Five reasons why your business should use ServiceNow

ServiceNow has been at the forefront of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions in recent years and has grown exponentially annually. He has a proven capacity to convert IT and business, now getting a career strategy to lead the CIO. With all the advantages that ServiceNow provides, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. You have no idea if this is good for you? Read this article for five reasons why your company should use ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow is Easy 

ServiceNow has changed the way people work since 2003 and is consistently among the fastest-growing software companies of all time. As the enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow gives a service category that characterizes, patterns, and automates the flow of work, eliminating email and spreadsheets from the method to streamline the delivery of services. It renovates these manual transactions by a consumerized “light-speed” duty occurrence, designed for all components of the company. 

While ServiceNow solves many business problems, one of the greatest benefits of ServiceNow is the relatively small amount of configuration needed to set up and run a business. This means that you can immediately be productive and begin to share and resolve your concerns. 

ServiceNow’s NOW platform is quick to use. 

Designed to manage everything as a service, ServiceNow helps modern businesses operate faster and become more scalable than ever before. It does so by placing a service-familiarized lens on the conditioning, tasks, and processes that compose the daily work life. 

The reason it’s so efficient is that it gives you a strong platform, including architecture, right out of the box. From here, you can work on the rules and create the forms very quickly, and you don’t even need to worry about the structures of your databases. 

Not only does it have about 75% of your work done for you as soon as you set it up, but it also has a veritably open architecture so you can take it and plug it into different systems or processes that are otherwise not represented. 

ServiceNow’s NOW platform is secure. 

ServiceNow does a lot of things. Not only is it flexible, but it is extremely important in all facets of its design. ServiceNow allows enterprise service disciplines to define services, provide an intuitive service experience, provide services, ensure service availability and dissect critical service criteria. Then there are plenty of tools available on ServiceNow. 

  • Application Development Quickly creates, test, and publish ServiceNow applications that can extend from one department to your entire company. With little or no coding required, almost everyone can conduct business transactions for each line of business. 
  • ServiceNow Field Service simplifies field service operations by changing spreadsheets, emails, and other operating tools to a single system. 
  • Financial Services Management Effectively responds to requests submitted, including financial reporting, procurement, and pay issues; gain visibility into work requests and trends over time. 
  • HR Service Operations Produce an engagement system that operates in tandem with operations for core HR, talent, and workforce operations. (Learn why ServiceNow is effective for HR service operations) 
  • IT Service Management ITSM consolidates and automates service system processes, boosts effectiveness, lowers costs — and commits further time to generate the consumer ‑ like self ‑ service experience that users want. (Learn in detail how service systems modernization with ServiceNow ITSM helps) 
  • Security Operations ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) module systematically manages safety occurrences, prioritizes susceptibility, visualizes the effectiveness of security investments, and adapts to improving conditions. 

The ServiceNow NOW platform is prevalent. 

Description of being omnipresent or being all at one time. This is quite true with ServiceNow, as it is a cloud-based PaaS. The biggest benefit of being cloud-based is that there is no connection with an original resource, and it can easily extend across multiple networks. 

Unlike other platforms, ServiceNow was originally designed into the cloud and it shows. Many cloud-based grounded services are not designed to withstand enterprise IT pressures. They are used to process a relatively small amount of transactions and support the service – position, lower critical workload. 

ServiceNow differs because it is intended specifically for large businesses. It has the stamina to withstand the pressures of the IT industry, scalability, and customer requirements. 

ServiceNow comesPre-Equipped with the Annual Knowledge Conference 

The ServiceNow, Knowledge conference is held frequently in Las Vegas, NV every year and draws more attendees from around the world. With more than 400 sessions in just under 6 days, there is a lot to learn at this technical conference (no pun intended, of course). 

Are you wondering what you can do with Knowledge? 

  • Networking opportunities with thousands of service managers, professionals, and executives worldwide. 
  • Over 400 breakout sessions, the largest of which is ServiceNow. 
  • 150+ sponsors and exhibitors showcasing new and unique ways of utilizing ServiceNow. 
  • The option to learn more about CreatorCon, the post-conference event specifically for ServiceNow developers. 

The conference is still well organized and since the most recent knowledge conference, 92 respondents said they would return. Along with this, 91 said they had learned something new about ServiceNow and its functionality. Is this good for learning? 

Winklix is proud to be a ServiceNow partner, able to give advice to your company or offer assistance for your ServiceNow instance. By setting a service-aware lens on the activity, tasks, and methods that make up day-to-day work life, Winklix enables the recent enterprise to operate quickly and be more scalable than ever before. Do you want more information? 

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