The Popular Trends That Change The Future Of Messaging Apps

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The growth of messaging apps is changing the way people interacting with each other .

Now a days , messaging apps are used more than just for texting . Messaging apps are being used to do online business , booking tables in restaurant , and some other features to compete with others in the industry .
While the messaging apps seems to have crossed 100+ millions downloads , but users behaviour is evolving rapidly ,  which means that there is still a open door for for new messaging apps to build their own story . All they need to do for this is to stand apart from the crowd and must be willing to step ahead of the trend .
Here are few trending technologies that messaging apps must not skip :

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Messaging apps are no longer limited to just texting , as it is becoming venture of connecting consumer to company direct away .Be is Facebook messenger, or Allo , most of them support chatbots that deals with marketing , customer support and all kind of stuff .

Video Capabilities

It is based on the basic concept that , the more innovative your application is , the more likely you will get more customers and online visibility . Smartphones users now a days have high bandwidth , that that is the reason they will not only be satisfied with text messaging , rather they will be obelised in case you are offering simple video calling feature too .

Payment Options

Apple has recently introduced payment option in iMessages , in which user can easily make the payment via texting . Isn’t is more convenient ?? This trend is just catching everyones eyes , and we can expect to go up in upcoming years . Be it a payment for shopping or simple fund transfer , all is just a text away .


Security is one of the major concern for everyone using internet now a days . As data is the most important part , leaking personal data via hacking or other things is threat  . That is the reason chatting app , where lots of personal data is shared every day , highly level of security is required. We all know whatsapp is already using end to end encryption , and other will follow soon as per prediction .

Social Features

Most chat apps are turning into social app too , within their app by offering them group chatting , wall sharing , status sharing etc . And this trend is more likely to continue since messaging apps are being used by each and every person who is having smartphones , so why not to take the benefits and offer them all at the single platform .
People love messaging and are now used to it , and that is the reason brands are using messaging app to reach customer on one to one basis .


Messaging allows people to get involved in the conversation .Other mediums like TV’s , newspaper can only express their viewpoints , and can not welcome question and comments on their thoughts . Thus by using a messaging app by these brands , they can easily get the viewpoint , can interact and customer can raise the question too , that all can be done easily with the messaging application .


Every time brand owners interact with customer through messages , they will receive data , which will help them out to learn something from it , thus helping them to continuously improves their strategy while understanding there customer .

Extreme Targeting

The conversations and constant learning provide the brand with extreme targeting . Every time the brand get involved with the customer , they get one step up in satisfying customer wants ,needs , and will react too .
So the time of simple messaging and MMS can changes now , the world is going digital and so is the messaging trends .Now video calls, voice calls , chatbots and payments are emerging in the market . If you want to develop your own messaging app , get in touch with us to discuss further .

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History Of iPhone App Development

The Apple App store launched in 2008 , with very few features , but Apple have introduced many new features every now and then , and with the each update it becomes better , and thus giving the way to app developers to focus on Apple App store and implementing of new features .

Each update provider new challenges for our greedy developers who are always focused on taking endless opportunities , thus giving a way of utilising the app they have created  .

Android App Development VS iPhone App Development

Inspite of the fact than iPhones are contributing very less global share market , it is the one which is generating the most revenue from application .

With the above fact , would you create an Android application  ? Android uses java , which is commonly used programming language and iPhone use Objective-c language , person who are familiar with C and C++ , will find easy to use it . The only limitation in iPhone store is it required prior approval before publishing any app on the stores.

So if both platform cost the same , doesn’t it make sense to utilise $ 5 billion dollar market of iPhone ?

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How App Can Be Launched In Right Way

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If you are planning to earn money from app , you have to launch it in right way and also must choose the right app development company for that .

It really does not matter how sharp minded you are , or how skilled your programmer is , or how cheesy the marketing team , there is always something that can struck you up and can hang your app launching  . Launching the app does not start with submitting application on play or app store , or marketing it before the day it gets released .

So now lets start begin discussion you ever need to know how app can be successfully launched , from wind up to follow through .

Brainstorming , Research & Development

During the initial brainstorming for app development , me curative of ho your app is going to look hit the market. Do try to keep an eye on competitor , and how your target audience look like .Also think of a question that must arise in your mind , that what you should do to stand out of the crowd ? Why will people prefer to download your app , instead of your competitor app ? If these answers are not clear , then forget about successful app . So before investing money in app and wasting time for building the same , make sure it’s worth investing in . Get a bulletproof business plan to stand ahead in the crowd .

Even if you are very first in launching the app , always remember that copycats will very soon steal your ideas .A good idea is always meant to be stolen .So try to make your app as unique as possible .

Test Test Test

Testing your app through app building tool , is not at all going to provide you with realistic testing environment  . So never trust an app building tool for testing the same . Every mobile device has their own screen size and configuration  , so testing on as many devices as you can , subject to availability can be proven beneficial , before fully launching the app . The best way to do is , you can get some trending mobile tablets and phones to test your app  .
Nothing can be worse than discovering the app crashing and not working properly on the very first day of app launching .Launches should be time of celebrating rather than debugging the app .

Develop Marketing Strategies And Tactics

Figuring out a good marketing strategies before you launch launching an app , can be proven beneficial for your app launching . For instance , you create lots of rumours and suspense before launching your app , promotion it all where , in such a way that people get excited for your upcoming app  , will add value for your app , and can increase your sales right from day 1 . There are plenty of ways to do the promotion of your app , some are free , some are cheap and some are really expensive to . It really does not matter how much your budget is , but you have to market the app with market smart mind . Just always keep in mind , identify your target market and just cater to them .

Begin The Application Process

Beginning the application process means you must have done with marketing , and app is going to be ready in short wile , for approvals in their respective stores .


Ready your press release , give appropriate support as and when required , make sure your marketing gleams is active and yuppiiieeee its time to sell . Launch day should involve steps like- monitoring performance , resolving of bugs and problem quickly as and when required , and keep on trying things until things cool down . Always try to launch a bug free app , or we can say app which has a minor bugs , rather than having a app flooded with bug . If you are having lots of bugs and problem , i am afraid , all your investment and time with be for naught .