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The sole aim of SalesForce Sales Cloud is to automate the sales process , which can help both sales manager and reps to take platform specific advantage . A Sales Cloud if implemented successfully can help you with creation of structured sales process right from follow ups to providing customers details , maintaining past communication records via multiple channels and more . All these features together combines to facilitate you with growth of your sales revenue .
With over 5+ years of experience in delivering various kinds of CRM solutions and services across different industries , Winklix has helps many B2B and B2C business to drive bigger sales and boost their overall productivity .

Key Features For Sales Manager

Lets look at the key features which help both sales manager to increase there overall efficiency :

Sales Path

Sales path which aids manager in defining sales path of sales process in a way that is easily manageable . It also defined what necessary actions needs to be taken and at what stage thereby helping managers to get expected behaviour from their reps .

Lead Conversion

Lead conversion process is another module available in sales cloud which simplifies the sales process of converting a leads into opportunity by following an automated workflows and validation criteria and thereby making the lead conversion process smooth and consistent .

Reports And Dashboard

Reports and dashboard aids sales manager facilitates sales manager in maintaining the sales track record along with sales reps' performance . At the same time is also allows future sales predicting which act as a way for smarter sales decision and helps to make out sales strategy .

Products And Price Books

Product and Price Books allows defining of pricing rules in different currencies . At the same time depending on the industry , geographic location and more , sales manager can approve discounts to customers . This module of SalesForce also keep the changed pricing records , thereby elimination manual keeping of records in case the pricing changes take place .

Process Builder

Process Builder aids with automated workflows , in a way that sales manager can supervise their sales reps performance and can also explore additional opportunities .

SalesForce Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein has a special AI enabled power analytics capabilities , which enables prediction of sales in advance with use of historic pipeline information , business trends and prior engagement opportunity .

Key Features For Sales Reps

Task And Event Management

Tasks and Event Management. The dashboard allows sales reps to manage multiple actives like email , calls , meetings and tasks on virtual activity timeline available in lightning experience UI . It gives reps an overview of activity in relation to certain opportunity or account , available within one record , in a way that reps don't have to search for different info in a list anymore , rather it can be managed completely online .

Social Accounts And Contracts

Social Accounts And Contracts helps sales reps with acquiring information about their customer on different social media platform , which aids them in better addressing their customer needs .

Lightining Voice

Lightning Voice enables one click calling with their desired customers and at the same time automating call logging . And that's not it . It also aids with localisation of sales reps phone number to their sales territories , which in turn facilities with higher response rate .

Process Builder

Process Builder helps with automate task management right from follow up to opportunity conversion , email and sms notification and more , which allows sales reps to carry on routine task faster and easier .

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein provides support to sales reps decision . The sales reps get notified when there is any identified key moments during their deal conversion , or when the deal is most likely to be converted and likewise . Smart help on further customer communication act as a turning point in customer interaction with customers and you can actually get all round win .

SalesForce Sales Cloud Editions And Their Pricing

1. Salesforce Essentials ( $ 25/User/Month)
2. Lightning Professional ( $ 75/User/Month)
3. Lightning Enterprise ( $ 150/User/Month)
4.Lightning Unlimited ( $ 300/User/Month)

Sales Cloud Solution Provided By Winklix

Cloud For B2B Complex Sales

We allow customer's complex sales with Sales Cloud solutions which facilitates B2B buyer's communication , expectations and. maintaining trustworthy long term relationship with customers .

Sales Cloud For B2B Transnational Sales

We help you in optimising sales process in a way that it follows well structured and consistent flow . Sales reps get help with automated communication and prompt response and in general support their productivity in general . Thanks to CRM insights , sales reps close deal easier than expected .

Sales Cloud For B2C Sales

We help in prison of advance CRM solutions which also includes automated task management and tracing of customer data and at the same time collecting customer data . In addition , we also integrate sales cloud with your existing commerce solution and POS system to facilitate more effective omnichannel sales .

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