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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation & Support

The main reason of using salesforce sales cloud is that it enhance efficiency of customer support in many ways : It delivers clear pattern of efficient customer service process , and can be customised as per your custom needs .
It provides agent productivity tool that enables automatic follow up in a way that agent can change it focus on more demanding tasks .
It has inbuilt reporting and analytics function which facilitates better transparency and control for managers . At the same time it also give performance insight as well as empower customer support manager to act on them .
Salesforce service cloud has potential to do much more thing , if set up , configured and customised accordingly as per your enterprise needs . That is the reason we always ask our customer to choose us ( Winklix) who is having over 14+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation of your customer service .

SalesForce Service Cloud Feature

Omni Channel
By this channel , your customer support will conquer as it enables as many communications as you want . No matter whether it is by web , email , phone , web , social media ( Facebook , Twitter , Instagram) , video chats . It has power to bring cases from all the channels and then allocating it to appropriate agents on the basis of there pre set conditions .

Case Management
Salesforce service cloud is pre equipped with whole case cycle which includes creation , assignment , escalation , reassignment and closure . And that's not all , you can even specify parameters for specific set of actions which needs to be performed after every step and service cloud will perform automatically .

Service Console
It act as a personal work space for every agent , as it facilitates them with viewing case history , customer information and also enables agent to look for needed knowledge articles related to case record .

Knowledge Base
Knowledge base enables service agents to search for needed answer with the use of knowledge base for agents . It also has the ability to access how useful each article is and at the same time can make the base more helpful as you are actually improving less useful article accordingly .

Process And Routine Automation
Service cloud has inbuilt feature to process automation using workflows , approvals , macros , email template and so on . For instance say some customer is highly dissatisfied , then customer service manager will send request to its manager to approve some kind of discount/ incentive to customer in order to satisfy him . Once upon the approval of manager , customer service person can give discount/incentive to customer . Now say customer service manager has again seen 7 similar cases , then he can run the macros to answer all of them on one go and successfully resolve the cases . Thereafter he also runs macros to close the cases automatically . These type of automated task saves on the time of managers .

Service Analytics
Service analytics is powered by Salesforce Einstein accessible by both service agent and service manager which provides deep insight about different departments and agent performance . It enables to view reports from different aspects like average customer satisfaction rate (CSAT) , first contact resolution rate and so on .

Field Service
In most cases in service industry , sales agent requires coordination with field workers . And that is what field service is all about , it allows appointment , scheduling , tracking and more .

Self Service Communities
Salesforce service cloud provides possibility to create self service communities , by which customers can find solutions from knowledge base access . And in order to make community experience more friendlier , a chat module can be added along with it which enables customers to directly connect with one to one chat with agent , it they don't find answer of their interest .

Einstein Bots
Einstein bots reduces the needs of actual agent time and interaction as it provides automated answer to customer questions about their order status , flight details and so on . And if chat bots is not able to answer to customer questions , then only it will transfer customers to agents in the area of customer's problem .

App Builder
If you still lack with somethings in service cloud functionality , you can start using Salesforce customer service apps .

SalesForce Service Cloud

Service Cloud gets more power if it is integrated with Sales and Marketing Cloud :

- Sales Cloud data aids agents to get detailed picture of customer's history with company . Following which Service cloud data helps manager to track how customer service affects customer retention .

-With service cloud data , we can use Marketing Cloud data to analysis ow customer is getting services and their satisfaction level on the basis of which your brand reputation is getting built . If customer is experiencing any problems related to your product/services , you can tune in your marketing campaign and form new product or service packages .

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