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As for selecting a digital marketing agency, it’s not as easy as it sounds like.

So, while selecting the app marketing company, you cannot afford to let your guard down. Go through these steps to make sure you are making the right choice as far as digital marketing agencies are concerned.



As you begin looking for the ideal digital marketing firms, you should, ideally, ask yourself some questions, such as what do I aim to accomplish with an agency and how much can I spend to get what I desire? Knowing clearly what you desire will assist you in finding precisely what you want, instead of wasting your time and effort. Upon realizing company’s requirements – whether it is maximizing your business’ presence online or redesigning your brand – you are prepared to search actively for the best digital marketing agency for you.


Evaluate the packages a company is providing – is it in sync with what you intend your business to achieve? This is a critical aspect and if their marketing strategy is poles apart from what you are seeking, the agency is not suitable for you. Also cost is something worth considering. There is no point in wasting money on a digital marketing package that is not in line with your needs.


It is a must to perform good background research of the digital marketing agencies you have been probing. In order to find out whether an agency is apt for you, simply look at the results they’ve produced. For example, if you want to hire an agency to perform content marketing, then look into how they run their own blog? The same yardstick applies to SEO; how do they rank in search terms for their industry? Are they on the first page of Google? Through recommendation as well you can find out about the efficacy of digital marketing agencies. Ask your friends and family or if any friends-of-friends are in the know. Be extremely cautious in case you are hiring an overseas digital marketing agency. They charge very low prices, but in reality, you might have to put up with poor service. And the time difference which can create a lot of issues.


You might wonder, what do I ask from a digital marketing agency? However, it is critical that you are asking the appropriate questions.


Can I view some campaign samples of yours?

Seek for a portfolio of successful campaigns. With these you can gauge their effectiveness.

Who will finish the work?

You might need several team members, such as an SEO agency with a content marketing team in-house. Assess the company and ask yourself: “Would I be satisfied with their work on my company’s site?”

What is the duration of keeping clients on average?

The longer would be ideal

What outcome can you assure me?

Remember that if you happen to be in a fairly competitive industry, a digital marketing agency should not raise the expectation with high talks, as there are several factors in the mix – it is clear that outcome will take time if you happen to be in a more competitive market.

How to gauge results and ROI?

Ensure how results will be quantified, and your return on investment (ROI).


Upon finding the digital marketing agencies suitable for your work contact the companies to express your interest. The immediate move is to dispatch a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) to few agencies to assist you choose the best among these. An RFP permits you to gather information from several companies and choose the company that suits your mission perfectly, both in terms of skill and budget. This clarifies which agency is suitable for your business, and the digital marketing you should hire.


As they say “proof of the pudding lies in its eating”. So, you would as well like to know what the company can do for you. In this endeavor, you can give them a task to do so as to find out if they have the ability to deliver the goods for you. No amount of testimonials can guarantee this. Ask them to prepare a digital PR campaign or do a content marketing post for your business. This way you would know the real worth of the agency.


Now, it is time to have a meeting with the digital agency. This is an ideal manner to get familiarized with the team and an opportunity to do away with any differences with the team before inking a contract. At this point personality clashes, if any, becomes apparent, which can adversely impact your business. So, a meeting is an ideal way to know everything about the chosen agency.

SEO And Web Development To Increase Your Brand Awareness For B2B and B2C Business

SEO And Web Development To Increase Your Brand Awareness For B2B and B2C Business

The increase in the use of internet among various communities has influenced business to create their brand value online which in turn plays a pivotal role in increasing overall revenue . The internet has become bread and butter now a days of our lives taking into consideration one of the quickest way to reach the right targeted audience at right time .

Over the past few years , the number of business in each sector has increased tremendously which is ultimately leading to cut throat competition . Each of the new business as well as existing business are implementing new strategies  , tools and technologies which aids them in generating new leads from the market as well as at the same time retaining old customers , expanding market react and thereby boosting overall revenue of the company .

