How digital banking can save your day in these tough times?


With the Covid-19 continuing its infectious spread, banks and the financial sector are in dire need of new and refreshing customer experience. They have to get adjusted to the changed realities to serve and maintain their customers and involve them remotely. In order to deal with the challenges posed and stay afloat, several banks have transmitted positive vibes like perks of online banking to their customers’. Services such as comfort of performing round-the-clock transactions and access of instant information regarding their account happened to be measures which banks have taken these days to retain their customers. Also, some banks are even having tutorials to create awareness among their tech-unfriendly customers and upgrading the scope and type of transactions to maximize the use.

With the Covid-induced social distancing measures in place, the use of Digital banking has gone up immensely. This will have a direct bearing on how people will carry out banking transactions in future as well. Even users have taken to digital banking like fish to water as visits to brick-and-mortar branches have reduced.

Components that are highly likely to be affected shortly.

Changes in digital customer experience

Digital transformation has made its way into the banking and finance sectors some years back, and Covid 19 has only expedited the process. Instead of a luxury, this has become a necessity in the current scenario for banks and financial institutions. As per McKinsey report, customers who happened to be happy over digital banking experience will in all probability open new accounts and create more positive word of mouth. With social distancing being the new normal, banking procedures such as customer onboarding and product origination will be digitalized to offer an incredible digital experience to customers at the cool confines of their abodes.

More emphasis on engagement

With high perks on offer customers are highly likely to shift towards involvement through a digital banking experience. With digital transactions being more convenient and involving zilch physical efforts the trend will gain more traction even after the Covid-19 problems subside.

As per Harvard Business Review, the major repercussion of the pandemic is poised to be the spike in data-enabled services in every aspect of life. This means not just the operations arena, but banks will have to work harder in the domains of virtual sales and marketing to promote those services. Through data analytics tools and instant campaign management, banks will be able to transform customer data into logical insights and utilize the same via making the correct decisions at the appropriate time. This will assist banks to accelerate both involvement and bottom line in the post-Covid scenario.

Embracing next-gen tech

In the approaching years, banks will see a lot of changes in the digital market. Hence, banks and financial institutions will become increasingly receptive to embracing new technologies to add more convenience to their lives. Banks will even welcome more expandable and flexible technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud platforms to serve the customers in the best possible manner. But, this evolving scenario will heighten competition, which would prompt banks to keep on delivering new improvements and features through their banking apps.


Hence, it is easy to surmise that the digital trends that have caught the imaginations of many are highly likely to flourish as a result of the pandemic. Retail banks and other financial institutions that can change their work patterns in line with the existing reality, adopting digital technologies, will make more more impact in the mercurial market in the future.

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