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Technology is playing a huge role in every organization. Businesses are taking leaps and bounds by application of technology in their work. However, it has been seen that restaurants are not realizing the impact that technology can have on their business.

Most of the restaurants are determined in serving rich quality food which people loves. However, if they start using technology, it can really expand and boost their businesses. There are more than 2 billion mobile users in the world. Due to this huge market, restaurants have a very high potential to be successful if they implement the technology in their business. Here are some of the reasons why restaurants should hire an app development company to make apps for them.

Menu varies with time

According to a research, most people order food only after seeing a menu. Food apps can help the restaurants to put up the menu in the app so that people can check and compare the prices. Time is a constantly changing. With time, the prices of food menu change.

This incorporation of technology can help the restaurant owners to update the menu on the go. This saves lot of time, paper and helps in the restaurants to put up a menu that is very pleasing and easy to access. The experts at the agency can easily handle the routine back-end menu updates.

Easy mobile payments

With the time changing, and the government pushing for the digital payments, the mobile payments are on the rise. Restaurants can hire mobile app development company to integrate mobile payments technology in their restaurant app which makes it easier for both the customers and the staff. Now-a-days, more people prefer to pay the amount through digital payment. People spent so much in eating outside that it makes it a huge market for business. Offering payment services online can really boost the food business.

Convenient Mobile Reservation 

Mobile reservations are one revolution that an application development company can incorporate with the help of restaurant mobile application. Mobile reservations are well known and helpful for cafes. More than 25 percent of individuals who eat at restaurants reserve their spot online — along with this, by offering the ability to do as such through an application, restaurants can urge individuals to come into their establishments and occupy their respective seats.

Mobile apps generate brand awareness

Building a reputation is a very challenging task. With the large number of restaurants in a geographical area, it is very essential for a restaurant to build reputation which gives you an edge over other restaurants. The best way for a restaurant to generate brand awareness is by hiring the app development agency to develop the app for their business.

According to statistics, people spend an average of 30 hours per month which makes it a huge market full of potential. People get to know more about the restaurants through these apps. These are very powerful ways to build and establish deeper relationship with the customers. Apps are the answer of moments like I want to know, I want to do, I want to buy etc.

Good marketing strategies are required for the success of the business. By trusting a mobile app develop company to develop an app for the restaurant, the restaurant can make sure that their app functions well and have a unique user experience which will ultimately help in producing respectable and tech-savvy image to the customers.

Discounts and offers attract more customers

The advantage of having a mobile app is that they provide loyalty program to the customers. These programs entice the customers to come into the restaurants. Restaurants apps provide discount and offers when they come to the restaurant certain number of times.

The restaurant can hire an app agency who can build the app through which you can track the loyalty points of a customer. Aside from bringing the customers to the restaurants, these apps help in marketing their restaurant business. It creates a targeted market by analysing the type of each customer. 

Helps in feedback

After having the dinner at a restaurant, the most important things for the restaurant are the customer’s feedback, reviews, rating and satisfaction. The apps have integrated rating and review features that enable the user to give their reviews about their experience in dining at restaurant.

These reviews are very vital as they help the restaurant to improve the dining experience. They can hire the app development company to integrate these features in the app.

One of the best agency that can build exceptional restaurant apps for you is WINKLIX . It has a very dedicated team who is highly skilled professionals . Whether it is an android app or an IOS app, we make sure that the clients are satisfied with the app. We have a highly qualified team who is focussed on building the app before the deadline.

Going Mobile : Ways That A Mobile App Will Help Your Business


Mobile apps are no longer an optional choice for business , rather it is an necessity to successfully run any business  in 2018 . While you are planning of hiring a mobile app development company , your competitors might already be on the top of the market and stealing your customer all way . So 2018 is the time to step into the evolution in order to start enjoying the benefit mobile app .

Mobile app can benefit your business in number of ways like engagement with the customer , easily connecting with the employees of the organisation and much more . Some of the greatest benefit are given below :

1) Geo Targeting :

Geo targeting is mainly used for business owners to give push notification to user when they are in and around the vicinity of the business place . They can be notified about the great offers going in the store , discounts and any other information that may attract customer to walk in into stores . This type of programmes increase brand awareness and customer loyalty .

