ERP VS CRM Software

Enterprise Resource Planning. (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are business driven software that helps in increasing business efficiency and reducing cost for an organisation . Using CRM and ERP helps to effectively manage customer interaction .

ERP may help you to effectively measure sales and marketing department performance but will fail to measure the performance of customer which is often measured by a CRM software . Let’s discuss some merits and uses .


CRM is a software helps to manage company’s customer interaction in organised manner . CRM compromises of all the features like sales and support , customer interaction and engagement , prospectus and business partner .

Traditionally CRM was the software used by only sales department to maintain client and prospectus . But when it comes to reality CRM is used by different department for multiple purposes .  For instance a CRM can be used by sales department to take regular follow ups , sales projection can also be predicted by CRM , and at the same time support and complain department may use CRM to raise a support ticket and assign the executive for solving the complain / support to customer . Modern CRM also has marketing automation system thus enabling marketing department to send mass email to all customer at once regarding any kind of promotion or offers thereof .

When is specially comes to the used of the CRM , there is no limit of its usability . It is just like sea which has no end point .


While at the coins one side CRM focuses on front side office management , ERP system on the other side focuses on business at large . ERP facilitates sharing of information with the rest of the company , thereby facilitating improvement of overall efficiency . ERP has been customised for each of the industry individually as per their demands and supply like manufacturing , product or finance department ERP system automates many of the organisation process thus enabling company to make better strategic decision .

In other words , ERP is back office application as it is no way related to customer management .


Look why the title of this section is not ” CRM or ERP ” .  Both software servers completely different task which is yet a very important task of the organisation . CRM helps in building a deeper relationship with the livelihood of any business organisation ” Customer” thereby making a profitable enterprise , whereas on the other hand ERP allows internal management of the organisation as it may encounter from time to time .

Having both solution for business namely ERP and CRM software solution is always proven beneficial for any company thus increasing profit , saving time and increasing staff efficiency .

Usually a growing business organisation will first adopt a CRM solution to establish a stronger customer relationship and several support department . In small business organisation there is a small room and teams are just a few feet away , then obviously there is no need of using the ERP system .

Thereby a CRM system will help in marketing automation together with maintaining healthy relationship with clients by sales force automation , thereby creating new business opportunities thus helping business grow to the point when ERP system becomes the necessity of the organisation .

Integrating ERP And CRM

Once your business system has stepped into ERP system together with CRM its time to start thinking about the integration process of CRM and ERP .

Lack of integration gap may increase the information gap within the company . For instance a manufacturer might keep the stock record on the ERP system which may later be crossed checked by sales department before processing any of the orders , thereby confirming stock availability and also automating the task of stock update , which may result in some error in case of manual entry . On the same time a sales representative may check the customer credit history and can give them stock as per the existing credit history only .

So before purchasing or handing over your software development requirement , business organisation should evaluate their specific needs and requirement to the software development company. Here at Winklix , every business organisation must adopt a basic CRM for their organisation , but if later on their working are getting complex day by day , then they may move to ERP system integration .

Benefits Of SalesForce Integration With ERP And Its FruitFul Cases

salesforce consultant

It is an known fact that almost 50 % of the sales go to vendor who had responded first . Any delay or disruptions in sales response will unfortunately cost you more , as you loose your customer by then . This is the main reason why company is using Salesforce to eliminate barrier between sales response and business opportunities .

Since SalesForce integration with other system is one of the most easiest job with the help of good SalesForce consultant , we have decided to prepare article describing the most common integration cases .Let’s start with SalesForce to ERP integration and explore how it can benefit for your employees .

Useful Cases Of SalesForce Integration To ERP Integration

1) Account And Contact Information :

We tend to use both SalesForce and ERP system to store the same customer data at 2 places . While SalesForce focuses in sales and leads data while ERP focuses on billing information . The end to end solution of thing problem can be solved by integrating ERP system with Salesforce CRM . At first you can transfer customer information from your ERP system to SalesForce and then can configure a two way system . After that you can synchronise data between both platform rather than updating both the platform separately .

2) Invoice And Payment History :

Whenever accounting department raise a new invoice for customer or have updated the payment done by customer in ERP system , it must also be reflected in SalesForce so that your sales and accounting team can provide them discount and get possible measures to recollect debts .

3) Quote And Order Management

One of the difficultest task for the companies is to provide accurate quotes . In case you are looking for a solution of integrating proposal  ( created in CRM ) with actual orders ( Processed in ERP ) , you will necessarily need to integrate both the system to work simultaneously . Such integration will improve your sales reps and customer to get updates regularly .

4) Inventory Data

The inventory data which is usually stored in ERP must have to be integrated with SalesForce CRM so that sales person can check the actual availability of stock and then can give customers the correct shipping date for products .

5) Product And Price Books

Guess if your all product prices are stored in ERP system , but is not showing to sales department in salesforce CRM . Then how your sales team will be able to see the prices of it and can quote the same to customers ? You will need to integrate your ERP system with the CRM in order to get the product list with prices . This is also helpful in case you are selling products who’s price are continuously fluctuating . The ERP system can be easily integrated with salesforce price books and product module to get regular update about prices and stocks to your sales team .

Why Go For SalesForce Integration With ERP ?

The chain gets smoother and thus ease on the working and selling process if the ERP gets integrated with SalesForce CRM . Which this integration you may get the following benefits :
  • Deal faster with customer
  • Get accurate data
  • Enhance customer service .
  • Increase data accuracy .
  • Automate data management task

Integration Options

SalesForce has deep relationship with world’s largest ERP vendors namely SAP and Oracle . Oracle has created marketplace for ” cloud adapters “ or you can say pre built integration kit which helps integration with SalesForce and Oracle ERP system and customisation as required can also be availed . In case you are planning to use a less popular ERP ,  then SalesForce gives the API’s for pre integration , which can be used for custom integration with and other systems .
Any of the SalesForce Consultant might advice you to specify your integration needs before launching any of the projects  . If you are planning to transfer data from CRM to your ERP system then it is a little complex and time consuming process and hence requires SalesForce consultant help !


It might have been cleared in your mind now that integration of CRM with your ERP system brings on many benefits for your organisation , the only thing you need to do is priotize the list which need to be synchronised with the system first and them can start implementing the same . In case you are looking for some expert advice , you can contact WinklixSalesForce CRM consultant in New York And India .