Why You Should Care Whether Your App Was Built Using Google Firebase

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If you are willing to use tried and tested solution for encoding your app ,  then google firebase is one of the best option to choose from .

Building with firebase

When you are planning to hire an app development company in delhi  , there are plenty of techniques with their own prons and cons that can build your app .
Google firebase product is one of the famous things in trending app development environment , while encoding an app you should care about .

Its all about (the quality of) the app

Apps are beautiful from outside , like a sexy girl model standing on taxi stand waiting for taxi , but if we see the back part of it , it is just the combination of code waiting to run on customer’s smartphones , tablets and watches .
There are plenty of ways to build an successful applications , but the involvement of development for writing of quality code is must .
If your developer is working on something which has been developed before , then he may choose to prefer using third parties libraries of code for developmental process , thus giving him benefit of quicker implementation with tested technology , rather on building it on scratch .
For example , will you prefer to hire a gym trainer who is new in the filed of gym and body building and is just trying to test his skills !! Will you  ?? Obviously not !!

Build better apps with firebase

Firebase is google invented tool , that offers functionalities and solutions that address common app requirements .
This functionalities includes :
  1. Analytics of how user is using your application.
  2. Authentication of user log in .
  3. Real time database storage .
In short , google firebase allows you to build a better functionality application , to helping business in achieving success through applications .

Why you should care

Ummm…. its simple- Firebase is a tested platform . Firebase is tested tool for quality and will help you to get on market quicker .
Winklix.com is helping individuals and companies to develop application on the basis of best available platforms , thus giving our customer the best mobile app.
You can contact us here .

A Guide For Becoming A Self Made Digital Marketing Expert

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As per the history suggest , we are always in need of expert guidance in case we are facing any hurdles of any new undertakings in our fast forwarding life . Digital marketing is also one of them , in which almost 90 people fails out of 100 , as they don’t know how to do it .

As far as the static shows , around 400 billion people are there in India who has internet access , and in upcoming 3 years , around 300 billion more people will get their hands dirty .

As far as the report says , almost 8 lakhs people has got the job in the field of digital marketing , thereby giving your website a desired position as wanted by you , fulfilling you with happiness , and lots of pizza’s , burger and beer .

In world of digital marketing  , you need to focus on complete digitalisation .(Humans are becoming bots and bots are becoming human ) .

Some facts and short of stuff that I am going to give you as a food , and you with no doubt swallow it :

1) Digital marketing agency is tend to grow at fast speed of 50 % .

2) 20x growth in search related queries over the internet has been shown in the last 5 years in India.

3)In India  , a huge democratic country , almost 270 million of the mobiles have an active internet connection on daily basis .

1) Pick one from vide range of options and excel into it

Content marketing , big data , mobile marketing , social media marketing , search engine optimisation , internet of things and many more things together combined to be called as different fields of digital media marketing .

Content Marketing : Content is know to be king of digital media marketing , and it should be focused with utmost care .

Social Media Marketing : The budget of marketing on social media has been doubled by every companies , in case they are willing to survive in flooded market .

Search Engine Optimisation : Almost every 1st person out of 3 person go to the very first link of the organic search traffic .This solely defines how much important SEO is for your business .


Blogging helps us in numerous of aspects such as  :

A ) Drive traffic to your website :

Writing catchy and cheesy content on your blog would be great for your website , thereby helping you in finding visitors who can enhance their skills on your website , and at the same time , we can use backlinks of other website to cut the crap , in case of any mess .

Sharing your blog on various social media platform such as Facebook , twitter etc is good for social media presence of your brand also .

B) Increase SERP ranking

 Posting fresh content regularly on blog seems good medicine for google doctor . Just like content being king , keywords are diamonds on the crown . In blog , using lots of keywords giving it a clear view is preferable .

3) Read And Implement

Plenty of things are happening over the internet now a days , that are deemed to grab your attention .like searchengineland , MOZ are one of those great sites that are content oriented , on which you can get updates about the latest trends in market and the most trending topics going on right now . However reading the articles only will no where going to affect you , you need to implement them as well . The SEO field is somewhere hit and trial method in which you have to test each and every trick and every tricks and choose the best among them .Ultimately we can say learning is the only way too grow , but implementation is the only process behind that growth .

