An Ideation Framework For Creative App Development Ideas

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One of the most interesting phase in mobile app development is ideation phase , wherein you can get the whole new opportunity of exploring endless possibilities and going wild with your ideas and innovative thinking .

Ideas can come along from just another neighbour home . But when it comes to mobile app development , application development is not limited to only one side scenarios . Instead it has lots of different mythologies and brainstorming techniques that act as an helping hand to make your app unique .

Few of the techniques for creating an awesome mobile app using ideation framework are discussed below :

Organising Workshop For Ideation

The early way to explore your ideas is to organise workshop to discuss your app development ideas with app development team . Obviously there is no other better option than choosing a right mobile app development company as they have a perfect team of designers and developers who purely understand your app development idea .

Ideation workshop are always proven beneficial and creative as the whole team will get to know about your creative idea , can discuss the possibilities and separate the imaginary part which is limited to technical feasibility . Generally the outcome of the workshop is very much creative as the idea has been explored to number of developers and designers who are expert in making mobile app and can give their suggestion to make an awesome app .

It is always advisable to spend some spare time for preparing of workshop before organising a successful workshop . You must research deeply on your idea , and should speak in a way that is understandable to all . Questioning in between speaking of idea , and getting feedback at the end is always advisable .

Go For A NUF Test

NUF stands for New , Useful and Feasible .This test plays an important role is making decision of what is good or bad . The test identifies weak and stronger point which can later be developed with utmost care .

The very first thing that anyone can go is deeply collecting ideas and then asking everyone in the organisation including developers and general person to vote for the same . Getting a view point from the whole organisation will give you a positive atmosphere and at the same time you can also get an idea about how your app will be going to perform like .

Go WireFraming

Once the ideation process gets completed , you must develop an rough sketch of your app idea . As soon as you are done with rough sketch , you much go on with wireframe .

If you are thinking that wireframe is all about the look and feel of mobile app , then you are absolutely wrong . Wireframe is all about functioning of app and not looks of the app . Wireframe much be done with expert person as it plays a crucial role in solid layout .

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Most Important App Designing Principles

Designing principle are largely important for designing a great, functional mobile application interface.App designers must stick to designing principles otherwise it may lead to loose their orders.

In forwarding a step towards becoming the best mobile application developer , developers must focus on UI.

One of the most successful advice for designing mobile app is:

Research must be done with complete understanding of the task we want to accomplish on your app.You should not waste the time of your user , although the most used cases for mobile is killing time

Now lets focus on  some most important app designing principles:

The Structure Principle

Structure of both android app designing and iOS app designing are different.Design should organize the fan interface carefully, in meaningful and useful ways based upon determined, consistent models that are apparent and recognizable to users, putting joined things together and separating unrelated things, differentiating dissimilar things and making same things resemble one jarring. The structure principle is concerned after that overall enthusiast interface architecture.

The Simplicity Principle

The designing of app should be as simple as it can , thus making common task easy and using shortcuts in such a way that even a large task can be easily done with small under stable , easy to use shortcuts , in the users own language.

The Visibility Principle

The design must not distract the user with extraneous or redundant information , rather they should make application in such a way that all needed options and features must be visible.

Good designs don’t overwhelm users with alternatives or confuse them with unneeded information”

The Feedback Principle

The design should save users informed of behavior or interpretations, changes of ventilate or condition, and errors or exceptions that are relevant and of join up to the fan through sure, concise, and unambiguous language au fait to users.

The Tolerance Principle

The design should be athletic and cooperative, reducing the cost of mistakes and cruelty by allowing undoing and redoing, even though with preventing errors wherever realizable by tolerating varied inputs and sequences and by interpreting all reasonably priced activities.

The Reuse Principle

The design should reuse internal and external components and behaviors, maintaining consistency as well as take hope rather than merely arbitrary consistency, so reducing the craving for users to rethink and recall.

Winklix is software and app development company having well experienced professionals who follows above designing principles and give you awesome graphical user interface.

How To Build Best App With Thoughtful Strategist

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Clients come to Winklix to pour their ideas with a believe to get better development process . These are actually the people who have really spend hours doing the research and really delirious of converting the idea into awesome product . But unfortunately , this is not the case with Winklix . We can’t provide you quick approval for the same .

The Questions

With our years of experience in working with many startups , we welcome new ideas with cross questioning .

  1. What will be the benefit for user while using your app ?
  2. Which bunch of people you know who will download the app on the very first day .
  3. Do these people are really interested in hypothetical problem  addressing .
This cross question by Winklix is critical part for us in order to identify the strength and weakness of any idea , and thereon its success .
We believe in not interrupting you during your presentation , as it won’t feel good for you . But after carefully listening your idea ,  we ping back to you and tries to find the gap in pitch . We open the tap to fill the bucket to the fullest , so that we can spot opportunities that might have been missed , which helps us to build better products .

Long Term State Of Mind

Winklix strategist keen on exploring ideas which has yet not been explored for new ideas . We just don’t want to be an mobile app development agency who is there for you until you are paying us , rather we want to be a partner in product for long term vision . We try hard all the times with creative , unique outputs to build stronger and eye catchy product for the user .

We Want You To Build Better Products

While you are hiring Winklix as your mobile app development company in NYC , you are hiring a dedicated team who will always be there as problem solver for you . Because of our expertise knowledge in building awesome apps , we have the ability to create unique project by finding something innovative , doing something new by our years of experience . We always keen on searching and adapting new landscape .
Although we are not perfect enough in our knowledge , we rely on our clients expertise together with our experience to develop successful product . We have ultimately learned all things from our clients and we will always be thankful to our clients who are actually true co-founder in app development , thus setting the new heights for us .
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