The Popular Trends That Change The Future Of Messaging Apps

The growth of messaging apps is changing the way people interacting with each other .

Now a days , messaging apps are used more than just for texting . Messaging apps are being used to do online business , booking tables in restaurant , and some other features to compete with others in the industry .
While the messaging apps seems to have crossed 100+ millions downloads , but users behaviour is evolving rapidly ,  which means that there is still a open door for for new messaging apps to build their own story . All they need to do for this is to stand apart from the crowd and must be willing to step ahead of the trend .
Here are few trending technologies that messaging apps must not skip :

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Messaging apps are no longer limited to just texting , as it is becoming venture of connecting consumer to company direct away .Be is Facebook messenger, or Allo , most of them support chatbots that deals with marketing , customer support and all kind of stuff .

Video Capabilities

It is based on the basic concept that , the more innovative your application is , the more likely you will get more customers and online visibility . Smartphones users now a days have high bandwidth , that that is the reason they will not only be satisfied with text messaging , rather they will be obelised in case you are offering simple video calling feature too .

Payment Options

Apple has recently introduced payment option in iMessages , in which user can easily make the payment via texting . Isn’t is more convenient ?? This trend is just catching everyones eyes , and we can expect to go up in upcoming years . Be it a payment for shopping or simple fund transfer , all is just a text away .


Security is one of the major concern for everyone using internet now a days . As data is the most important part , leaking personal data via hacking or other things is threat  . That is the reason chatting app , where lots of personal data is shared every day , highly level of security is required. We all know whatsapp is already using end to end encryption , and other will follow soon as per prediction .

Social Features

Most chat apps are turning into social app too , within their app by offering them group chatting , wall sharing , status sharing etc . And this trend is more likely to continue since messaging apps are being used by each and every person who is having smartphones , so why not to take the benefits and offer them all at the single platform .
People love messaging and are now used to it , and that is the reason brands are using messaging app to reach customer on one to one basis .


Messaging allows people to get involved in the conversation .Other mediums like TV’s , newspaper can only express their viewpoints , and can not welcome question and comments on their thoughts . Thus by using a messaging app by these brands , they can easily get the viewpoint , can interact and customer can raise the question too , that all can be done easily with the messaging application .


Every time brand owners interact with customer through messages , they will receive data , which will help them out to learn something from it , thus helping them to continuously improves their strategy while understanding there customer .

Extreme Targeting

The conversations and constant learning provide the brand with extreme targeting . Every time the brand get involved with the customer , they get one step up in satisfying customer wants ,needs , and will react too .
So the time of simple messaging and MMS can changes now , the world is going digital and so is the messaging trends .Now video calls, voice calls , chatbots and payments are emerging in the market . If you want to develop your own messaging app , get in touch with us to discuss further .

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