2) Mobile Loyalty Programme

Are you aware about customer loyalty programme . Then why not to mobile loyalty programme . Increase awareness among customer to download mobile app to get great discounts . Loyalty cards are now really old fashion , and are often misplaced most of the time , as they are obviously not the ATM card of the customer , which they will handle with utmost care . You can favour them with special discounts and coupons on their birthday and give them an additional option to share the things  on social media platforms which will indirectly promote your brand and that to free of cost .

3) Mobile Customer Service

Serving the customer with their answer in short span of time with use of mobile application increase customer loyalty and repeated number of customers . Mobile app can help your customer to connect with your brand from anywhere , all they need is mobile app with running internet connection . Choosing the right app developer will add on to your business .

4) Accepts Payments

You may have seen people making the payment via their credit card right away from their phone . This is possible by use of payment gateways . Payment can be done from almost anywhere , and this can also be used for accepting payment via COD invoices . This might be proven great advantage for the business . A good mobile app development company can integrate the app with the cloud devices in order to make worth it . With mobile app we can really minimise human intervention and right away can transfer transaction to accounts , tax and marketing department , thus promoting automation .

5) Scheduling & Followups :

For service industries , one of the best thing that a custom mobile app development company can do is to automatically scheduling meetings and follows up of the leads , making an appointment with the customers , or even sending mail and text messages automatically .

7) Easier Communication

In case you are looking for solution of direct communication between employees , nothing can be better than a custom mobile app developed specifically for your business . Your team member can right away communicate with the team member , can transfer the documents or even can connect with the video conference .

Next Step

So what is your next step of yours ? Planning to have a mobile application for your business to ? Then Contact us now , to hire the best mobile app development company with 200 + app already developed .


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Wireless charging provides a convenient, reliable and safe way to power and charge millions of mobile phones in the world. With the IPhone X and IPhone 8 supporting wireless charging, it has been creating a widespread sensation in the world. Wireless charging is known to be the future of the charging technology. But, with the breakthrough of wireless charging, there has been a slight glitch in wireless charging. The charging pads of the charger are a bit inferior when compared to modern standards. While charging, they often radiate bright light which is very irritating.

What if you can create something very stunning to wirelessly charge your phone? We have developed an astute hack which will completely make the wireless charging more elegant. This will transform your old book into an awesome wireless charger. Just put your android or IPhone on the top of book and it will initialise charging. We will guide you through a number of steps which you need to follow to create this stunning wireless charging pad.


First of all, let’s talk about the things which you will need before start making these cool wireless book pads. You’ll need:

A Hardcover Book


Wireless Charging Pads


Let’s Begin!!

Step 1: Firstly, open the first page of you hardcover book. Place the charging pad upside down and use the pen or pencil to draw the outline of the charging pad. Remove the pad and you will find an outline on the book page.The important thing here is that the book cover must be hard. It should not be soft because it will not work properly.

STEP 2: This is a very important step. Take a pen and draw a small rectangle on the side of book for the data cable which will be connected to the charging pad. Make sure that the rectangle is of appropriate size.

STEP 3: Now, the next step is to cut the book page along the outlines drawn in the previous two steps. Measure the height of the charging pads and note it down. Make sure that the depth of the cut in the page is according to the height of charging pad otherwise the charging pad will not fit properly.

STEP 4: Place the charging pad into the deep depression made by cutting the outlines. The depth of the trench must be such that the book must be able to close properly. Connect the data cable to the charging pad.

STEP 5: Here comes the last step! Plug the charging pad to the power point in the wall using the cable it comes with and close the book. Now, Put your Android or IPhone on top of the book and the magic begins! Your phone will start charging without emitting any flashy lights!

This little hack is very useful if you get really annoyed with the emitting of lights. As far as the future of charging is considered, wireless charging is going be a game changer in days to come.