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Winklix is mobile app design , web design and web development company with offices in Delhi , Mumbai , Pune , New York and London .Our headquarters are in Delhi , so we take pride in understanding trends in design and fashion industry . We are innovators with a power of design in such a way that it inspire everyone and sets your app apart ahead of your competitors .

Our team is ready to breaks any rules for delivering you awesome and bold design . We knew it better than anyone else of what user desires and needs , and this comes in our blood from our years of experience .

A Experience Worthy For Customers

Many of the recognised big companies and established retailers have believed in Winklix , to deliver them an awesome shopping app . We work with Gunas New York , to create an amazing user experience .

Our developers and UI/UX designers works round the clock with experienced persons to deliver you an amazing mobile commerce experience .

The fashion app industry is still a young sector in never ending world of startups .We at Winklix believe in developing fashion and clothing app above all other apps in the market , thus leading ahead of all your competitors .

Fashion Is Big Business : Mobile Ecommerce

The mobile app industry is predicted to reach $ 6.3 trillion in 2021 , and this means app industry will continue its massive growth .Developing a fashion app is not just a project for us , we will put our sole and hearts to deliver the best app , so that business can actually survive in the market . The tremendous growth in app industry is shown due to in app purchases , Apple store contributing the largest share .

We try to bring the unique design in app with digital transformation , as we know nothing derives more than an online sale can .

Fashion Tech Can Help You Scale

Many startups has used mobile app technology to scale up their fashion tech business. According to our believes every business brand must find ways to connect directly with their customers rather than let their distribution channel defines them .
In 2017 , mindset of the people has changes a lot , more than more retail brand are rushing towards online stores to better showcase their product with their vide ranges .

What Can Winklix Do For You ?

Every industry is trending towards a delightful , seamless mobile experience , and we have a in-house team of beauty parlours professionals who know how to harness your app in best possible way .You just have to name a category of applications and Winklix has developed it for you within 4 weeks time frame .
Interested in getting in touch with us , contact us today .

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