4) A2A Forums

Always try to get engage with various A2A forums , as these sites are best for enhancing your skills about numerous topics .
Eg quora – a place for better understanding the world and to  share your knowledge at the same time .

5) Keep An Eye On Google Analytics

Always keep an eye on performance of adwords campaign and at the same time get engage yourself with social media adwords . That is all you have to understand for becoming an expert in marketing and gaining lots of customers .
You can hire any digital media marketing expert who can clearly understand your business , and can help you in achieving success and be a successful company .

The Conclusion

Read all the techniques ? Still got confused on how to do a successful digital marketing ? 
We are here brother to server you . Hire winklix.com who is website designing and developer in delhi .

Struggling With Your Existing Outsourced App Developers ?

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At Winklix , we are often approached by frustrated clients , who are unhappy with their current agencies of mobile app development . As far as we know , client may get frustrated with communication problem , the quality of work and lack of  progress due to serving lots of clients at a time .

Common issues with the outsource problems and their overcome is given below :

1) Lack of understanding :

Mobile app development companies often start working on project , without even making the wireframe of it and if the company is not able to fully understand the requirement , obviously they will not be able to guide the developers of their company to carry on the project . That means the core feature of would be application are either missing ,or is developing in a wrong way , giving the app difficult to use and thus adversely affecting the end result .

This problem can be overcomes by focusing on the end user requirement of the client , i.e., what is his/her business goals , and what exactly they are expecting from a app developers .Its preferable to have a wireframe and modules to be written on the piece of paper to proceed further without any hesitance , and give a better output .

2) Poor Communication

Another biggest reason you may be struggling is biggest communication problem .Throughout the project , you may be not getting the regular updates of your project ,  and it fell like , what the hell is going on with your project . Are they really doing it or is just focusing on other clients who  have higher priority , thus arising lack of transparency inspite of you are paying for services required by you .For instance there me be some technical jargon which may arise , making it difficult for developer to do right now , and you may be misguided that it can’t be done as it is impossible to build the features desired by you .

At Winklix , we believe that it is important , there is a process of communication , in which we can regularly update to our clients by mail and our online softwares so that we can give the necessary updated to clients as and when required by clients , so that at every stage we do development , client can cross check the app and make necessary changes accordingly , rather than at the end of the development .

Having in app development industry since 2004 , we have developed may softwares for exchanging information with clients . Our project manager will give you regular updates by various means using our software to keep you updated with the development process .

3) Bad coding practise 

Another biggest issue that you may face is bad practising of coding by developers , that you may not even get to know about this . This means developers might me using some old technologies , inspite of new technology availability . For instance , they may still be using objective c , inspite of apple is about to release swift 4 .

It is always preferable to use the latest technology available , at it minimises the security risk and at the same time may not be compatible with the latest operating systems .

Structuring of code in right manner is another important task .For instance  , they may have written enough comments while doing coding , and this will arise difficulty , in case you want to hire your own in house team , understanding the code with be a difficult task for your developers then .

At Winklix , we are always keen on using the latest technology , at the same time make is scalable and reusable .

4) Too many bugs and too little testing

Another biggest reason that you might be suffering is getting lots and lots of bugs while testing . There may be question arises that if you have to test all the bugs , then why the hell they are charging for the testing the bugs !! Often fixing the bugs has knock on affect causing other issues . That means you may be getting behind targeted schedules , causing project to fall behind schedule .
At Winklix , our project manager and quality assurance team will test the app and website on each and every step before passing it onto your feedback . our app development company has a concept of testing the app on every phase , thus almost minimising the bugs .

5) Behind Schedule

If you are facing any of the issue listed above , then your you are getting behind the targeted schedule .That is why it is important to set back out targets and to have a fight to complete the project on time .
At Winklix , we use our online tool that act as timeline of task and app building , so that everyone can see the progress work.
So you can hire winklix so overcome with the problem and get an ready app within stipulated time .Winklix is mobile app developer in Delhi , India serving the world .