MongoDB Brief – A New Age Database

MongoDB is the latest database introduced for developers which is also known as NoSQL database .  The database are stored as specified documents within a collection and not like in rows and columns as found in traditional databases . JSON and BSON are being used by MongoDB to store the data .

Developers find it extremely simple to learn and use due to its open source nature which aids data maps models objects in application code . The storage of information in MongoDB is done by MongoDB query language . The best part is in this database system , documents are self described . New fields can be added in database without even touching the existing collection , and thereby it has the ability to store even a complex structure and arrays .

MongoDB has a concept of ACID translations , collections , documents , fields , secondary index , embedded documents and aggregation pipeline .

The developers has recently launch MongoDB 4.0 which is fully equipped with graded security and management tools .

MongoDB Unique Feature :

  • MongoDB has the capability to build application faster and even manage the important data , differentiating various data types in a more effective manner .
  • It helps in building even a complex application with ease . MongoDB defines its document map  as per the latest technology with using object oriented programming language .
  • MongoDB has also the unique ability to remove even a complex relational mapping(ORM) which converts objects in code to relational table .

Benefits Of Using MongoDB :

  • NoSQL means no data governance
  • Capability of handling even a complex data
  • Documents are flexible
  • Documents are natural
  • It makes application response time faster
  • Proprietary extensions
  • Schema rigidity
So in order to learn MongoDB , one need to move step by step from relational database to MongoDB. One has to differentiate between relational and document data model and implication of schema design . When this happens , you are all ready to use simple and more secured database

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