Access to internet has completely revolutionised the way we do business . It has increase both B2B and B2C growth . The rise in the shopping trend from leading e-commerce website are just some explanations of the same . Internet has helped business to increase sales , decrease their cost and enhance the overall sustainability . B2B sales are getting increased by the use of internet for supply chain operations , whereas B2C uses e-commerce sites and product delivery channels to increase sales.

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But is having a website on internet is enough for doing business ? Rather not ! If you are done with your website , we can say you have taken a very first step to create a space for yourself in web world . You need to opt for internet marketing which contains planning strategies and continuously working and updating the website accordingly . Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)are two popular internet marketing strategy which are concerned with optimising your website for your desired keywords on world wide web . Imagine you have develop a website and it is not discoverable on the internet ! Will that make sense ? A website which has great UI/UX so that even a layman can understand the same will have profound effect on bringing the desired customers . SEM is more or less concerned about promotion your website to rank higher on advertisement with the help of PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertisement model in which you have to bid or specific keyword to rank higher .

Web development is not only concerned about designing a beautiful website with a brand logo and showcasing to customers , rather its about setting up a good branch architecture . Branch architecture is concerned about setting up the navigations on the website in most organised manner . If your website is showcasing relevant results related to searched keywords by user , your user might find you website on search engine first page which in turn helps you in gaining more customers .

The Digital marketing company can help you taking your website to reach new dimensions in so called competitive world for B2B and B2C e-commerce . Winklix is one of the leading names in web industry who is known for providing software development , web applications , and digital marketing services .


winklix progressive mobile app

What are progressive apps?

Progressive apps are the web based mobile apps that provides the experience similar to an app. These apps use latest technologies and do not need to install just like normal apps. These apps are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Twitter launched its web app Twitter Lite which resulted in the increase of sales and reducing the data consumption. Google proposed the concept of progressive web app and launched the first app way back in 2015. Since then, its popularity is increasing day by day. But why these apps are becoming so popular. Let us look at some of the major factors causing this upsurge

Key Features of progressive apps

  • Progressive: One of the best feature of the progressive app is that they are progressive i.e. they can run on all browsers. The progressive apps are browser independent because these are built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Provides Connectivity: These work efficiently in the offline mode or when the network is quite low. This makes it very robust.
  • App-Like: Progressive web app provides an interface just like the apps. It offers app-style navigation and interactions
  • Secure:  Progressive apps are highly secure and ensure that all your data is secured through HTTPS to prevent snooping. It makes sure that the content is not tempered with
  • Scalable: These apps are highly scalable i.e. the resources can be allocated according to the requirement.
  • Installable: Progressive web apps allow users to keep the app which they found important without the trouble of app store.

What is making the progressive apps so popular?

The progressive apps are making a mark in today’s world. These apps can be installed on any platform and it is quite convenient to deploy these apps. The code is almost the same regardless of the software you use. One of the reasons why the PWAs are becoming so popular is because it requires less maintenance as compared to mobile apps. These progressive apps require less time to develop and to update. This saves us lot of valuable time. This makes it a valuable platform for the developers to build apps.

Initially, native mobile apps contain notification functions which were not available in other app. With the progressive apps, push notifications are available for the users which have retained the customers and helped in establishing the bond with the company. Progressive web apps contain new APIs which has optimized the user experience.

The best thing progressive web apps have offered is that they are available to the user even if the network is offline or has limited network connectivity. This has attracted the developers and created customers satisfaction. This has improved user base and helps the app to grow in popularity. The progressive app are very easy to run, they do not require any installation as they are just websites. So there is no need for long downloads. Most of the users uninstall the mobile app after the first use. But as progressive apps do not require installation, user retention is maintained.

What future holds for progressive web apps?

There is a huge potential in progressive web apps as far as their future is concerned. These apps use the latest technologies, APIs and design patterns that increase its values. These apps make it very convenient to use as these apps are available offline as well. It has service workers which provide background functionality. It makes the connectivity seamless. It makes a good point that the websites can provides mobile experience. PWAs have changed the user experience. These progressive apps are certainly the future of web apps.

In case you are looking to have a progressive mobile application for your business , you can right away contact us to get an awesome web app .