download the app, it is very crucial that your app have very expressive and attractive screenshots. These screenshots must have a unique design to entice the users. You must provide screenshot of functionalities of your app with a very informative and quality description of your app.

Go Social

Social media is a very powerful platform. With proper campaigns and strategy, you can influence the viewers to click on the download link of the app. Advertise you app on the social media, build online social communities to build a fan base for your app. This will enhance the number of downloads for your app.

Regular Updates

It is very essential to provide regular updates for you app as it will remove the bugs from your app and will enhance the user experience. It will make sure that new features get added to the app with the current changing market trends.

Final Words

The technology keeps on changing with time. So it is essential to keep updated with the current market trends. To make your app rank higher in the app store, it requires continuous efforts. Winklix is one of the best app development companies who have a very professional team dedicated towards building app on all platforms and will guide you to rank your app higher in the app store.

Does Your App Need A Website ?

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We are living in the world where technology is rapidly changing , and one of the most radical one is changing mobile apps as a substitute of website . The popularity of mobile apps is gaining success worldwide due to its handy technology , where a world can be reached just a thumb away . Although millions of apps has been flooded in the app stores are  only the source of information for user , rather than mobilising on functionality but the idea of the mobile application was successfully enough to divert the mind of the people to mobile apps only rather than a website .

But in todays world app markets are no more trustworthy . Mobile App Developers are focusing  just on delivering the app no traceability and credibility . They are just delivering the app with no sense and customer are focusing on having a ready to use app with low budget in short span of time . That kind of app will never be used by the user nor preferred by the user , and in that case user will prefer to use the website .

So without discussing any further , lets start discussing on why would be always need a website together with a mobile app :

Website Talk In Details

It is true that sometimes customers want to know more about us , about your mission and vision , your future strategy and so on . All this stuff if put in a mobile app will make it messy . For this detailed information you need to have a mandatory website . That is the reason you need a additional website together with the mobile app .

Websites Are Trustworthy

By giving chance to customer for seeing inside you will build trust and credibility for your business , where they can explore your business , quick checkout your portfolio , checkout your service and much more . In short we can say business will look more real .

More Content = More SEO

An App might be a good choice , but from SEO point of view content is all it matters , which obviously can’t be explored in the application. You will need to have an mandatory website for it in order to boost your website ranking and creditability .

Better Customer Interaction

Customer interaction through website flows like a melted butter . You can make full use of website by connecting customer over mail , direct one to one customer chat or reach out customer by form filling . Now a days chatbots are also playing a major role in customer engagement , which might now be possible with a ease in mobile application .

Modifying The Website Is Easy Task

Addition , edition and modification in the website is an easy task , which be a hard task in case of updation of mobile application . Adding a screen on a mobile may loose money out of your  pockets ,which might not be the case with in case of website modification . It will be hardly an hour job for website developer to change that .

Lead Generation

The best way to generate leads is from a website .  Although mobile apps can also generate the leads , but not as successful as a website for generating leads.

The Summation :

Website is always acting as a big brother for the mobile app . It is known fact that if the website exist , people will download the app itself from the market .
So be ahead of the crowd by developing a mobile app together with the website with the best app developer Winklix .