How To Make Your App Stand Out In A Crowd

Being unique among the app , you will never get out of the style , but app design trends might come and go .

” Lets build an app that get featured in app stores and makes million dollars ” . According to recent survey , an average of 1.5 k apps are daily being added to app stores , and most of these app get lost in flood of app stores . In present scenario , making an app will not guarantee its success as it was earlier before 5 years , until and unless you are among those top developers who are on the top 25 and whose app are getting featured in app stores .

So what is the best way for making your app ” The Slight Edge ” ?

App development is one thing and promotion of app is completely different thing . If you are thinking of investing all the money in mobile app development , and less on promotion – you are absolutely wrong .

It is necessary to keep a perfect balance between mobile app development & marketing to ensure sustainability of app .

But the question remains the same ? How can you make your app stand out of the crowd that will make it unique ? Below are some points which can help you to stand out of the crowd .

Name Of The Application

The name of the application should be trendy , short and sweet . Secondly it should be closely related to your app . For instance , Facebook is something that denoted a social app showing faces and status to all people . Adding ” Z ” at the end is the latest trend in name choosing .

Logo Of The Application

It is really really important to have the best logo for your app . So always focus to get it designed in most unique way with simplicity . Whatssapp , Facebook , Viber has logo that has been imprinted in our brains .

App Description In App Stores

When user comes to app stores , they don’t know your app , so it will we your app description that will help them to get an idea that what is app all about . So the description of the app will lure him to download the app . We must have heard that ” Content is always the king ”  and the same strategy applies over here . Simply writhing app is very good and you should download it , does not really make sense nor user will be guided what all is app about .

Videos & Screen Shots

Sometimes the description does not describe what a video can . Video can give them the real time experience of app even before downloading it .Your video should contain the best features that your app is having as well as uniqueness . On the other hand app screenshot will attract more downloads to your app .


User feedback play a important role in making your app a success . The caliber of the app is judged by the stars it gets . None of the video , screenshot will tell about your app performance , but users feedback do .

Last Updated

Some application starts well , but consistency is not maintained later . They are not getting regular updated and thus user gets bored by using same functionality over months without any new addition to it . Also the errors and bug have their own right to get arises after app launch , and it can’t be ignored . So always keep an check on bugs and try to solve them on next version update , otherwise even if you are performing well , you could not do a lot .

Number Of Downloads

It is thumb rule that more the downloads are more your app more will be user engagement . Obviously 1 lakh download for a particular app can’t be fake download . They all will be genuine user who have used the app and can given their feedback accordingly . If your app has a good download , it is single enough to show your app is standing out of the crowd .

Size Of The Application

Size of the application matters a lot . Everyone has a limited space in their phone with a limited data pack . So if you are having a application of say 29 MB , user will hesitate to download it , and if you have 5 MB application , user will surely try it once .
For instance Teena fonds your application on app store , even if she does not have a data pack , she can tell her friend to open up the hotspot to download the same in phone if it is off smaller MB’s .

Other Factors

Developing neat and clear application with no ads will create no irritation for the user . The best UI ( User Interface ) should always be focused on , making it as easy to use as possible  . ” First impression is last impression “. So always tries to focus on home screen ease of usability . Make sure your app should run as smooth as butter .
So at any times , it is unicity that matters. So try to make it as unique as possible applying your own brain and try to get feedback before launching from your friends and family .
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