11 major steps involved in NetSuite implementation

In case you want to evolve and expand your business, you should have the appropriate software for the job. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be very handy for businesses to reach out to a larger audience. With this software, you can look into each and every aspect of your business easily and effectively. This can even save time and money for you as well and take your results to an unexpected level. The write up strives to explore the chief benefits of NetSuite and how it positively impacts your revenue and helps you achieve your goals.

Advantages of having NetSuite

NetSuite happens to be an ERP solution that considers your requirements all along. You can effectively deal with your inventory, customer service hitches, and many more aspects of your business. With NetSuite you can even look into your spending and purchase orders. Despite several ERP solutions providing these features, the benefits of NetSuite are unparalleled.

NetSuite helps you select the features you wish to and pay only for what you require. There is no need to replace your existing ERP solution when you use NetSuite. NetSuite allows you to incorporate features to your current software platform in case you don’t want to replace everything.

First Plan

Planning happens to be the initial action to perform in the NetSuite implementation process. Collaborate with your best IT experts to decide about your next course of action. Factor in how many servers and computers you are going to use in your execution, and take a call as to how long you want your integration to take. Map the steps of your plan to take along the way, however, things don’t always go as per plan. So, be flexible with your plan according to the new information when you go forward.

Make Announcement

This is the second step as far as NetSuite implementations are concerned. Inform anyone using the platform that you are making the upgrade, and you can prepare questions your team has regarding the change. Intimate team regarding when to complete the integration and how it will affect your company’s roles. This makes sure that everyone becomes aware of what to expect when you go live, and you can keep aside a lot of trouble along the way.

Create Backups

As the third step, create backups of all your data prior to doing anything else. Backups can be a blessing if something goes wrong during the transition. To illustrate with an example, assuming that you commit a mistake and get one of your servers crashed, resulting in loss of all your data. The data could be contact information of customers, employee records, and other vital things. By having backups could prove to be a boon.

Begin in a Small manner

When it comes to NetSuite implementations, starting in a small is a good fourth step. You should not be making a mistake affecting your whole business. In case you upgrade your company in entirety and confront problems, you will have to fix every computer and server you have. Having said that, there won’t be any problem if you begin in a minor way and expand gradually.

Evaluate Your Results

Testing your results prior to doing anything else will make a lot of difference. Observe the manner in which your company operates and what your team feels about your NetSuite execution before expansion. Discuss any issues you are facing in case you wish to resolve the same before going live. Also, prepare a list of complaints your team is having so that you can tackle those, as this arrests the prospect of unnecessary complications going forward.

Train the workforce

Post testing your results, it’s ideal to talk to your workforce regarding your ERP implementation. You should start to train them on the way to use the software. Reveal everything about your ERP and NetSuite system to ensure they know each and every detail by the time you go live. While training your team, you can provide classes or select a company to finish the training for you. Decide on the path that you want to take prior to letting your team opt for classes. In case you want to do it, impart courses on different days and times to ensure the attendance of everyone.

Receive Feedback

Ensure you receive as many feedbacks as possible post training your team. Seek questions or feedback regarding your class and your implementation. If someone does not want to make their reactions in public, then make sure to collect their responses using anonymous comment cards.

Manage your Scope

This is another important part of the procedure you can’t ignore in case you want the desired outcome. The scope of the project comprises the time period and effort you put into it. If you don’t take care, then the magnitude of your project increases as you execute your ERP solution. For example, someone could commit a mistake that warrants you to carry out more than you planned, or you might confront unexpected problems. Adhering to your plan and ensuring that your team remains on the same wavelength as you is an ideal manner to manage your scope.

Enlarge Your Implementation

You have initiated several steps to ensure smooth implementation of your ERP. You are all set to expand to the rest of your company. Start by segmenting your workstations into groups and upgrading them into sections. If you take this way, then you can train several arenas of your company as you progress. This approach is ideal in case you don’t want problems in the whole implementation process. Despite going for a full expansion at this point, you can still keep issues at bay and save your whole company from getting affected by these.

How do we assist you?

In case you have an information technology team, executing a fresh NetSuite platform will not always be a cakewalk for you. You can help yourself a great deal by enlisting the services of NetSuite experts. We are there to assist as we consider clients above everything else. Also, we have the exposure and expertise required to fetch you the results. We employ a collaborative method and take your new NetSuite platform online quickly. We even ensure that you don’t confront any problems going forward. In case you want to successfully make a switch towards NetSuite platform simply get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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