Developing A Mobile Event App

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Various categories of app has been designed for different purposes which are available on google play  and app stores , and event app is one of various such categories which has gained attention in recent past .

The event app are meant for planning , creating and delivering a successful corporate events .Its a far better method of hosting an event than that old paper method . Mobile app are trending now a days and so is the smartphones . Event management company now a days looking to capitalise on this opportunity by use of event management app . With event management companies looking for increase in investment , more and more companies are looking for mobile app development companies .

Lets note some benefits of having a good event app :

Single App For All Event

A single app can serve all the future event , rather than making app for each and every event .The app will have its own database with past and future events records noted in it .

Streamline Work

An enterprise app will give you to communicate with all user at the same time and broadcasting your messages to all user in a single way . With a single platform for all users , manager of event will be able to focus  more on events rather than creating banners for engaging with the users .

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Event

Gone are those days , when you have to see the pamphlets to know about the events . The event app with help you out to know the details of the events taking place with venues , viewing the information about the event and joining the live discussion for the same.

Engage And Interact

Event app make it easier for the event manager to interact with the user by easily sending push notification for the same . It help you to get better attendees , better feedback and strong connection for your brand .


User try to stay in touch about the event and after the event too , as event app are integrated with social media and networking tools .

Access To Event Data

Attendees have access to customer data , vip guest , partners , speakers which generated leads and help them meet the right people .


Event app gives access to user to provide feedback after ending of the particular event so that event manager can get the prons and cons of hosting the event and can improve the mistakes if any in next event and even make it more successful .

UX Story : All You Need To Know About

user stories UX

We all are in habit of reading and listening stories everyday , thus connecting it to various experienced things . When facts are put together in a story , the story is better under stable at that time .

The same is the case with user experience stories .All stories have a common goal to focus on .A UX story defines how your app is going to look like once they are out of their homes , and step in the market .At the same time , it will also guide you about the events happening in your app from user perspective .

Why are UX stories important ?

They summaries the whole experience

Whole process of app is easily under stable by user , by giving a brief about how app will be going to work .

Help you explain topic that you can’t detail directly

You might not be able to easily detail out all the hot topics of the application , until and unless guided in UX  stories .

UX stories better narrates your audience

User can easily get to know what you are saying , and thus its easier for you to persuade into app purposes .

Components of UX stories

  1. User :If there is no user , no use of story will tend to exist .
  2. User goal and motivation : We are making the story for user , so it must be created keeping in mind user goals and motivational quotes .
  3. Context:It is somewhat connecting the stories to real life situation to make user more understandable .
  4. Insight :It is pouring your skills and time to make the story understandable to user .
  5. Visual Portion :If done correctly , it increases the value of the app upto 10 times . It included images , videos and animations .

How to write a good UX story ?

User should be a centric approach in every story you are willing to publish , as the ultimate aim of story is to make it under stable to user. Sharing unique experience in real life situation and aiming at daily life situation when someone may not focus on would also lead you to path of good UX story .
Keep your UX story as simple as it can interactive , as it is easily under stable at the very first time .
Try to be alive in your story till the end of the story to engage all the user by telling something that user might have not experienced before .
Try to make story understandable for all the user whether it is an young user or an old one . Then only you will follow the way of success .
Conclusion : UX story is new way of storytelling . It’s natural and better way of communication with your audience .

Rock Awesome Android App Design

android app design

The Winklix’s App designing company has mastered the Android’s platform since 2004 . And since then we only focuses on neat and classy design , which will definitely be easy to use . Our efforts and continuous planning has made us a leader in android app development and designing , and also in iPhone app design .

What Is Winklix ?

Winklix is a team of professional app designers and developers who are expertise in designing and development of awesome applications . We always tries to flourish even a small app in best possible way so that user can love the app while using it .
Our foremost aim is to create a functional app rather than selling the app in the market . Winklix has proven to be a leader by working with large enterprises , but we always welcome startups to explore their ideas to us to make it a successful app .

Why We Design Android App’s ?

Android is one of the famous and most selling smartphones in the world , and that’s why we are trying to contribute our role in their app market in best possible way . We work with our client from the ground level to skyrocket their app when the food is ready . And that’s the reason we only make beautiful and functional app . To play with the UI’s are our speciality . We work round the clock’s with our team situated in Delhi, Noida , Mumbai , New Jersey and London , our software developers has the power to explore almost everything .
We work as an agile agency creating your product within time frame of 2 weeks . Throughout these 2 weeks our designing  and development team will give you your app blueprint , biweekly check’s so that our client’s can get a whole idea of what we are going to deliver and how their app is moving along .
By having client’s understanding by in’s and out’s of the process , our clients get the brief idea of how their final product is going to be look like .

History Of The Android App

With the introduction in October 2008 , the Android market (now referred as google play) was open their doors for public use . At that time , android market was acquiring around 75 % of the market share globally , thus leaving an immense opportunity for developers to create successful apps. Today with over 1 million Android app flooded in App stores , its crucial for developers to to think creatively about what customers are looking for and how to stand out of the crowd .
What makes our company different is design side of our’s . Our first and primary focus is on designing part , to create beautiful app with unique and user friendly design .Our apps are refined to give you perfection , to give your app a brand rather than just creating it .
At Winklix , we only take projects which looks exceptional to us , thus making us choosy as we are passionate about idea as you are .
You can contact us to get your next big project done from us .